Sony Exclusive PS3 reveal for tomorrow revealed

Gamersmint: Rey Guiterrez of Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed what tomorrow’s exclusive Sony reveal is going to be and it might either please or disappoint you based on how you feel about it. For fans expecting a new game reveal, we’re sorry but that ain’t gonna happen because tomorrow’s going to be a special press screening for Uncharted 3.

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Lionhead3495d ago

Ah well if true I cannot wait!

Please gameplay :D

Cevapi883495d ago

if they show gameplay of the plane leading up to the crash...i will be blown away to see how they made that happen

Red_Orange_Juice3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

So you say they can't announce a new game at Uncharted event? You must have aknowledged some secret rules of video game related events.

Read more tweets, he says it's Playstation VGA event, where you will see games, not only Uncharted.

"No Gears3 trailer? Just play the Uncharted 3 trailer twice!" lmao

BattleAxe3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

WTF is this shit Gamesrmint? The last time I give your site a hit. If you're going to post an article on N4G then post an article, don't say that theres an exclusive reveal on here, and then when people click on your site say "sorry, no reveal".

ReservoirDog3163495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Granted it isn't the best news ever if you were looking for a new game but they were just reporting the news they got right? Bit of an overreaction to "bad" news.

And no, I don't work for them...

On topic, well, hopefully there's some cool stuff tomorrow.

TheLastGuardian3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Seeing more of Uncharted 3 would be nice but I was hoping for another new PS3 exclusive reveal. U3 was already revealed 2 days ago.

xAlmostPro3495d ago

just because they are holding an uncharted 3 event, doesn't mean there cant also be another game revealed elsewhere? they just asked if cliff would like to attend..

either way im hyped for uncharted 3 anyway

R0me3495d ago

What BS whoever approved this should go to hell, this is only troll news.

Half_Life_33494d ago

uncharted 3 day 1 buy also killzone 3, Twisted metal, Resistance 3, Infamous 2 day 1 buy,

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deadreckoning6663495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Sony PLEASE! I need money for FOOD!

@jony_dols- I agree, but there are already too many exclusives coming out in 2011. Starhawk and Agent can wait till 2012.

saladthieves3495d ago

Sony is literally emptying our wallets! Curse you Sony for your sooo many diverse exclusives!

DigitalRaptor3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I doubt that this PS3 reveal is something for 2011.

If it's a new IP or something like Agent, then it should be for 2012.

jony_dols3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

A tiny little bit disappointing, I was hoping for a Sly 4,Jak,Medievil 3,MGS:PW PS3,Starhawk or Agent reveal....

But then again, who doesn't want to see more of Uncharted 3! Hopefully we'll see it's 3D support in action! (or maybe a new character, or Move support or.....)

gaden_malak3495d ago

I doubt it is what he says it is. They have a website up for this don't they?
I doubt they'd do it for more info on an already revealed game.

Dac2u3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

That is disappointing, I was hoping for an actual reveal. They made it sounds like there was some great event where we'd learn about a never before seen THING.

I purposely avoid watching videos, previews or reading in depth reviews of games I plan on playing. Games like Portal 2, Uncharted 3, and The Last Guardian; I will be playing these games I don't want to ruin my experience beforehand.

SuperM3495d ago

If you actually thought it was going to be another game then you set your hopes up way to high. It was hinted at very strongly that the game would also show up at the VGAs which means Uncharted 3 is the only game it could be. More importantly though, sony will not want to announce another game alongside Uncharted 3. Because Uncharted 3 will get all the attention. It was also confirmed earlier that Uncharted would have a press event the day after the VGAs and people still believed sony would show a new game. Its time to get your feet back on the ground people!

Dac2u3495d ago

When I first read about it, I thought it was a game. After seeing the ad above, I was thinking it could be anything. The ad says: "Exclusive PS3 Reveal," it really could have meant anything(hardware, software, price drop, or any other type of news), but I mostly thought that it would be something unknown to us.

I hadn't heard they were having a press event.

hetz153495d ago

Good, other games can wait until 2012. 2011 is already packed with games (assuming no delays whatsoever). I even already have the list for next year's black friday lol

Traveler3495d ago

I don't see how anyone can really be that disappointed. There are already an insane amount of PS3 exclusives coming next year. And that's not even counting all the awesome multiplatform games like Dead Space 2, Deus Ex HR, Rage, Mass Effect 3 etc.
It's already overkill for my bank account.

A change in the wind3495d ago

I agree about the PS3 exclusives next year, who doesn`t? But they made this "event" seem like some massive groundbreaking never before seen blow our minds kind of deal, you know?

Don`t get me wrong, I need to see more Uncharted 3! But a brand new reveal would have been even sweeter.

hetz153495d ago

You left out Arkham City!! Blasphemy!!! XD

SuperM3495d ago

"I agree about the PS3 exclusives next year, who doesn`t? But they made this "event" seem like some massive groundbreaking never before seen blow our minds kind of deal, you know? "

No, you made it sound like that in your own mind. Besides, Uncharted 3 is about as massive a reveal as you can get. Its the obvious contender for Game of the year, and looking at what they did with Uncharted 2 its likely to be the best game so far this generation

saladthieves3495d ago

...what is Microsoft doing? Do they think Kinect is their Messiah? Sony is bringing in exclusives and in these days, console exclusives talk...they show why you should own a certain console over the other...and Sony is succeeding in doing just that...seriously look up at the anticipated line up of 2011 for Sony and compare with Microsoft...they are in trouble.
As for any other gamer alive right now, if you don't yet own a PS3 I PITTY YOU and GOD HELP YOU.

Vherostar3495d ago

Still sounds like they are guessing though there could be the booth and a news reveal today.

FinalSpartan3494d ago

i wonder what it is. I mean if another exclsuive..

wow adding to the stellar PS3 2011 lineup.

if more uncharted 3 whos complaining that would be epic too!

Parapraxis3494d ago

Why would they hold a special event and announce it online and specifically state "THE DAY AFTER the VGAs", if they were going to announce it at the VGAs... only a fool would think they already revealed it!

f00pgames3494d ago

hope they show gameplay, if it's on twitter it probably is true,

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Sigh3495d ago

oh man so exciteddd! Wonder what it'll be to have it's own event?

psb3495d ago

and screenshots, woot can't wait. :D

Sigh3495d ago

just read it on gamersmint. Apparently it is Uncharted 3 gameplay shown exclusively to the press. No new game... son of a b----

Godmars2903495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Probably something that wont be shown to the public anytime soon. Though they'll likely talk about water. Expand on those scenes.

Sizzon3495d ago

Go go go go go Starhawk!!! ^^

Spitfire_Riggz3495d ago

darn... I cant believe I'm disappointed there wont be another PS3 game raping my wallet..

Black-Helghast3495d ago

Awww, but i wanted some Starhawk. ): Oh well, I guess we'll all have to wait till 2012. (If the world doesn't end)