The Locations of Uncharted 3

RevoltTech shows possible locations for Uncharted 3's gameplay by clues in the teaser and trailer, in addition to historical records regarding the City of a Thousand Pillars (Atlantis of the Sands).

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writersblock2958d ago

Good research here, I figured the same thing since all of the ancient cities where built on trade routes so naturally it would be near a large one.

I guess it works well for the plot of the game, you're basically following the trade route. It'd also explain the boat scene, going across the water parts of the route

Cevapi882958d ago

if you look at the trailer, the map with the red lines going through it is France...IGN did an analysis of the teaser and they said that it was Arabia....geography fail

captain-obvious2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Oman got soooooooooooooooooo much historical locations its beyond belief

in each and every city there is at least one accent fort or a castle
you can also find small ones on the sides of the roads

so yah
thumbs up for that

2957d ago
NecrumSlavery2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I hope the plane crash wont play out like the train crash in UC2. If that is the opening or something, cool. Like the first chapter being a flash back about Nathan in the desert exploring thenc rashing and surviving, as he is telling it to Sully. But they don't need to tarantino the plot, cause they did it once already.

So I am guessing that after the flashback scene Drake and Sully will look at each other and say something like:

Sully "Where to now?"
Nathan "I know how you like one legged hookers"
Sully "France it is"

I am not saying this is the plot, but This series is known for awesomely funny dialog, and we all know Victor Sullivan is one dirty old bastard. Also I really hope Elena shows up, she is such a lovable character and her personality is adorable.

Arup022957d ago

Great job Sherlock. Now let's find the Baskerville's Hound.

Dirk Benedict2957d ago

when they show off more of Uncharted 3, i expect a wave of excitement to surge through the internet.

Uncharted 3 is a milestone when we reference console graphics, which is limited hardware.

Game of The Year 2011 has been shown early.

MrJack2957d ago

I'd love a section in London!

As long as any locals don't get the stupid accents Americans usually associate with Brits, I've never even heard the "allo guv'ner" accent and I live in London.

Deleting2957d ago

or protray us with big noses, big teeth acting all posh dressed in suits with Monocles, eating crumpets and drinking tea

George Sears2957d ago

I'm sorry but I would love to see the Berries and Cream man around London somewhere.

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