Midway working on next-gen sequel to Area51 and "Criminal"

Midway's Austin studio recently posted job listings on several websites that hint at a couple of their next-gen projects.

Why not check out the listings by reading the full story...

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Asuka5383d ago

the game is coming to PS3 and PC too

Loudninja5383d ago

Why is it that people never list all the systems it is for?

Asuka5383d ago

but the admins changed it when they appoved it. i don't know why they changed to it??

Loudninja5383d ago

Yeah they did the same with mine. Do they know what they are doing?

pRo loGic II5383d ago

It's no true that's why. lol J/K

andy capps5383d ago

I enjoyed the first Area 51 on my Xbox. Didn't finish it though, long story.. Had to send the broken Xbox back to Gamestop, accidentally sent the rental disc back with the console, got a free new disc back to give back to the rental store, and a working Xbox. All in all I think I only had a chance to play it for about a day or two. I enjoyed the squad based parts a lot. Looking forward to the sequel.

Asuka5383d ago

wow, guess that wasn't your day now was it lol.

Anyway, it is a very cool game, you really should think about finishing the story, its pretty awesome. Online Multiplayer was amazing, no lag at all and always fast paced, even for the PS2 version!

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