High Resolution Yakuza 4 Screenshots (1280x720)

Realm of Gaming has posted some high resolution versions of the new screenshots of Yakuza 4 from Sega.

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toaster2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

1280x720 is considered high resolution now? *facepalm*

imvix2919d ago

Sega Games on PC run beyond 1080p doesnt look like Sega is limited to 720p then.

Ryudo2919d ago

If the games going to be played in 720p then yes it's as high as you can get with no downgrade of image quality.

High Resolution is generally used to show the best the game can look, if the best this game can be played at is 720p then yeah there high res.

I know it doesn't make that much sense from a computer buff standpoint, but that's just the way the industry uses the term high res nowa days.

NecrumSlavery2919d ago


Uncharted 2
Killzone 2

Both of these games are 720p and they are the best looking games on any system, minus Crysis on a super computer.

toaster2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

LOL if 720p is the highest resolution this game can muster then that is pretty fucking pathetic. I played in 1280x720 back in 2004.

I don't consider images to be 'high resolution' until they hit AT LEAST 1920x1080. Even that is pretty standard nowadays, 1080p is nothing to get excited over. High resolution would be like 2560x1600, or a double/triple screen resolution, or just a ridiculous amount of pixels. And upping resolution doesn't have to mean sacrificing image quality. Take a look at these shots. They look aliased in the thread so open the images in a new tab.


Ryudo2919d ago


Loads of games look better then Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 on the PC don't start this stupid argument again.

I consider my computer average, Q6600 overclocked to 3.6ghz, and a 5850 stock.

And I can make even The Last Remnant on the PC look better then any PS3 game. That's not to say KZ2 and UC2 ain't the best on consoles because they clearly are.

But they don't hold a candle to PC games and so they shouldn't PC hardware is 2 generations ahead.

reynod2919d ago


I played Crysis in 1080p back in 2007. That setup is entry level by todays standard. Its going to be playing Crysis 2 in 1080p too. PS3 and 360 are confirmed to run crysis 2 at 720p. So they are infact a step behind 4 year old PC hardware.

Ryudo2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )


Fact, PS3's GPU is comparable to a 7800GT.

The Cell processor is a little harder to judge however I would say it's better then any none heavily overclocked dual core but it's comparable to an average/entry quad.

Now let's look at where we have gone since then, we now how hex core processor's that are sold stock at 3.33ghz with turbo.

There about 3 times faster then an entry level quad core which is comparable to the cell processor.

Cell processor has 1 physical core, and 7 SPU's there sort of like virtual cores. Intel hex cores have 6 physical cores, and 6 virtual cores.

Processors haven't moved on all that much to be honest and the Cell is an amazing processor even by todays standards it's the PS3's best component by far and what gives it the graphic edge over the 360.

But the GPU in the PS3 is poor compared to today's GPU's. a 7800gt is most likely 9/10 times slower then a GTX580 so much slower that I couldn't even make a correct guess.

Look I understand hardware, and the only reason am even getting disagrees which what was clearly a correct statement above is because this is a heavily console based site.

If you when over to or any PC buff site and said Killzone 2 looks better then any PC game accept crysis, they would laugh you the fuck off there website before banning you for idiocy.

Why I hold no grudge because kids disagreeing with me clearly don't understand what there talking about. Am clearly in the right here and no amount of 12 year old hitting disagree will change that.

reynod2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )


Generally the Muscle beind a chip is estimated based on its Transistor count.

Cell is around 250million transistors, same goes for the RSX. So thats 500million transistors.

8800GTX alone from 4 years back is around 700million transistors plus. So yea its no secret 4 year old hardware blows past whatever the PS3 or the Xbox 360 can manage.

Current GPUs like the GTX580 are at 3billion Transistors, thats about 12 times more then the Cell. I would estimate GTX 580 to be that much more atleast powerful.

ChickeyCantor2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

" I played in 1280x720 back in 2004. "

Ah yes...aren't you special.

The older the industry gets, the younger ( read ignorant) the mindset of gamers become.
Gamers do nothing but whine bout the lillest things.
Y'all need a good beating.

I mean the other yakuza games were fun as well right? But not the 720 is the horrors of all...

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Traveler2919d ago

I love the Yakuza series. I am getting Yakuza 4 without a doubt.

Xof2919d ago

I love the series.

But I'm not gonna buy another gimped game.

