Media Create software sales (11/29 - 12/5) - Top 50

Media Create has released an expanded listing of the best-selling games from Japan. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and Tales of Graces PS3 are the big releases this week, while Gran Turismo 5 sees its second week of sales.

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Shanks2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Holy shit @ Monster Hunter 3 numbers.

gaffyh2869d ago

Insane indeed, and omg at no 360 game in top 50, I am really surprised. Would have expected something, like a Kinect game or something.

renegade2868d ago

Kinect or no kinect xbox in japan isn't a success...

badz1492868d ago

I like the way you convey it as "isn't a success" as oppose to "utter failure". but if the 1st XBOX is the measure for 360's performance in Japan, I think it's not a failure but just can't can't fathom as a success either.

SpitFireAce852869d ago

Monster Hunter is a monster sales wise lol...1.9 Mill

sinncross2868d ago

Sony really needs to ensure Capcom back up the PSP2 with a new Monster Hunter.

I'm also still not sure why Capcom haven't given Monster Hunter Tri the PS3 treatment. It could be a worthwhile move.

But congrats on the MH3 sales :)

silvacrest2868d ago

can you imagine a new monster hunter being part of the launch line up for the PSP2?....

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Clarence2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Explain how 5m equals failuare. The media tried to destroy this game. Despite all of the bs reviews the game has gone on to sale quite well.

I have never heard of a troll being cool.

Black ops sold more than Halo Reach. Whats your point?

silvacrest2868d ago

theres no logic behind the text, only trolling and flamebait

ask him why he brought up reach numbers even though it was released 3 months before GT5 and why he didnt compare reach numbers to COD

badz1492868d ago

he's trying hard to troll! the ultimate TROLL - cooltroll1993!