Review: Donkey Kong Country Returns (Boston Phoenix)

Boston Phoenix: Years ago, when Nintendo tapped the American developer Retro Studios to update the Metroid series, Retro responded with Metroid Prime, the prototype example of how to drag a moribund franchise into the future. To resurrect Donkey Kong Country, Nintendo has again turned to Retro Studios. And this time, Retro has performed the opposite trick: Donkey Kong Country Returns charges headlong into the past, doggedly re-creating the look and feel of the 16-bit games. If not for the Wii controllers in your hands, you'd swear you were jamming on your Super Nintendo.

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theherp803493d ago

I think the added waggle controls combined with the fact that it's basically the same formula from NSMB Wii, kind of ruins the game for me. Still a good game but was hoping for more from nintendo.