Naughty Dog: Uncharted 3 to be realistic and not “over the top”

Gamingbolt: Gamingbolt’s Jim Girgenti was fortunate enough to get a chance to catch up with Team Uncharted over at VGA 2010 awards and indulged in a quick QnA session.

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mrv3212871d ago

Except for the sand monsters/worms.... which will be EPIC.

I love the uncharted monsters.

cyborg2871d ago

but seriously, the desert setting will be really challenging and yet something unlike anything we have seen before if they can pull it off successfully. I am really excited about how the combat in the desert in going to be as there will be very little cover to have ( if they want it to be realistic), this game is going to surprise people and I want to be surprised for a change.

velocitygamer2871d ago

Love how Drake says 'Here we go'...

Reminded me of the 'oh crap...' from uncharted 2 where he was falling off the train lol

perfectCarbonara2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

The desert may be a huge part of the game but I don't expect you to actually have massive shootouts in endless sand dunes.

You'll walk around for a bit before you find something a little more interesting gameplay wise.

At least I hope thats the case.

Red_Orange_Juice2871d ago

the best franchise this generation

mrv3212871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

I expect

A city shoot out, namely London.
A Oasis section
A plane shootout as it begins to crash
I'd love a driving across desert scene as you shoot other bad guys.
A shoot out from an abandoned village
A shootout from inside the temple

Variety, while some say there might be too much in games I love it, beats muddy brown shooting Russian/Communists.

EDIT: I bet the 4 disagrees are from people who got scared in the sub level.

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mrv3212871d ago

OMG, Imagine if it has full destruction BC style, how killer would that be.

ilikestuff2871d ago

awesome, wish there was dust or some smoke coming up though, i think there should be, being that its like an old ruin, hope they add it later

WhittO2871d ago

^^ ye I thought that, but guessing that will definitely be added.

These are some of the most realistic graphics that are not CGI I have ever seen!

mantisimo2871d ago

1.13 a dog says theres a movie! and they look a little embarassed, not surprised DO NOT KILL DRAKE WITH A SH*T MOVIE PLEASE!

Totally stoked for Uncharted 3, nearly preordered today but don't preorder yet guys as you may miss out on gold weopons or something even better!

ExplosionSauce2871d ago

Actually the graphics in that gif are unpolished.
During the same video you see the same scenes from the trailer, but also unpolished in comparison.

So I'm very sure there will be dust and whatnot in that later.

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Shazz2871d ago

i trust naughty dog 100% with whatever they do with uncharted as they have proven how good they are .

Call_me_Ishmael2871d ago

i just dont understand whats over the top,its a video game

egidem2871d ago

I think what they mean with "over the top" means they are not going to make huge ridiculous claims and then FAIL to deliver on all ground terms. For example, take a look at what happened to The Force Unleashed II...The trailers were mind blowing...and the game just failed to was worse than the first one...that is "over the top". They are going to keep it "realistic", simple and neat, just like the previous ones.

Downtown boogey2871d ago

Over the top mean exaggeration. Realistic means, well, matching proportions with reality. For example, Vanquish is over the top with Sam Gideon being über fast and strong while some of the enemies are huge, absorb ridiculous amounts of bullets and shoot all kinds of rockets laser wand whatnot.

UP2871d ago

dont forget all the falcon punching and kicking he can do

RedDead2871d ago

Nah, I think it means, ike jumping from truck to truck for ages, that was a bit unrealistic and over the top. But what the hell...that's why I like Uncharted.

writersblock2871d ago

I disagree again, haha

I think the truck jumping was fine and realistic
I think they mean they wont go over the top like, drake having some sort of superpower or something.

Immortal3212871d ago

to much gore, and chainsaws!

gamerzBEreal172871d ago

i think they meant not to many bullets to kill (as in uncharted2 online) and no bosses that cant die by bullets are nades only blue stuff that grown on trees :\

mike90772871d ago

I really did not think naughty dog was able going to be able to make a game look better than uncharted 2 cuz i remember them saying they used 100 percent of the ps3's power for u2. But by the looks of that trailer it seems they have outdone themselves once again cant wait for u3.

Tony-Red-Grave2871d ago

they bever said 100% they said something between 80%. and if anyone can use the ps3s cpu to the max (and i might get burn T_T) itd be crytek

crazyclown2871d ago

crytek LOL...keep dreaming bro and get some glasses

Tony-Red-Grave2871d ago

(knew id get burned) well naughty dog is a 1st partty studio so its an obvious choice. but crytek comes off working in the more powerful platform and are pushing the ps3s cpu to its technical limit. (feel free to disagree) oh and its not a dream if its a fact.

also note i said technical not graphical (where GT5 was aiming for both and more or less succeeded) facts for fanoobs who can't properly give recognition where its due from a pc dev

acedoh2871d ago

Tony you can give all the props you want to Crytek but a great developer is someone who can take a limited platform and make the best out of it. Naughty Dog continues to do amazing things and I still don't think they have reached the limit considering we are only entering the fifth year of the PS3. As long as there isn't a PS4 we will see first parts devs push further.

egidem2871d ago

These guys are really talented. If there is anyone who can really show off how what the PS3 can do, it's Naughty Dog....these guys know the PS3 inside and out.

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