2011 - Xbox 360 Vs. PlayStation 3 Exclusives

SegmentNext - "Exclusives sell consoles and that leads to ever intriguing battle between console manufacturers to have a good exclusive games line up every year".

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ForzaGT2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

this is very unfair on the 360

NYC_Gamer2868d ago

agree because 360 is very limited in that area

Cevapi882868d ago

a lot of rumored games and nothing of note for early 2011...

Iamback2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

So PS3 next year in therms of exclusives, at least those that are ANNOUNCED for 2011(so no FFVS, Starhawk etc):
Killzone 3
Resistance 3
Uncharted 3
Infamous 2
The Last Guardian
SOTC/ICO collection
Little Big Planet 2
Twisted Metal
Socom 4
Motorstorm 3
Ratchet all 4 one
Yakuza 4
Sorcery (MOVE)
Heroes on the move (MOVE)
Journey (PSN)

doa7662868d ago

Xcom is multiplatform

Final Fantasy Verus 13 and Agent are confirmed PS3 exclusives but not coming out next year

Project Draco and and Codename D are NOT confirmed 360 exclusives

I aaume that they're not including DC online and The Agency on the PS3 list because since they have a PC versions they're not exclusives, so you should do the same for the 360 then, or maybe they forgot about them

BabyTownFrolics2868d ago

both project draco and codename d are exclusives to the 360 and were built from the ground up for kinect

some links:

this one also shows some more exclusives:

nix2868d ago

ah.. a great game a month! another great year for PS3 owners. q:

Anarki2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

GOTY 2011 will be interesting next year! ME3/LB2/Uncharted 3/KZ3 amongst others. Will be a tough year to decide...

fedex6822868d ago

WHy do people keep forgetting Virtuan Tennis 4...I am so excited for that game!

HolyOrangeCows2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

"Xbox 360 Exclusive: XCOM"

You know, I LITERALLY got marked as "Spam" for mentioning that this wasn't a 360 exclusive in another article claiming it to be. Better not mention that it's on its original platform, the PC, again. I'll bet my account will be DELETED next time.

"Xcom is multiplatform"
Shhh!! They'll get ya!

The majority of the 360 list is incorrect, a project, or a Kinect game.
I know we'll see some "BU BU BUT MICROSOFT doesn' announce games years before the release date like teh S0nie" but we all know that the majority of the major 360 releases this year weren't recently announced surprises.

ProjectVulcan2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

The problem i have with that for 360 is that many of those games REQUIRE a kinect to work. You CANNOT play them otherwise. In other words if you want to play half those games on 360 you need to stump up for a kinect as well. Even if microsoft sell 10 million of the things, its still gonna leave the vast majority of 360 owners out in the cold.

This hardware fragmentation is nothing short of an epically bad decision on microsofts part, in my opinion. You simply cant seperate the userbase of a console like that and not suffer the inevitable backlash from consumers and publishers.

History has shown us its a mistake, past console add ons. I can see next year just being another chapter. 360 exclusive? Now add in the label kinect exclusive, a sub audience of 360 gamers.

Imtey2868d ago


fishd2868d ago

There is not enough month in a year to release all those games!!

BattleAxe2868d ago

Wow, the PS3 list of exclusive *spanks* the 360's list. It makes me prowd to know I made the right decision back when the PS3 launched :)

BrianB2868d ago Show
ProjectVulcan2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Actually Brian B according to metacritic PS3 has 8 games over 90 that cannot be found on any other platform and i count 7 on 360. PS3 did come out a year later too, so lets not be too harsh...

Course i do have a PC so i cant count many 360 games as all of them i preferred to play on my Gaming PC

Parapraxis2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

BrianB, that is completely false...maybe YOU need to do some homework, nobody else.

@ vulcanproject PS3 also has more over 85 as well.

where in heck BrianB is getting "quality games dwarfs by 140 games" is baffling, maybe 2007?

And if we are talking about EXCLUSIVE quality games BrianB's claims become even more absurd.
PS3 *exclusives outnumber 360 exclusives by a large margin.

(* games only available on a specific platform)

Shang-Long2868d ago

"infamous Panzer Dracoon"

Project Draco
Another secret Xbox 360 exclusive title developed by the name behind thedoes any jourlis know that infamous means bad ?

ShinMaster2868d ago

That's just desperation xD

R0me2868d ago

Well as xbox guy you know that gears and forza will be good, but as ps3 guy you know that lbp2, Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Infamous 2,Socom 4, R+C,... will all be great games. Im glad to stay on ps3 side.

badz1492868d ago

I see that they're trying very hard to make the list for 360 seems like there's A LOT of them! no contest here

mikeslemonade2868d ago

Forza 4 and Gears 3 are not going to do anything spectacular besides sell well and score in the low 8s, mid 8s, high 8s, and low 9s. Lets face it, the 360 is maxed and those two games are going to look pretty much same as the predecessor and also play the same. On PS3 it seems like every game is doing something substantially bigger, play better, and are doing something new.