Especially considering they don't bother to re-dub anything. That alone saves 'em a ton of money.

Redempteur2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )


if you trully loved the yakuza series , then your pathetic argument in invalid.

First the yakuza 1 dub was horrible ( lots of F-words throw in for no reason ).

Second Subs are the only way , this series would have enough profit for sega to continue localising.

Third All fans who pleaded segas to localise Yakuza 3 WANTED IT WIth the original ALL STAR CASTING . You know actors that act for once ( this is so rare these days )

If you trully loved yakuza games then you'd never want english voices in it EVER.

It's because of people like you that companies are stuck making bad business choices ( dubs on Tales of games ) And after wards because of their HIgh localising cost prevents others series from being translated . it's ridiculous . you'd love the Yakuza serie so much you'd want it dumbed down by a pathetic dub.


Acquiescence2919d ago

I contend that the first Yakuza game was ruined solely because of it's awful out-of-place dubbing. It made a mockery of the games story and characters.

That's why instalments 2 and 3 are in a completely different league. The Japanese voice-acting is brilliant, authentic and - no matter how crazy the plot threads get - keeps you wrapped up in the narrative. And narrative accounts for a lot in the Yakuza games. There can be some long ass cut-scenes, but they're always a joy to watch.

Xof2918d ago

I bought the first two games to support the series in the States.

Yakuza fans have more than just two choices. We don't have to either not play the game, or settle for a gimped copy. If SEGA gimps Yakuza 4, I'll just import it.

By then, it'll probably have a THE BEST edition for ~$35 USD.

I also never argued... at all... that an English dub was a good thing, or that it was something I desired. I merely pointed out that by not dubbing the games into English, Yakuza titles are far less costly to localize.

As for poor sales... well, what did anyone expect with Yakuza 3? Sega pretty much garunteed the game would fail. Zero advertising. Some of the worst box art in gaming history. Oh, yeah, and a launch date right beside three of the biggest PS3 exclusives of all time--HR, GOW3 and FFXIII.

But, no, yeah, people like me are TOTALLY the problem because we don't like buying half-assed products? Gimme a break.

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nickjkl2919d ago

we are talking about images 1280x720 is high resolution

since its higher than Analog and early digital 670×480 Enhanced Definition

which is now the marking point of the HD and HR resolutions

DigitalAnalog2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

720p is High-Definition (this is where the standard of Image Sharpness is at the required mark). 1080p on the other hand is the standard "FULL" HD.

-End of Line

cakeisalie2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

720p termed High Definition due to inability to fully support 1080p.

720p High Definition in the enthusiast world is a lie.


DigitalAnalog2919d ago

"720p termed High Definition due to inability to fully support 1080p."

What nonsense is this? You're actually pixel-shooting now to coin your term? High-Definition existed WAY back in the 30's when some TV's produced more lines of resolution compared to the older models.

Now at the digital-era, this applies to any resolution that produces a higher pixel rate than a normal SD resolution. 480p is considerd HD but for the propers standard it is 720p. Stop trying put ignorant commentary by saying "fully support 1080p" because there are resolutions that are many times more than that, which in term make 1080p into SD in comparison.

-End of Line

nickjkl2919d ago

you know most cble providers broadcast in 720p right

and i know that you need an HD cable box in order to get resolutions of 720/1080i

is this is true then doesnt that make 720p HD

hesido2919d ago

Resolution is overrated. Last time I checked, I was enjoying a high def movie at 720p. Not even 1080p. What I saw was good enough resolution to count the pores on the actors' skin. Of course the immense amount of anti-aliasing helps, but that's not what makes a photographic picture. We need better rendering technologies, not necessarily higher resolution. All the PC guys do is amp the aa, amp the anisotropic filtering, amp the resolution. Animation and AI hasn't seen the same level of improvement. (Hardware tesellation is a very good new tech, tho, I will admit. It will kick ass once the games are built with that in mind..)

Also, how much more fun do you get out of playing the same game at quadruple resolutions? I don't think the fun factor quadruples. Or doubles. 5%?

So stop talking about resolution.

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Cevapi882919d ago

id like to know how much time went into making the hairstyles for each character

i like to think that it is a very integral part of the development process ;)

Omegabalmung2919d ago

The Dragon of Dojima is back :)

Crap I still need to beat 3 :(

Ponurasky2919d ago


After JAP demo it was obvious for me this will be the best Yakuza so far. ^___^

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