DVD Forum approves 'bigger than Blu-ray' HD DVD

The DVD Forum, the international DVD standards authority, has approved a 51 GB single-sided triple-layer HD DVD disc for production. Extension to the HD DVD standard, which was submitted by Toshiba in April, received approval on 31 August 2007. Other recent developments include...

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bung tickler5859d ago (Edited 5859d ago )

...cuz that other tard wouldnt edit his news properly. so here it is as it should be.

ktchong5859d ago (Edited 5859d ago )

...and this story makes that Nasim psycho's one into a "Duplicate Story".

ShiftyLookingCow5859d ago

for that kind of abuse, its already duplicate story for me

ktchong5859d ago (Edited 5859d ago )

I can't see what you're saying because you have ONE bubble left! N4G automatically puts everyone with one bubble on ignore.

Your Truly,
The Roundest Peg

nasim5859d ago (Edited 5859d ago )

HD DVD camp has done this to fight the launch of 100 gigabyte Blue Ray disc by TDK this fall.

However bad news come with this good news for existing HD DVD owners too.

The existing HD DVD players would not be able to play the upcoming triple layered HD DVDs so existing owners would have to purchase a new HD DVD drive if they are interested on this.

**********PEOPLE report this story as duplicate since it has been posted by POSTED to hide the fact that existing HD DVD players wouldnt be able to play the triple layered disks

BTW TDK announced at CES last year that their 100gig BD would be playable on existing Blue Ray Drives...so this is again good news for BD camp but very bad news for HD DVD camp

BTW :- 100 gig Blu-ray drive was manufactured way back in 2005. It just needs an approval of SONY to get released


current HD DVD add ons wont play the 51gig disc BTW

cuco335858d ago

u got to stop man. u annoy everyone on here with your apparent hatred for the format that appears to be making big moves. seems like you are afraid that there's a chance your BD will go the way of betamax.

as for what you said, as usual, it's all BS. as of now no one knows if the TL51 disks will play on gen1 or gen2 players but unlike the BDA group, the Toshiba camp is smart and I think all that is needed is a simple firmware upgrade and voila, TL51 disks play on these players. note, WHO NEEDS 50GB FOR MOVIES?!?! it's a pissing contest. go and pray that sony can get it's BD50 disks manufactured better than the rumored 20% yield meaning for every 100 disks made only 20 are good while the other 80 are bad. sure yields get better with time but like i said from the get go, WHO NEEDS 50GB FOR MOVIES?!?!?!

i'm going to end there. but i'ld like you to show me how a movie needs this disk space

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bung tickler5859d ago (Edited 5859d ago )

that story is tainted by fanboy retardation. this news does deserve to be posted but in a proper manner. thats why i reposted it here. no where in the news does it say that the new disks wont work with 1st/2nd gen hd dvd players. in fact i bet that toshiba had to show that the disks would work on older players in order for them (the dvd forum) to appove it. however there is no official statement yet so i dont really know. just like none of you know. so to say for sure one way of the other is just dumb.

Lord Anubis5859d ago

you see it does require new hardware to play triple layer discs because the wave is not strong enough to penetrate to the third layer. Even though you may not like it, you will be forced to buy a new HD-DVD player.

Maddens Raiders5859d ago (Edited 5859d ago )

save your breath dude. If the Round freakin' Peg approved 'it' it must be right and worthy of acceptance. You can bet that he would extend this same time of 'empathy' on a pro blu-ray story. Right. Oh, what's that? We need a new player?...so what HD-DVD, HD-DVD, HD-DVD forever!...pathetic. Just Pathetic..

Ahh, stupid ass little _bots are ridiculous -- anything they can find for a slight edge, when this does absolutely NOTHING for them at ALL..hahah. I can't wait for Halo3 day to come so they'll get the hell outta here like they did when Gears & Bioshock launched. Oh yeah.....nevermind....they'll still be here. 8D

btw - will this technology be used in the next Box launched? And if so is that Box launching in Q1 2008 or 2Q 2008?