As a 360 fanboy I'd have trouble defending the system other than sales and hoping the xbox 720 comes out earlier so it can undercut the PS4.

Raines of Onyx2868d ago

This author seemed to forget about Monster Hunter and Left 4 dead lol and it is an exclusive if its a 360 ps3 comparison anf the game isent on one of those platforms, beside if nothing is anounced at e3 xbox has a problem until then this lists dont mean much.

Sarcasm2868d ago

I don't know about you guys, but Kratos in Mortal Kombat is a huge win for me.

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Vherostar2868d ago

They still have to cheat though like putting FF versus under rumoured and project Draco under confirmed even though its got no title.. We know 360 hardly has any exclusives next year and it's awful when the 360 fans try to say they have with an article like this. Just drop it and say to yourself do I like Kinect? If the answer is no buy a ps3 if yes then stick with 360. As Kienct is gonna rule 360 for 2011 whether it be games or sales.

Iamback2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

PS3 wins hands down

FrigidDARKNESS2868d ago

mosr of these games will get pushed back to 2012....almost every thread i go to a ps3 fan always pulling list of games out to start list wars.

Anarki2868d ago


The same happens with 360 too, not just PS3. Both platform get equally as much delays.

silvacrest2868d ago

the difference is the PS3 still gets more exclusive games every year, whether half the list is pushed to next year or not

BattleAxe2868d ago

@ Frigid

I'm sure you like list wars when they suit your little 360, but actually other than the first year of the PS3's release, the PS3 has dominated all lists of exclusive games.

Lykon2868d ago

yes a good year for ps3 and ps3 gamers... I'm sure forza is a great game , but Kinect for forza!!!!!!???? i'm sorry but that made me LOL

Trebius2868d ago


It's not a list war. It's a list slaughter.

360 has no list.

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FinalSpartan2868d ago

I am sure MS got plenty of Exclusive under wraps.. but from what we know now.

PS3 owns 2011 there no contest at all.

Games to look out for on Xbox 360

Kingdoms ( Crytec Exclusive nothing shown so might be good might be crap )

Forza 4

Gears Of War 3

and the Halo one for time being is just a rumour so doesn't count.

PS3 got a stellar 2011 year.

Darrius Cole2868d ago

The Halo 4 in this list is indeed just a rumor. But I will go out on limb and say that we will get some form of Halo every year.

While it most likely will NOT be Halo 4 (that would step on the Reach multiplayer) it will be something Halo. Maybe a map-pack, a racing game, maybe a Kinect game. But Microsoft gives us some Halo almost every year.

princejb1342868d ago

lol 7 disagrees for praising both sides lol

acky12868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

This one time I think it is justified because the PS3 side looks far better...

Not just fanboys can see that, it's obvious.

XBox side doesn't look that great and is full of speculation and games which can be played on PC. You might like the look of the XBox side but expect disagrees because a lot of people will think the PS3 side looks far better, since this is a gaming site... infested by PS3 nutjobs... but a gaming site nonetheless.

visualb2868d ago

thats because people just don't get MS's strategy

they want to invest mostly on pushing all these kinect games is a must if they want it to work with "real" gamers

then again, im not excusing the luckluster list of exclusive, but, they don't have kinect games because of some anti-gamer ploy

they NEED to invest on kinect, its whats going to extend 360's life cycle...there's no avoiding it =|

R0me2868d ago

Wtf kinect cannot work with "real" gamers, i dont know why some people always try to claim that.

If you suck at kinect games, it is probably because you didnt learn how to move your body. Controller games require more skill, there is a lot of room between a good and a bad player.

Dont get me wrong, kinect is cool for some people, i accept that, but dont come with "real" gamers.

ThatCanadianGuy2868d ago

Might as well add MLB:The show 2011 to your list.We get one every year and they are always AAA

xtremeimport2868d ago

is there even competition?
i love seeing the "halo4" pop up everywhere when really nothing has been said, but Halo is all they have as far as exclusive power.

dear sony:
i understand you loving giving the gamers good quality games. but there is a problem, you are basically causing a great depression among Ps3 gamers. I will have no money to live after i purchase all your games. so i both thank you, and am pissed at you. but more happy...SO MUCH GAMES NOM NOM!

ico922868d ago

lol this is obviously a trolll article, everyone knows the PS3 nukes the 360 in exclusives next, even 360 owners know this hence why there aren't that many troll fairies on this article, they haven't botherd to look at it.

samuraiX2868d ago

Xbox 360 exclusives are pathetic compared to PS3 exclusives.

