Top Ten Wii Games

Only one week after the fifth anniversary of the Xbox 360’s European launch, we celebrate the fourth anniversary of Nintendo’s Wii. The current industry leader despite being a year behind the Xbox 360 getting to market, and arguably four years behind in terms of technical specification, Nintendo’s Wii has set the pace for what the mainstream audience expect of videogame entertainment, and today Electronic Theatre looks at the top ten titles exclusively available for Wii, be they casual or more traditional experiences.

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DarkFantasy2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Mario Kart is A lot of fun,super Mario galaxy 2 is wicked,but i would remove madworld and add Golden Eye 007 imo :P

BrianB2867d ago

if the best game on the wii is a lame a$$ mini game compilation im glad i don't own won , im really not missing that much

DigitalRaptor2867d ago

It's not anyone else's fault that you have bad taste in games. There are plenty of great games on Wii.

DarkFantasy2867d ago

well I'm not sure who would have wii sports as there number 1 game on the wii,but you are missing some great games..Wii sports is not the Best Game on the Wii but if some one wants to call it there favorite game on the wii i have no problems with there decision even tho i disagree with it.

BlmThug2868d ago

Mario, The Most Milked Franchise Of Anything Ever

Infernostew2868d ago

Closely followed by pokemon.

Dark_Charizard2868d ago

All the core Mario or Pokemon games out there have good class.

On the contrary, I would call Sonic a milked franchise. But that milk has split now. No use crying over it.

Infernostew2867d ago

Pokemon Snap, 3-4 Pokemon Stadium games, puzzle league, hey you pikachu, pokemon pinball, ect... and that's not even counting the remakes.

Rrobba2868d ago

If a franchise is good and consistent then why stop making games for it? What do you expect Nintendo to just say "were are going to stop making Zelda games cause even though they are awesome we've already made quite a few" or Sony to say "We will no longer be making Uncharted games because even though they are epic, we don't want to milk it". NO! Franchises that are over-milked are ones like COD & FIFA, stuff like Mario and Uncharted are great games so they can be used again and again.

BlmThug2868d ago

They Use The Same Story Everytime & The Same Gameplay, Same Characters, Same Graphics etc. CoD Atleast Changes The Story & Characters & Setting

ChickeyCantor2868d ago

"They Use The Same Story Everytime & The Same Gameplay"

Ah yes you expected a platformer known as SUPER MARIO BROS to go SUPER MARIO BROS 2 where you play this first person shooter where you fight aliens!

Infernostew2868d ago

Zack and Wiki is still probably my favorite wii game. More people should check that game out.

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