Uncharted 3 Unveiled, Kratos Ambushes MK, Much More - Nick's Gaming View Episode #33

"On Nick's Gaming View Episode #33, Nick McCandless covers this week's latest news including the unveiling of Uncharted 3 and the announcement of Kratos' appearance in the upcoming Mortal Kombat. Nick also talks about David Jaffe's tweets related to Twisted Metal's release date. This is Nick's Gaming View!"

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Nick2120042865d ago

I am still left breathless by the Uncharted 3 footage that was shown last night during the 2010 Spike VGAs.

DJnal052865d ago

I was born in a desert... i can wait to see more of this game...

gunnerforlife2865d ago

so what was that game that was supposed to be bigger the uncharted 3??? :/

NecrumSlavery2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )


No but seriously. There was lots of big news. I kind of wish that there was no teaser for UC3. It could of been the big suprise of the night since even though it was known already, it still was more exciting than all the other trailers. Thanks Spike for using Uncharted as a marketing tool, to get people to watch your crappy show.

Also I called it. Since they said BIGGER NEWS FOR NON PS3 GAMERS, it clearly lead to one thing...A MULTIPLAT and there were a few of those.

blaq-guillotine2865d ago

Keep up the good work Nick. I agree with you on the Sony putting up money for deals. All I can say is about time.

Nick2120042864d ago

Thanks man! I appreciate the support and will continue to produce the best show possible for you guys week-to-week.

tordavis2865d ago

You keep getting better with every episode.

tordavis2865d ago

it's coming. I actually had to do some editing. Final is 4hrs and 43min.

Nick2120042864d ago

I appreciate it man! My love for this industry continues to grow week to week because of people like you and all the rest of the supporters.

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