and XCOM is multiplatform.

xAlmostPro2868d ago

HALO isn't even confirmed is it?

showtimefolks2868d ago

MS had its big guns in 2010 so 2011 will most likely will be a off year

gears 3 and forza 4

what's funny is now we have had 3 forza games in what 6 years lol by the time forza 4 comes out gt5 will be a gt5.5 with all the FREE dlc/updates/patches

how and to anyone who says MS doesn't announce something ahead of time, here is something if they announce something at E3 2011 it won't come out in 2011 for sure. THE NEXT LOGIAL step is GDC if they announce something there than it has a good chance to come out in 2011

klapkip2868d ago

and in reply to that, did you know Kojima told us this year that he will show us his next EXCLUSIVE for PS3 on GDC 2011!

Sony has not even announced as follows :
- Santa Monica studios next project (even better than God of War they say)
- Sly 4
- Incognito's project (probably Starhawk)
- Medievil 3
- Syphon Filter next
- still nothing seen of "Agent" (and exclusive)
- The Getaway (not cancelled)
- Guerrilla Games next IP

shall I continue ? Sony is miles ahead in that viewpoint

tacosRcool2868d ago

X Com is not a 360 exclusive you guys know right? Its gonna be on the PC

showtimefolks2867d ago

since take-2 is publishing it you can bet on that

Megaton2868d ago

The Xbox is bringing a butter knife to a gun fight here.

BillOreilly2868d ago

Doesnt matter multiplats pawn all. Elder Scrolls 5/Mass Efect 3/Two worlds 2/Project Dark/Crysis 2>ps3 and 360 games. I almost bought a ps3 today but changed my mind. Multiplats are enough plus i still have metro2033, conviction, reach, fable3, crackdown2, mass effect2, alan wake, risen, divinity2, all 360 excl from this year plus enslaved, red dead, castlevania, vanquish, black ops. I have too many games to play to waste money on another console. Il get hate for this but released 360 excl vs released ps3 are far better. Ps3 has a better future but as of now 360>ps3...facts are facts....

Sam Fisher2868d ago

i stopped reading the minute you wrote two worlds


If you don't own a PS3 how can you say that 360 exclusives are far beter games? Have you played inFamous, Killzone2, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, GT5, Resistance2, or Heavy Rain? Look I'm not saying you're wrong or right I'm just asking how can you make such a bold claim if you admittedly don't own a PS3. I happen to own both and I feel that Sony has the better exclusives having said that I don't own every 360 exclusive. I will say that multi plats look way better on the 360 and I prefer playing them on the 360 but as far as exclusives go and coming from someone who has plenty of them from both sides, there really is no comparison Sony has 360 beat by a mile.

Jazz41082868d ago

As a 360 owener I am not worried about not having games to play. Since the 360 came out they have broke me every year. I buy all my multis on the 360 and I have bought maybe 3 ps3 games but its not that I don't love my ps3 its just that I have not seen anything other then uncharted I really enjoyed. I hate racing and hack n slash and I get my fps game on enough already on the 360 and lbp is not my cup of tea so all in all my ps3 has not got a lot of play other then movies. I will see if any of the hype rubs off for 2011 to make me spend more but with the multis on my 360 which usually play great with no mandatory installs and lightning quick updates I will be broke again so as a 360 and ps3 owner and speaking for the 360 crowd NO we are not at all unhappy about the 360 lineup and no matter how much trolling and no games crap you spit its not going to work and I know why most 360 fans stear clear of n4g as its full of haters rather then gamers. What's wrong with playing both consoles and being happy for both sides as I listed there strengths and weaknesses. Yes I know this is n4g and sony has no weakness and the 360 is a heater. Grow up people and oh happy Holidays. Jazz

ocnkng2868d ago

This whole 'multi-plats are way better on 360' is a pi;e of absolute crap. With the exception of some early games (2007) and a few like Bayonetta(2010) most of the differences in the consoles are too fine for the naked eye to even detect and is just plain nitpicking. The only time I am aware of these so called 'difference' in the versions is when I read up about it in some website like IGN Head2Head or Digital Foundry. I have been buying multi-plats on my ps3 for years and have been loving it. Seriously as the 360 fans get more desperate the 'multiplats are better' argument seems to be the only ones they are left with.

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Lord_Doggington2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

sony has a way of announcing all their games a year or sometimes YEARS in advance. MS usually announces their titles 6 months to a year before release.

we talked about this last year.

and the year before that.

and the year before that

gman_moose2868d ago

"we talked about this last year.

and the year before that.

and the year before that "

Who did? You only joined the site in July.

And no, MS doesn't announce all their titles only 6 months in advance. Pretty much every 360 exclusive is known for at least a year. Name me one that wasn't.

