Kung Fu Live bringing the Project Natal dreams to life ?

"real time full body tracking in a fighting game
real time object scanning into the game.

I remember all the talk about how natal was going to be better than having a controller in your hand that acts as different objects because with natal we will be able to scan our real golf clubs & bats into the game & use them.

fast forward & Kung fu live is letting us do just that"

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disturbing_flame4060d ago

It's clearly a perspective that shows how capable the EYETOY is, interesting technology, the game looks exhausting to play but fun to watch. Really new gameplay experience and fresh approach of the beat them all.

Godmars2904060d ago

Yeah, this just shows that Sony should have supported the Eyetoy more than they did.

Lord_Doggington4060d ago

based on the reviews, i'll assume no

disturbing_flame4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Base your life on reviews, you may win a prize, if it's what you are dreaming about ;)

Bigpappy4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Yup! This is every thing Kinect supporters have been waiting for. I feel so Jealous. All my Kinect game seem lame in comparison. Oh how I wish this piece a shyt, side fighting, poorly animated, picture cut out game was on Kinect. I can't believe this is what you guys want to put forward as what you were hoping for from M$. I tell you what? If this is what M$ had released as Kinect killer app, I would still have my $600+, that I spent on Kinect related games and hardware, in the bank. M$ would be the laughing stock of the industry, and Kinect would have been proven to be just an Eyetoy or web cam.

whateva4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

think for a minute!

it's about the object scanning & a fighting game that tracks your movements in real time like the fake project natal video from E3, as of now there is no fighting game that works in real time like the Eaton fighting the kung fu master on Kinect & there is no game that lets you use your real world objects in the games like Eaton with his skateboard, but you can do both of them things in Kung Fu Live.

I have Kinect & chances of us getting a fighting game that's as responsive as the game in the Natal video are slim, but we have a $15 PSN game for the PS-Eye tracking your full body at 60FPS & responding to all your kicks & punches as fast as you can do them & letting you use your own objects in the game as weapons, something kinect hasn't done , & will never be as responsive as this game because it can only track at 30fps.

Mystogan4060d ago

Dude did you play Kinect Sports?

IF you haven't then i can see why you don't think it could be just as responsive as that natal video.

Bigpappy4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Seriously now. If you really do own Kinect, you would know that it takes info from you and translate that info into the game to control and avatar. That is not what this is. This game is a video of you placed in a static world, anything that gets in the way of you vid gets smacked. Holding somting in your hand in the vid is also not object scanind M$ had shown. Wit Natal you could scan the object into the game and put it away, but your avatar would be able to use it at any time. Relax guys. Sony will have something soon. This aint it!

Newtype4060d ago

Why the hell you doubting whateva...he HAS A FREAKING YOUTUBE CHANNEL DEDICATED to Kinect and Move.

Nitrowolf24060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

can you really scan the objects?
Like really really scan them, without the use of a special barcode?

the way i see it neither of them do it for real,but in this case Kung Fu live doesn't require some sort of barcode.

Show me what MS has shown with the scanning (no barcode please).

I will agree that this is a bit dumb if you think about it with cut outs and such, but whateva is still right, it's real time fighting tracking your movemnets still with you in it. IDK what other fighting games has done that.

Ju4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

This game (KungFu Live) works surprisingly well. I just had to try that out after I saw those videos. No lag! Even with my low light condition - which both GT5 and The Fight refuse to do proper head tracking with. Usually my PSEye works fine in sun light - but it's already dark and I got one lamp in the room. Works great. Every (!) body part, incl. feet (no kicks in the video, but he got some tools there) is recognized. Again, no lag in 60Hz and low light.

oohWii4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Object scanning...haha what a joke.

Eyetoy take a video of me and super-imposes it into a virtual world so whatever I have in my hand is part of the video and you clowns call that object scanning.

What a fckin Joke, and the game itself looks like total ass, I'm calling it the way I see it. Dude is floating around like a ghost, body tilting, all kinds of lame sh!t going on and you guys say it looks great.

