Confirmed: No future DLC support for Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for PC

A member of the game's development team at Criterion Games has confirmed on the game's official message boards that the PC port won't be getting any DLC content at all.

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GenericUserName3503d ago

PC gaming is NOT dead I tell you. It isn't!

JsonHenry3502d ago

You can't mass produce crappy titles and still expect dumb mothers and grandparents to buy it for their kids and grandchildren on the PC like you can consoles.

The PC community shunned this title. Not the other way around.

imvix3502d ago

Lol they didnt even release it on the biggest digital platform Steam, anyways its good such garbage stays on the kiddie platform.

ct033502d ago

We just don't get suckered into buying all that crappy DLC. Like many others, I'm not interested in DLC at all, so I won't miss out.

Bathyj3502d ago

Really, I thought it looked good.

I was thinking of getting it in a couple months when my GT buzz wears off a little.

I really only want it because Hot Pursuit and NFS:Underground are the last NFS games I remember enjoying. It was the cop chases that did it.

OmarsAccount3502d ago

Really? Im around the 30-40 hour mark on NFS HP, and Im still having fun

outwar60103502d ago

im at 45 hours and am fed up lolz people online are way tooo aggressive im selling and getting gt5

R6ex3502d ago

Hell .. its boring!

Driving physics sucks!

GenericUserName3502d ago

Its an arcade game. Who cares when you're having fun?

Arup023502d ago

Now you want perfect physics in an Arcade Game.

badz1493502d ago

if it has real physics, it won't be an NFS! and for many reviewers, realism in driving games = no fun!

on topic, PC version has mods, right? so, who's gonna buy the DLC anyway?

iamgoatman3502d ago

Looks like EA are going back to their former "we don't give a shit about PC gamers" selves.

They really aren't giving PC gamers a reason to actually buy the game, first no demo and now no DLC. I wouldn't be surprised if this was pirated heavily, and EA only have themselves to blame.

We'll have to see if this pattern continues with Dead Space 2, theres not going to be a PC demo, I wonder if we'll miss out of any DLC as well. Buck up your ideas EA or I definitely won't be supporting your games in the future.

badz1493502d ago

PC has mods and like many games on PC, many times mods are better than the official DLC and also many times won't be available in form of DLC at all!

and please don't start talking about piracy on PC. no matter how good the game is, it will get pirated as crazy as it will always be. there's no excuse for pirating because pirates will always pirate disregard of quality of games!

PotatoClock3502d ago

They won't blame themselves or their decisions though. They'll just blame piracy and that'll be the end of the story.
Piracys just the scapegoat for poor quality ported games.

Xfanboy3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

this will do..

How can PC gaming die if everything has PC hardware in it new & old??

plus who can argue with this??

THQ CEO Brian Farrell claims industry needs to capture all revenue steams to show full picture..
“Our Steam business is going through the roof, but that’s not reported as part of NPD. So I think the industry is a lot healthier than just what NPD is reporting.”

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The story is too old to be commented.