VGA awards a show of Sony strength

RevoltTech Writes:

The games and developers are crowned with achievements at the VGA awards, but the real winners are the fans who get to see their trailors for their most anticipated games. To be honest, most could care less about who wins which award, but what they need to see is which title will be taking their money next year.

And behind it all are the big 3: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Who wins at the VGA’s and who has the best games coming out?

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marioPSUC3501d ago

Oh boy lets get some more console wars going, as if we didnt already have enough articles in the span of 20 minutes that have 100+ comments of arguing over games

jack_burt0n3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

best vga comment on n4g for 2010 goes toooo


congratulations. :)

ExplosionSauce3501d ago

Didn't you say that in the trolling comments above?
2 game better than none right??

Besides, there are more than the 2 shown at the VGAs.

Traveler3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

I'm honestly not trying to hate, but the 360 just felt so irrelevent at this year's VGAs. The PS3 had a much stronger presence. Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3 are both huge games. God of War 3 received several nominations. There was a new Killzone 3 trailer in the commercials (at least it was new to me). By itself, Uncharted 3 was by far the biggest part of the event.

saladthieves3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Will you PLEASE STOP RAPING MY ALREADY EMPTY WALLET?? I just saw the Uncharted 3 trailer and you know...that was just too much for my puny brain to comprehend. Naughty Dog just topped themselves...AGAIN! Anyone who had any traces of doubt in Naughty Dog SHAME ON YOU. Please Sony, 2011 is looking already too awesome. I just forked out some cash for Gran Turismo 5 (loving it) and now you are tempting me to also get Uncharted 3 as well? ...and LittleBigPlanet 2? KILLZONE 3? Resistance 3? The Last Guardian?? Infamous 2?? Socom? Ratchet all 4 one? Twisted metal?...WHY SONY WHY!!! Have mercy on my wallet. There's so much I can afford and under no circumstances should you stop bringing the exclusives!! Keep 'em coming. I wonder what teh little xbox 360 has lined up for the coming year excluding the Kinect games (not my thing anyway).
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Spenok3501d ago

Lmao, i agree, Sony is on a clear roll with there exclusives. 2011 is looking like a great year, lets just hope they dont delay half of there 2011 line up like they did for 2010 :/

A change in the wind3501d ago

This was all Sony. So many excellent trailers, and of course, 2 amazing exclusive trailers.

Here we are, the end of the year, the VGA`s. December 11th. What did Microsoft reveal? Forza 4? That`s nice, but it`s not going to cut it. 2011 is inching closer and closer. "Microsoft doesn`t reveal their games early." Ha, that excuse it about to run out. microsft had an opportunity to reveal 2-3 new exclusives tonight, that would have been BIG, but they didn`t, and time is running out.

Sony took the VGA`s, no question.

Qui-Gon Jim3501d ago

This wasn't a competition, it was an awards show... er, you know what i mean.

Soldierone3501d ago

BUT We did get a crap ton of "Kinect is so awesome!" advertisments....isn't that enough? /s

ActionBastard3501d ago

Seeing Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Kratos in MK and then getting to see Mass Effect 3 and Batman and knowing I can play them all on

Arup023501d ago

Hey guys, what about NINTENDO?

NecrumSlavery3501d ago

Yeah, Nintendo probably said f*ck it after non of their games were nominated for any catagory. except kirby in best graphics. or maybe that wasnt even in it this year.

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