Forza Motorsport Graphic Evolution

Not long ago, we all thought that there was only one space for a Porn Car Graphic Game, but then came along a project named Forza Motorsport into the XBOX brand, that started as a little game and now it has established a franchise, here you can see the graphic evolution from Forza Motorsport in 2005 to Forza Motorsport 4 in 2011.

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Cevapi882921d ago

was it that difficult to select a ford gt for each game instead of 3 different cars

vanquisher2921d ago

I don’t see in-game footage what are they comparing it to?

My most wanted upgrade is improved driving physics, but stay an arcade racer. its going to be tough competing with NFS in that department

Craptain_Steel2921d ago

There is no in game footage, it's turn 10 pulling it from their rectums again.

Godmars2902921d ago

More like a Turn 10 fan pulling it out for them Craptain.

NecrumSlavery2921d ago

I don't think this should be a big deal. Everyone who knows GT loves it and will buy GT5.

Forza is only the flamebait on the internet. The entire Forza series has not sold more than the original GT, even combined across all three games.

So those who like Forza's style, then good news for them. But there are many other racers out there. As a big GT fan, I personally am more excited for Motorstorm: Apocolypse.

Halochampian2920d ago

I have GT5 but will definitely be looking into Forza 3 Ultimate Collection and this.

I just want to be able and compare both games for myself instead of listening to all the junk on the internet now a days.

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ShinMaster2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Whoe said GT5 wasn't quality? LOL
So there was never any contradiction in the first place. Nice try though.

I hope people can tell the difference between the CG MYTH:
And the real "photo-mode" graphics:

kancerkid2919d ago

Well, I hope they use the same graphics engine as a lift-off point for Forza 4 so that they can tweak the lighting, add more cares and tracks, and not have spent the last year creating a new engine. Game looks fine, now it is time for them to add more content.

Lightsaber2919d ago

vanquisher you seem to have forza confuse with garbage turismo. Forza is a sim while garbage turismo is a crappy aracde racer and NFS runs circles around it.

I cant wait to hear what kind of new things they add to Forza 4

Mystogan2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

There are in-game screenshots from Forza 4 on the site, and its not CGI cuz you see the same menu/symbols from that kinect-minigame

I repeat these screenshots are not CGI

Kurt Russell2919d ago

I hope they don't waste their time putting in 600+ fuck ugly cars I don't want to waste my time driving and stick to making it look polished and playing smooth.

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Apocalypse Shadow2921d ago

i saw the trailer....where was GAMEPLAY? seems to have no fear in showing their games.

the only exclusive game i know that had game graphics shown for 360 next year was gears3.

are we now claiming CGI as in game graphics?

gamerdude1322920d ago

Well, my theory is this: Since the Gears 3 trailer was pulled, Microsoft needed a replacement and shoved in Turn 10 to do something. Turn 10 was like, "WTF?" and wasn't able to sit there and record gameplay, edit the clips, insert the logos and other stuff that typically goes into trailers, get it looking all pretty, then send it out on the big screen. They probably went, "Ah, screw it, let's do some quick CG. We don't have the time for that other crap" and made some CG footage and inserted the crap and sent it out. Much faster, is it not?

But if those are the graphics it ends up having, I'm gonna be very happy.

vsr2919d ago

xbox owners always don't care about graphics.


kancerkid2919d ago

Only one or two of the trailers at VGA had any gameplay, They were teasers/announcements, not gameplay trailers.

Ducky2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

*sees screenshots*
Hmm, it seems the graphics got progressively better...

"I think it's safe to say we turn 10 has been one of the few developers to innovate with every game more and more. "

.... lolwut?
Gotta love google translate. =/

lzim2920d ago

As well as, There IS only one Porncar game, Burnout. That's not about to change.

But Forz4 is looking a bit more ready to be called "Primetime".

Jaces2920d ago

2 and 3 look the same and 4 isn't even in-game, most likely it's photo mode or a bullshot.

Kurt Russell2919d ago

3 was a nice step up from 2... but then you probably never got round to playing them as they aren't available on your console of choice.

psman0122919d ago

I know I'll get a lot of disagrees, but I think the game looks great!

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dale12921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

cgi the new graphics leap for consoles awesome,turn 10 are real stupid showing cgi unless you can match it.the game,s good but it can,t pull off a killzone 2 comparison.i wonder if there get all the bad press when it doesn,t match up to the cgi or will it be given a free ride


KZ2 never matched it's CGI so stop lying to yourself, I mean the game looks great but not that great.

Cevapi882920d ago

thats a matter of opinion and perspective

so there is no point in stating it as a fact

Jaces2920d ago

Actually it surpassed/matched the CGI, sorry to burst your bubble.

Armyntt2919d ago

I disagree with u Jaces. The CGI in KZ was definately better than the actual game. The graphics in KZ were far from CGI quality.

Objective2919d ago

Um of course cgi is better than actual gameplay. It is quite ridiculous to suggest otherwise, but I'm sure most people already know that!

Kurt Russell2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

KZ2's graphics come down to one thing. The shit flamethrower, possibly the worst in a 1st person shooter to date. Followed by it's lack lustre gameplay and try to hard but fail miserably multiplayer... so lets not compare it to Forza shall we? Or do we need to add the worst boss battle fights since the Andros in Starfox?

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DiRtY2920d ago

So Sony was stupid to show Killzone / Motorstorm CGI Trailers?

LOL! Don't fool yourself and claim they matched the graphics. I still need to see these graphics on PC...

dtrain212921d ago

The definitive racing game that won't take 5 years to develope and still blow away the competition

Jaces2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

That's the great thing though, GT5 took 5 years and will last long past 5 years before another is made.

Forza is becoming like the Madden for car racing games. A new one each year...

MicroSony4Life2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

So what does that make Uncharted,Resistance and Rachet?

Stop being such a tool and GTFO if you dont care about Forza.

Why dont you let the 360 fans have there momment and discuss Forza instead of trying to put down the game.

Objective2919d ago

GT5 was generally regarded as a disappointment whereas Forza 3 was very much applauded. Do you think that your personal celebration of GT5 is going to change that??

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