WilliamRLBaker5859d ago

and anubis yet again you never provide proof where is this magical proof that triple layer 51 gig hd dvd discs wont play in current hd dvd players? *and yet blu ray 100 gigers can? when they are sporting what 4-5 layers?*

Untill you provide written proof that the current crop and past crop of hd dvd players cannot play the future triple layers, then the article and Bloody is right.

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Jdash245859d ago

one gig more doesnt do anything, and basically makes toshiba lose all adopters to date because all the players are now obsolete

ArduousAndy5859d ago

blu-ray players that are g1 are now obsolete since they can not play some of the features that are going to be available in Pixars Cars br-dvd?

jackdoe5859d ago

Some of the Blu-ray players may be able to get firmware updates, but yeah, that's what happens to early adopters. You get screwed over. Happened with DVD adopters as well.

Jdash245859d ago

you got a good point but the blu ray players can get a firmware update, while as the hd dvd players have new hardware which means you have to buy a new machine which screws all who already bought one(including the hd dvd add on for the 360)

Daishi5859d ago

I hope everyone who owns a BR player has one that connects to the internet because then they should be fine. Those that might have skimped out and got a cheaper player will regret it sooner or later. On the other hand, I don't see how necessary 50 or 100 gigs is needed unless your talking about putting an entire season of a show on one disc. Good future promise but it's all a "wait and see" premise until they stop making normal dvds IMO.

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Bloodmask5859d ago

Now there is no reason to go with Bluray. HDDVD is cheaper to produce. And will have even more space than a Bluray disk.

HDDVD also offers more interactive features with U-control. And is available in combo disks with one side HDDVD and the other side DVD-9. Which is really a great feature bc you can play all your HDDVDs on your standard DVD players. No reason to upgrade all the players in your house at once.

xplosneer5859d ago

That that's with three layer vs only 2 on Blu Ray, and that a 3 layered blu Ray would just stop that first point. the other two you have a point of.

nekon5859d ago

Actually they already had quad layer blu-ray discs at 25GB per layer (100GB).. Not to mention there's been talk of both TDK and Sony having 6-8 layer discs from 200GB+. The thing is Hitachi showcased a 100GB 4 layer disc early this year and it plays on CURRENT Blu-ray players unlike this new HD-DVD disc.

xplosneer5859d ago

I was trying to make a point of.

5859d ago
4me25859d ago

... makes disk more expensive to produce .. so 3L HD is not cheaper than 2layer BD

And for PC market 3-layer disks would make it even more expensive option.
For example compare prices of current DVD-R <Single Layer> to <Double Layer>

MrSwede5859d ago

Where did Bloodmask go? He should stick around to defend his comment now that the storage capacity has been sorted out. "Good news for the HDDVD camp", how´s that? You like spending money on new players that can actually use the extra storage?

synetic5859d ago

WRONG blu-ray disks are cheaper to produce

While some corporate sources claim HD DVD is "lower cost" to reproduce, a study performed by Home Media Magazine (August 5, 2007) reveals this is no longer the case. Quotes from several disc manufacturers for 25,000 units of HD DVDs and Blu-rays revealed a price differential of only 5–10 cents. (Lowest price: 90 cents versus 100 cents. Highest price: $1.45 versus $1.50.

beavis4play5859d ago

if hd-dvd is cheaper then why do retail discs cost more than blu-ray?

DeadIIIRed5859d ago

Something tells me that you're on Microsoft's pay (t)roll. You sound like an ignorant commercial rather than an ignorant fan boy (i.e. theMART & POG).

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power of Green 5859d ago

I can hear Nasim saying

(Men in Black "BUG")Saying: OOOHHHHHH YOU IDIOTS" HD-DVD Don't matter! matter of fact HD-DVD won't even be matter!. *Space ship bug failed excape scene*.