@Whateva - "but we have a $15 PSN game for the PS-Eye tracking your full body at 60FPS & responding to all your kicks & punches as fast as you can do them"

If the game is tracking your full body, then do a front kick or kick directly at your TV and let's see what happens. If this game was tracking properly it would see a kick as a kick regardless to which direction you kicked in. As you name say "WHATEVA!"

Go on guys enjoy r15 dollar kinect wanna be game. Move is copying the wiimote and now this game claiming to do what kinect does.

haha, this shit is so funny.

It this was a Kinect game you PS3 fanboys would be all over it. It's frickin amazing how blind you guys are to ANY DAMN THING that sony does. Good to see Sony continuing to do what they do

BloodyNapkin4060d ago


Your lack of knowledge on motion gaming is absurd. Lets see the Wii copies gyro for motion controls or buys the rights rather, then sony takes it a step further. Then MS copies the eyetoy which released in 2003 and really dont do anything new with it, or it cant do anything that the eye and move cant do. But on the other hand the eye and move can do alot more than what kinect can do.

fr0sty4060d ago

actually, oohwii, if you did a front kick it would track it also, because it is taking the video image of you and removing the background. so your foot would be seen on screen kicking towards the TV.

as for kinect being able to be just as responsive, that's a lie. PSeye can track at up to 120 frames per second (in 320x240 mode, 60fps in 640x480 mode, kinect does 640x480 at 30fps only). it takes in double the frame rate, and you're going to say kinect can (with half the frames) detect you just as fast? that's like saying a 30fps game looks identical to a 60fps game.

this is NOT actual object scanning, but just letting you use real world objects in a game. kinect still hasn't made good on it's bullshit object scanning promise, and there is no hope for that in sight. not a single game announced that uses any sort of feature like that. the homebrew community hasn't even done it yet with their kinect hacks. i wonder why...

just another imaginary bullet point (like milo) MS created to try to hype their product, but never actually delivered on.

oohWii4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

@BloddyNapkin -

"Your lack of knowledge on motion gaming is absurd"

Oh do tell of your vast knowledge of motion controls. I would love to hear of your credentials, please don't provide the credentials where you read something on the internet and repeated it as your own knowledge. I want to hear of you credentials that would make ever so bold enough to make the statement you made. Or is that simply you bullshit inner fanboy talking.

@Frosty - Thank you, that's exactly my point (im sure you didn't mean it that way though.

"actually, oohwii, if you did a front kick it would track it also, because it is taking the video image of you and removing the background. so your foot would be seen on screen kicking towards the TV"

So basically it's not tracking a damn thing, what it is doing is redisplaying "VIDEO" that is it capturing. I hope PS Eye can replay video at a faster speed that Kinect can track objects in 3D space.

All this game is is a "VIDEO" copy of you being flung around the screen like a ragdoll and protrayed as motion tracking. Full body tracking my Arse, more like full body video replay.

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Wow you seem Offended... The sad thing Is that There is no Kenect game that Has A a better story or as many features as this game... Name one...

Dance central is by far the best game on kinect and that game is notas hard core as Kung fu live... Once you unlock your powers and learn the moves... This game is not half bad! The controls need some work but I hote they make more games like this like a marvel vs capcom rip off...If you take out the close combat this game is not so terrible... Id give it a 5/10 but thats about the average score of most Kinect games and this game is just 15 BUCKS... I still think Dead Naction is a better choice!

Koolno4059d ago

It's just a 10 $ games kinecfanboyz ! and the camera is really doing most of all you can do in your kinect game.

but move is really better than the camera solo, you can play all kind of games with better accuracy than a camera (kinect or eye) can't provide, even if kinect can do more than pseye.

cossie1234060d ago ShowReplies(2)
dale14060d ago

its not top draw but it ain,t sixty dollars like some kinect fighting game which was reveiwed lower i think from ign.but it looks fun and will keep you fit for sure

NecrumSlavery4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

This doesn't look groundbreaking, but it definitely looks funny as hell. Like one of those games you play casually alone, but with a group of people, it's a showcase game. Where other can have just as much fun watching or playing along.

I am excited to see what comes in 2011. Sony please continue to support the Eye & Move and keep on delivering these unique experiences.

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