Lord_Doggington2867d ago

idiot i've been on this site since 2007. back when we used to have civilized discussions and there was an open zone where assholes like peter north would post.

w/ the exception of this year, maybe because of the kinect hype, previous years have had games announced at E3 to be released the following holiday. we're all aware that xbox has been losing exclusives, but only because they're aware that exclusives don't = console sales, because they know in NA and EU, their console is the preferred choice for multiplat titles.

just wiki the history of E3 and compare the announcements to the release dates. or please leave n4g forever

gman_moose2866d ago

Your profile says you joined July 8, 2010. I don't know you, and I don't care to, so don't bother trying to explain it- I don't care.

Name me a game that was announced and released within 6 months. You made the claim, it's your burden to prove it, not mine.

Google douchebag. See your photo there?

Lord_Doggington2866d ago


fuck do yo even know what the open zone was? you'd be a perfect fit for all the know-it-all-fuck-ups on n4g.

get the fuck OUT. no one wants you here

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egidem2868d ago

Looking at the 360 line-up, it is very clear that Microsoft is putting a lot of effort into Kinect..look at the new Kinect games coming...and mark my words, this move will start to make some of the hard core gamers angry as they will seem abandoned by Microsoft for the casual. No matter how Microsoft says that Kinect will be loved by core gamers, the truth is they don't.
On the other side, Sony's looking better than ever. Look at all the hardcore and very diverse exclusives Sony has.

The thing is Microsoft is sticking too much on one formula that works. When it comes to diversity they meet a couple of stuff but that's about it. for example:

Microsoft's very good shooting games (that are exclusives) are pretty much 2: Gears of War series and the over-milked Halos. On Sony's side, there is more: Uncharted series, Resistance Series, Killzone series, MAG, Socom, each different from the other but STILL A SHOOTER.

You can even take easier examples
- Sony has God of War 3 and Microsoft has???
- Sony has LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2 and Microsoft has???

One thing is certain. Once 2011 arrives and Sony starts to pump out one exclusive after another, feeding the core gamers, Microsoft will be taking out Kinect games, and despite what Microsoft says, its core gamers won't like that.

gman_moose2868d ago

I wouldn't call Uncharted a shooter. It's an action adventure game with gunplay. It focuses as much on exploration and puzzle solving as it does on shooting.

Also, Sony has so much to offer in other genres that MS doesn't. inFamous 2, LBP2, Last Guardian, Disgaea 4, Sly, FFvXIII, etc.

When I looked at the list of MS exclusives, it looked to me like it was all rumour/speculation games, kinect games, multiplats, with 2 major exclusives thrown in (GoW3 and Forza 4).

Big win by Sony here, and it's hilarious how people try to spin it otherwise.

ocnkng2868d ago

I agree with you and I would like to add Demon's Souls to the list, an absolute legendary and gem of a game.

LiquifiedArt2868d ago

The xbox games just sound like PC games to me...

That list for Sony looks pretty stellar. This is gonan be an expensive year. doh!

Memo-Xen x31002867d ago

Fully agreed, 1st round TKO for the PS Triple.

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Mystogan2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

I think MS line-up looks pretty good, even though most of them are Kinect titles.(at least they are core)

We don't know how good Codename D or Codename Kingdoms are. but looking at the developers it should be amazing.

Mechwarrior 5? i thought it was just Mechwarrior (reboot).
Mechwarrior should be good too.

And i feel like we are gonna see a new Blinx or Azurik at e3 2011.

Vherostar2868d ago

Poor that they have to put codename games in there instead of confirmed titles. We all know those games might not even see the light of 2011. As for Star wars Kinect theres no proof that game is even in the making we just saw a tech demo sort of thing showing what Kinect can do.

Heavy_Rain2868d ago

" I think MS Line - up looks pretty good " HA HA HA HA. No wonder MS is concentrating on Kinect. With an audience like this why would they need to concentrate on core gaming. ROFLMAO! Enjoy man. Whatever floats your boat. :P

sjaakiejj2868d ago

Factor 5 had an amazing track record. Until Motion Control. I'd say Motion Controls is so different from what developers are used to, that you can't really go by what they've done in the past when trying to estimate how good their motion control game will be.

Prcko2868d ago

You don’t need to be a veteran analyst to concieve from this list that decide Playstation 3 is the clear winner out of the two!

One sentence says all!

A change in the wind2868d ago

Why bother? Everybody on here knows which console has the best lineup. It`s actually kind of insulting lumping the PS3 lineup together with that sub-par 360 lineup.

BrianG2868d ago

I think the guy that put this together is "bothering" with this subject because we know if it was the other way around, we'd see 10 articles like that.

lol, its funny how that happens on N4G. But I have to admit its entertaining at times to watch the tables turn.