Uncharted 3 Avatars Sent Via Email, Problems Arise

After the wonderful reveal of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception last night at the Video Game Awards, the entire PlayStation community is abuzz with Drake Fever. Media has gone up on the PlayStation Store for avatars, themes, and the like, but the voucher emails don’t seem to be working quite as planned.

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Blacktric2868d ago

Same here. Tried it on both European and US PSN accounts. It gives me the same error.

BeOneWithTheGun2868d ago

Well, there are probably 25,713,199 people trying to download them. Half the world took a collective crap in their pants while watching the VGAs last night.

ExplosionSauce2868d ago

Didn't work for me either.
Ended up paying an outrageous $0.50! :D

Bnet3432868d ago

Here's mine if anybody wants it:


thawind2868d ago

it worked 4 me just fine

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scar202868d ago

Free stuff is always good.But sucks mine didn't work either.

DNAbro2868d ago

Mine didn't work either. i was worried that i was the only one though.

FAGOL2868d ago

F57M-BNN2-G33H here's a code guys. It works for SCEE users only and has unlimited use. Gives a avatar and static theme. Bubbles?

DFresh2868d ago

I tried it already on PSN and it doesn't work.

Gothdom2868d ago

Are you in Europe? If not then use your UK account. I know I did.

FAGOL2868d ago

I just tried it again and it still works. It only works on European PSN accounts as I have said before. And if you get an error when trying to download try pressing download again and it should work.

mantisimo2868d ago

Yeah Fagol worked for me on the UK psn.

longcat2868d ago

worked for me. thank you

BeOneWithTheGun2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

There is an other code i just used and it worked. Its on a story here in n4g. no email needed. I just entered the code at the PSN Store and it gave it to me. Check out my avatar if you want to see it. My handle is my PSN account.

EDIT: My PSN avatar. Not Ghandi.

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The story is too old to be commented.