Six reasons why we are not crazy about the PSP phone

Only Gizmos: There are six clear reasons why we feel that Sony Ericsson might be barking up the wrong tree if it indeed is working on a PlayStation phone. Of course, as these are based entirely on the rumour and speculation that has been making the rounds of tech circles, they cannot really be called concrete – but then, neither can the phone, as of now.

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-Alpha2869d ago

I honestly thought it was the PSP2 for some reason but I don't see the point of releasing the PSPhone when most PSP users are better off waiting for the PSP2.

Cevapi882869d ago

different markets ericsson is another division of sony that really has not delved into gonna take a guess and say it has a similar architecture with the current psp with the added support of phone capabilities through android

if the phone can make gaming seamless with everything else it has to offer, then it has a chance to catch on, just look at how games have grown on the just needs to market it correctly imo and give devs who create apps the freedom they want to come up with some unique stuff

Klepto2869d ago

Its not a similar architecture its ARM.

Ju2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

ARM and nobody knows what GPU or OS. NexusS beats it in performance (twice the FPS running Gingerbread) but even that get's spanked by LG's Tegra2 phone (55 vs. 65 fps or something).

Sony's Zeus (PSP Phone)
(and some ref about the NexusS)

LG's Star:

Yet, it doesn't matter. Its about the speed of current available top phones (iphone4 / GalaxyS) but has buttons which no other has, thus allowing some PSP style gaming on the phone the first time. Current PSP games can be ported with this approach (e.g. GoW series, or Grand Tourismo).

ComboBreaker2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

"...PSP users are better off waiting for the PSP2."

That's like saying I should not buy an Android smart phone and am better off waiting for the PSP2. Totally different markets, dude.


How is Sony barking at the wrong tree?

It's an Android phone.
People go crazy for Android phones.

Saying that Sony is barking at the wrong tree is like saying that Samsung and Motorolla are barking at the wrong tree, for releasing all those Android phones.

HolyOrangeCows2869d ago

Awwww.....they're not crazy about something they know nothing about? Poor dears...

phinch2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

6 reasons are

it's not Microsoft??

Matthew942869d ago

no because it looks crap

silvacrest2869d ago

looks great to me, each to there own

SnakeMustDie2869d ago

1 reason i am not crazy for PSP phone

I want a PSP2 with PS2-PSP backwards compatibility, dual analog stick, dual shoulder buttons. That's all I want.

MisterAV2869d ago

"Why Android, of all operating systems?" what else is available now? WP7 impossible is a PS phone, iOS impossible, symbian?
"1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 512 MB RAM and about 1GB of onboard storage" we don't know what GPU is inside so...

gamingdroid2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Yup, Sony really don't have any other options, but use Android unless they want to make their own operating system.

We all know, Sony software UI tend to suck so sticking with Android is the best decision they could have made. The question are:

1. How are they going to support Android? Sony Xperia X10 just RECENTLY got Android 2.1! Yup, for the longest time people were running around with 1.6! Also it lacks multi-touch!

2. How will PS Phone differentiate itself from the competition, but yet remain competitive? i.e. doing non-standard things differentiates your product, but further fragments your platform from the others available. Think Android Marketplace only for PS Phone? Then what happens to developer support? Would developers rather have normal Android games with a d-pad support? Why cut out gazillion people....

3. Who are they targeting for this handset? Gamers that will upgrade from a PSP Go? The strength of the iPhone is that it does the task you do most really well, and gaming is secondary, but still very attractive. It's gaming nature isn't causing a burden on the person carrying the phone i.e. extra bulk. If you are gamer you will likely love this device, and if you are an average iPhone/Android user you are likely to pass up on this.

In the end, the strength of this device isn't in the hardware specs, but in the software. It all depends on what kind of support it has from game developers!

ExcelKnight2869d ago

1) The demo units are running Gingerbread (Android 2.3). Honeycomb (3.0) extends on tablet/gaming, so expect Sony to want that run on the PS Phone ASAP.

2) A dual/twin submission system would likely be possible. Since the PlayStation app was a completely separate entity in the phone, it's entirely possible that the app is a sandboxed PSP that can connect to PSN. That sandbox would basically be removed from the Android market, making the PSP Minis section useless on PSN but making it very much possible to promote full PSP games.

3) They're likely still trying to figure that out. I'd hope their inclusion of Gingerbread means the phone will do Android predominantly but will sandbox the PSP section, which could easily be worth it.

2869d ago
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