Joystiq editor feels insulted by "Lair: Reviewer's Guide"

"Insulting with just a hint of desperation is what the Lair Reviewer's Guide is," writes Alexander Sliwinski of Joystiq, expressing his displeasure at Sony and Factor 5 for sending reviewers a belated "Reviewer's Guide" as if the reviewers did not know how to do their jobs.

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TheBigL053R4060d ago

The developers should NEVER, EVER criticize reviewers. The reviewers were doing their job, the developers should have done theirs in making a good game.

highps34060d ago

So can joystiq.. How do you critize something you cant even make yourself...

Game reviewers should fell lucky to review these games cause frankly they are no longer needed. No one likes them, they just cause game sales and provide no great service to gamers.

Reviewers make me buy less games... They should be HELPING the developers sell games...

RadientFlux4060d ago

@highps3 : game reviews are supposed to be objective, and are definitly needed to help gamers make an informed decision on a purchase and wade through the PR campaigns of every console maker and publisher/developer.

Gizmo_Logix4059d ago


Sorry. But "never" is a bold statement. The media should be criticized the same way. Ever heard of FOX NEWS?

Cartesian3D4060d ago

nobody is perfect.. but for sure devs Know what they made.. so when they see their product get some Sh!t reviews they think its better to make that reviewers guide...

anyway Lair made a new genre in gameplay ( sixaxis, and the thing u drive is alive and has AI.. )

I love this game.. Im sorry for Factor5 .. they arent perfect too.. Good luck for LAIR 2..with analog stick option and better Gameplay design ( fight system in some parts ) for sure game was 9+ in all reviews..

ktchong4060d ago

You think Lair will get a sequel after how bad the first one sucks!?

TheMART4060d ago

Just take the loss Sony.

You said Lair would be AAA.

Lair sucks. Even a 300 page guide won't help. It keeps sucking. The guide itself though is great, AAA. Something on the PS3 is AAA.

Rockstar4060d ago

Perhaps a guide would help in this area?

nix4060d ago

how about a book titled - "dummy's guide to loving PS3 for a dummy"? q:

g4n4060d ago

Yes, ill admit, the first 3 hours of gameplay were very dificult getting used to the new control, but after that, its great. The folks at 1up and joystic are only capable of playing games at NES standard. thats a static joystic with buttons you push. go get a 360 and have at it then... the rest of us want next gen games...

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The story is too old to be commented.