Warhammer Screenshots

Mythic Entertainment have released eight mind-blowing Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning screenshots. We are not sure if they are in game or simply CGI but they do look pretty stunning to say the least.

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Landa5381d ago

This should play fine in my future Ps3

andy capps5381d ago

Looks nice, but looks like CGI. If it's not then that's a compliment to the devs that I thought it was.

SjaakHaas5381d ago

it IS CGI.
If you ever worked with 3D software and lights you know that full Global illumination and shadowing is pretty hard to get in real time.

andy capps5380d ago

I thought it was based off of the pictures. I couldn't watch the video at work, but thought there was no way that that was in-engine.

T-Rac5381d ago

this looks awesome, they have to confirm it for the PS3 and 360, we know they're gona!

pRo loGic II5381d ago

This will make a nice addition to my 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.