The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim uses brand new engine

XMNR: Speculation about The Elders Scroll V: Skyrim has been running rampant since the teaser traileras shown at the Spike VGAs and the teaser site went live soon after. We know one thing for certain though, the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 game from Bethesda Softworks won't be built on the same game engine as any previous games.

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NYC_Gamer2868d ago

they better or i'm not buying

NecrumSlavery2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

AMEN! The games are great but jeez it's friggin 2011. The Gamebryo Engine's 100,000,000 bugs and glitches are completely inexcusable in this day an age. So can we hope for an idTech5 engine?

-Alpha2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Wasn't Oblivion pretty polished? In terms of bugs it seemed to be perfectly standard considering how big that game was from what I recall. It's Fallout that is ugly.

I can't wait for Skyrim, potential GOTY 2011. I always loved the beautiful world of oblivion over Fallout. Stepping out of the sewers in Oblivion was one of the best memories I have this gen.


@ Alpha-Male22

totally agree..

for me, stepping out of the sewer was what the rest of this gen should have been like.

That was epic, and then walking in a stright line right into the mountains as far as you could see.

Active Reload2868d ago

"they better or i'm not buying"

Lol! Hopefully they've been using the new engine simultaneously to produce a Fallout game that can come out sooner.

eggbert2868d ago

Oblivion didn't have nearly as many bugs as the fallout games. but the engine is definitely dated. Good to know that they'll be using a new one.

Matthew942868d ago

if its 1/2 as good as morrowind i will be so happy

NecrumSlavery2868d ago

Yeah Fallout was where it got bad, but the engine is still outdated as hell.

I may get disagreed to death, but I though that Oblivion didnt have that unique variety that Morrowind had. But I do admit that my favorite quest in Oblivion was the unmarked sidequest where you had to recue the painter lost in painting. That was just as awesome as FO3's Tranquility Lane. I hope that ESV will have more of those 'WOW' moments, than just exploring dungeon after dungeon. Elder Scrolls is such an amazing universe., I love exploring every inch of each world.

pain777pas2867d ago

One of if not my favorite RPG this gen. The only thing that I hope that they get is more originality in the environments. More set pieces. No more Oblivion gates type stuff. That was my biggest criticism. 1 or 2 gates is enough. Move support would be wise. Hear me out. Having the option no need to make it madatory but I think that if any game would be good with move right out the gate its this one. Sony shovel cash to make it happen and be implemented properly. Love this series. Really excited. New engine is not a want its a need. If the game looks, animates anything like oblivion I will think twice about buying this game though.

kancerkid2867d ago

Hope this game does not take place entirely in Skyrim, because that place is supposedly full of snow. I like my forests and mountains but not so much the bland, cold snow.

Will buy this NO MATTER WHAT.

jony_dols2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Hopefully New Vegas will be the last we ever see of their current bug infested engine!

This time tailor your new engine, so it will actually be 100% playable on consoles! (no more fiascoes such as The Pitt being released broken as well, actually play test before release)

mikeslemonade2867d ago

That was the first thing I thought of when I saw the trailer... are they going to make a new engine? Graphically the engine for fallout 3 was outdated the moment it came out.

Sarcasm2867d ago

If they used the same engine as Oblivion, Fallout, or New Vegas then this game will be a no buy for me.

They better damn create a game that is tailored for the PC though and not make it a console port.

The Lazy One2867d ago

they just bought id... they'd probably just use idtech 5.

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FinalSpartan2868d ago

Oh yes! finally no more stiff and robotnic faces!!! graphics will probably be stellar :P looking forward to see more of this. Elders Scroll Oblivion was awesome :D

AntoineDcoolette2868d ago

lol.... you said Robotnic faces instead of robotic. Been playing Sonic the Hedgehog lately?

FinalSpartan2868d ago

haha funny bubble + yeah played Sonic 4 awhile ago and Sonic fan remix latter and unofficial which is the better one :D

HolyOrangeCows2868d ago

Yeah, all of those Robotnic faces staring and yelling out "PINGAS!" in the middle of the town squares.

FinalSpartan2868d ago

I can see it already..huge open world lavisly detailed and off epic propertions awesome musical score playing softly into your ears. Enjoying the epic and overwhelming vistas and graphics of the game..

Swoops a huge dragon size of shadow collosis bosses , terrifying music starts playing epic battle. :D

visualb2868d ago

isn't it id5? bethesda own id so...i'd guess it'd use that engine

it is a carmack engine, it hardly gets better than that =P

siyrobbo2867d ago

i don't expect it to be using ID tech, this game has been in development for a while, long before id became part of zenimax

Would love to see it but i don't think they would have had the time, unless they were already licensing the technology before deciding to buy them out

xer02867d ago

Zenimax own Bethesda and iD software.

Don't get confused.
And yah - it's possible that it could be using iD Tech 5.

Zenimax bought iD for their tech know how. Not just because of the games.

visualb2867d ago

yes xer0 you are right, my bad

its Zenimax Media that owns them =) but still, you get mah point

@ siyrobbo, well, a lot of elder scrolls would be script writing and story creation, which isn't so engine essential

lets hope they maybe readapted the game, if not, hopefully this engine is better than Gamebryo...that engine is just dead in the waters.

I mean, I love FO:NV to death, but it already shows its age...

MAJ0R2868d ago

that's what I wanted to hear, I just hope that the structure for the construction set they release is similar so modders will have an easy time with it

BeOneWithTheGun2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

First thing I am doing tomorrow at work is taking November 11, 12, 13 and 14th, 2011, off from work. Screw summer vacation!

EDIT: I read last night (trying to find the link) that this engine is specifically tailored for open world games. That would indicate better draw distances, massive area to explore, shorter load times, etc. I'm going crazy. 11.5 months to wait and trying not to watch footage as it gets leaked is going to be very, very hard.

Oldsnake0072868d ago

I'm so excited about this. This game will be awesome.

Spider0502868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Thank god
Fallout 3 and New Vegas looked horrible
Even Elder 4 looked better

Oldsnake0072867d ago

I think that's because the artstyle. Oblivion used alot of colours while Falout was shades of brown.

It was a design choice .

thrasherv32867d ago

Eh, i wouldn't say they looked worse than TES IV, it was the setting. It's not a very appealing setting color wise. But lets hope they all look bad compared to TESV.

Motion2867d ago

Direct from Bethesda:

"Seeing lots of speculation about #tesv game engine. It's brand new... and it's spectacular!"

Beahmscream2867d ago

Agreed. That engine is extremely outdated, tweaked or not.

tacosRcool2867d ago

The engine is the not the sole reason for buying a game. It better have a longer story like in Morrowind

TROLL EATER2867d ago

well for its time oblivion engine was amazing. cnt wait for elder scrolls 5 wiv iD tech 5

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theonlylolking2867d ago

It better be good since I do not like the recent fallout or oblivion. Fallout 3 was the best one they made this gen.

writersblock2868d ago

Thank god
That old engine was a piece of shit and they kept using it until Fallout NV

yog-sothot2868d ago

I thought they would use a version of the ID Tech as Zenimax now owns Id software

DarkFantasy2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Hell Yeah! I can not wait to play this! I love Elder Scrolls,about time we get to go to skyrim :P