Insomniac: Resistance trailer is all real-time in-engine footage

GM: Insomniac blew us all away with the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming game, Resistance 3 and unlike the previous live-action trailer, the devs has assured us that the gameplay shown in this trailer contains no trickery and is in-fact created using the in-engine of the game.

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scar202865d ago

Wow just wow can't wait i'm gonna call in sick that day.

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clank5432865d ago

I was just replaying the first Resistance because I'm so excited, and that actually holds up pretty well. There are a couple funny things like no throwing animations for the grenade and a REALLY low crouching mechanic, but it actually doesn't look too bad. Anyways, I absolutely cannot wait for the return of the weapon wheel, a more survival horror vibe, and the great multiplayer. Killzone 3 is first, but this is the next big shooter on my radar after February, thats for sure.

Corepred42865d ago

Resistance FOM is my favorite online multiplayer this gen. To me nothing is as fun as it was. I wish people would still play it I would definitely rebuy it. Loved the headshots but my favorite was when you hit the enemy with a spike grenade and boom! Automatic detonation and then those little ribbons would come up! SO much fun! Miss it = (

Trebius2865d ago

Obviously they meant the GAMEPLAY portion was in-game, not the live action portion.

Kind of sad that that even has to be said.

8thnightvolley2865d ago

i was thinking they said the vga2010 trailer was all in engine that would be a huge fat lie.. coz clearly those dudes in the beginning n the guy at the end .. are clearly real ppl.. everything else is ingame and it looks ingame.

RyuStrife2865d ago

From the Trailer, I can't tell if the game has AA or not. I'm more towards the no AA vs 2xmsaa or MLAA. For sure it's not MLAA though.

Anyway, I don't think the art direction is helping the graphics. But for sure I thought certain parts were CG, except that the gun is there saying it's not.

visualb2865d ago

PS3 exclusives don't need CGI

most of them anyway =)

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A change in the wind2865d ago

The gameplay was very, very impressive. The coloring was very unique, a blue/grey/yellow giving a very drab feel. The Atmosphere looked top notch, grim, gloomy, and very run-down. The graphics were a clear step up, and the enemy animations including the way they blew up, were very well done. The trailer impressed the hell out of me. This and the Uncharted 3 trailers were the show stoppers.

psb2865d ago

and Uncharted in November, damn, what the last half it's looking to be for PS3 owners as far as 2012's concerned.

dragon822865d ago

I think you mean 2011. ;)

Heavy_Rain2865d ago

Thank you!! That was beautiful!! Man the chimera animation was freakin insane!! The Chimera jumping on the boat in the first one. The jetpack Chimera ( dunno what they are called right now ) should I say look even more badass then the jetpack helghast. Never thought I will say it! I cant freakin wait for this game!!

Bloodraid2865d ago

Longlegs. There's no jetpacks.

RememberThe3572865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Give this man a bubble for being helpful. Thanks man.

That is some of the best blood splatter I've ever seen.
Hopefully they can make it stick to the environment like in GoW3.

Ravage272865d ago

Seriously. I couldn't believe what i'm seeing when the chimera starts jumping onboard the ship. The movement and death animation looks absolutely CG-ish to me.

I'm feeling so emotional right now...R3 is shaping up to be everything i wanted it to be

DigitalAnalog2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

BTW, have you noticed the term "in-engine" visuals on gameplay.

Then what exactly was Uncharte..................OH MY GOSH NO FUCKING WAY!

-End of Line

Masterchef20072865d ago

Looks incredible. Gotta finish the 1st one though then the second. Why did i buy my PS3 with so many games? I got 2 much 2 play and so little time

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koston36472865d ago

the trailer gives me the same sense of horror as resistance 1 which is a very good thing. cant wait

sp1deynut2865d ago

Please tell me there weren't idiots who thought the live-action parts were actual gameplay, thus prompting this clarification from them.

Masterchef20072865d ago

ZOMG the whole trailer is fake. Cant you see that those ppl in the beginning are real people? lol Be pretty sad if they use the beginning part of the trailer to downplay the game.

dragon822865d ago

I don't think they will because the Forza 4 trailer did the same exact thing. LOL