IGN: 2010 Gamer Girl Gift Guide

IGN writes "If you have an awesome, ultra-geeky girlfriend who loves the same stuff you do, you have a responsibility to reinforce that at every turn. If your lady knows the name of Han Solo's co-pilot in Jedi, has logged more hours of Borderlands than you or owns all the games in the Kingdom Hearts series (yeah, even the PSP ones), you are a lucky fellow. Time to give back."

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Cevapi882865d ago

i like how half the shit this site is advertising has nothing to do with the women being half naked

can you make it anymore blatant that you could not care less about the products rather than showing off tits and ass?

Lord_Doggington2865d ago

get the fuck over it. have you ever read a magazine? this is the way things have been for decades, you newb

Cevapi882865d ago

its like talking to a guessing puberty wasnt nice to you

Ponurasky2865d ago

What a pathetic idea. IGN is really retarded.

Urmomlol2865d ago

What a bunch of misogynistic bullcrap

Cratos87802865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

lol dude, don't be so gay. This IGN article is aimed at guys who have girlfriends.

Vesemir2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Guys that have girlfriends ?! On a videogame site !
Hell yeahhhh ! HAHAHAHA.

All of a sudden I just felt like sppiting on the article writer's face. What a weird feeling !

Urmomlol2865d ago

No, this is IGN saying, "Hey, your girlfriend is a gamer, but she's also a sex object. So let's go ahead and objectify the female sex by degrading their personalities and individuality into half naked models."

It's pathetic. We're supposed to be celebrating our girlfriends geekieness by what? Looking at a catalog filled with smut?

BatClarkeee2865d ago

does anybody even take ign seriously anymore ?

Vesemir2865d ago

I never did. I'm a lucky guy ain't I ?

Buffniceguy2865d ago

They can't review shit there articles are shit bad website.

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The story is too old to be commented.