New Forza Motorsports 4 features spotted in trailer

Gamersmint: Turn 10's Forza 4 trailer has a lot of new features which were never before seen in the game. We have it all covered for you.

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Karooo2870d ago

Turn 10 will show PD how its done

Burning_Finger2870d ago

Maybe in 10 years of development.

PraxxtorCruel2870d ago

Well if I remember correctly Forza 3 took 1.5 years, gt 5, 6 years and well look how they turned out.

Yi-Long2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

1: More new original fun tracks to race on.
2: Less DLC-milking.

That's all.

I don't care about a car consisting of a billion polygons. I don't care about the game having a thousand cars. I don't care about 'Kinect-support'.

I just want to have some awesome cool tracks to drive those cars on.

kancerkid2870d ago

They should give out at least half the DLC for free through some kind of VIP program like DICE. Looking forward to the game though.

ShinMaster2868d ago

GT5 took 4 years not 6.
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010. Learn to count.

INC NATE21312868d ago

Hey dumbass can you not be stupid and actually know your facts. Gt5 started originally in development on the ps2 in 2004. and its now 2010 so uhh 6 years is the right math.

ShinMaster2868d ago

Hey dumbass, can you not be stupid and think for a second?

Only the cars were added from the PS2 and nothing else.
Everything else was done from scratch.

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xtremeimport2870d ago

lets wait and see some in-game visuals.

I still think what makes Forza more enjoyable to the larger more casual race fan is that it offers a bit more of an arcade feel than GT, where its all serious all the time.

8thnightvolley2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

you have to be kidding me... forza more arcadey to GT are u joking ... forza has customization on a level GT wont dare go .. from tweaking your engine and every freaking part of your car.. to the aspect of any damage to take depending on where it is on the track actually affect how the car handles, you can change ur tire pressures of each tire to get a desired result, or adjust ur fins to an angle u like to increase or decrease drag, you can change go right into the engine and tweak the very engine itself, i can keep going but i will only make GT look 200BC.. where as GT is all cosmetic.. and you generally have only pakaged upgrades which never let you into the grime and dirt of car love and building..

as i see it GT is GT .. the difference is visuals and thats about it... gameplay.. is still trying to catch up to forza 2.. forza3 walks all over GT .. on gameplay .. looks of the 200 premium cars are absolutely stunning but thats pretty much it and for a car sim.. that doesnt just cut it.. if i am a car freak i want to see it alll... let me into the dirt and also the thrill of it.. its all part of car racing love.. u buy it tweak it.. you race it... like the REAL WORLD... not in packages.. thats not real life funny pants. you add kinect and the doors just got blown open with possibilities... head tracking my dear.. turn 10 will show you how its done.

FORZA 4 wil own... and it wont need over half a decade to do so..

ocnkng2870d ago

The main gameplay element of GT5 is the handling of each individual car. From tire grip to throttle response to understeer/oversteer, the true feel of each individual model implemented in GT5 is unparalleled. For example buy the Mazda RX-7 and take it for a spin in a high speed track and you can truly feel the uniqueness of the car. You talked a lot about 'dirty this dirty tat' but essentially you are complaining about the GT5 damage system and the lack of a livery editor in GT5. Well this is a simulation not a mod game. The ability to color your car differently doesn't make Forza any less arcady then GT5.

8thnightvolley2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

and so does forza3 in terms of car handling i would say from playing gt5 it does give u the feel but not what i havent seen or experienced in forza3 and it when i say custom did u see me mention paint.. funny boy.. paint has nothing to do with sim but on a second note the kind of paint you use for a car can increase or decrease drag.. so you might have just owned yourself..

@ giant.
yes they give u that but what if u want more.. those little adjustment have been in forza 2.. this is years ago... i played this.. and now... forza3 even takes things further.. now think of it.. gt5 is just about comparable to forza2 level just as i said.. and i am not stumping on gt5 i am clearly stating which is more of a realistic racing sim than the other.. and thats what this genre is mostly about gameplay .. and ofcourse graphics which i would somewhat give to gt5's premium cars.. (the 800 are a waste of space and i dont see who needs to see dogs in a sim) just saying...

Giant_Chibi2870d ago


You clearly don't play gt that often when you imply that there is nothing beyond the aesthetics. The "packages" you buy are parts that are transferred to your garage, from there you can select those parts that have options right next to it's image which allows for tuning things like:

Suspension, which includes:
height adjustment
spring rate
anti-roll bars
camber angle
toe angle

initial torque
acceleration sensitivity
braking sensitivity

Transmission is fully customizable:
Every gear can be finetuned
Topspeed can be adjusted

adjust downforce

etc, etc, etc...

And the list goes on. Each higher costing part provides even more options. It's not just "buy a package" and you're good to go. There's alot of fine tuning involved. Just like in real life, you buy the parts and adjust them to your liking. For someone who claims to be into car sims I'm really shocked that you criticized gt for lack of tuning when you didn't even play enough to notice that a whole slew of options were even there.

Moral of the story, stop assuming things without knowing the facts. I like both forza and gt, they're great racing sims because unlike the arcade racing games they let you do just that, tune your car.

Vesemir2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

8thnightvolley got pwned by Giant_Chibi, lol.

Abriael2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

@8nightvolley: if you think that kind of customization makes the game a better simulation, you're a bit delusional. Most of those parts available in Forza 3 augment/modify the stats of the car by a semi-arbitrary value, without much simulative scope.

Or you really think that some poor fellow at turn 10 spent the last 20 years adding in real life every single piece to every single car featured in the game (and every combination of them) and then gathered the real world data necessary to simulate that kind of tuning?

Hell, a good 50% of the parts available in Forza 3 aren't even really available for most of the cars in the real world.

What makes a game a simulation is the physics and the car handling, and I'm sorry to burst a bubble, but in that GT5 utterly demolishes Forza 3, which is still a good semi-simulation, but doesn't even get near to holding some real simulative value (and even GT5 isn't 100% a simulator, even if it gets very near). It doesn't even simulate correctly the most popular racing/supercar drivetrain (RWD/Midships). It actually does it so badly that they had to relegate them in a separate lobby offline because their characteristics are so flattened that it's impossible for them to be competitive even with FWD cars (which is ridiculous).

Ultimately, the more parts and pieces you add to a game, the more variables you create, variables that you can't test, and as such you have to just guess and hope you get it right, effectively reducing the simulative value of the game itself.

The more you go overboard with tuning options, the more you push your game away from a simulator, and towards Need for Speed.

ShinMaster2868d ago

Do these clowns actually believe Forza has better handling physics than GT5???


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itchy182870d ago

dude some of those features are already on GT5

Mario182870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

All the features shown are in GT5 already except for Kinect.
And for the Open Wheel Car feature... thats only a Lotus

Thugbot1872870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Agreed, but why does a Forza fan care what's in GT5? I guess if you were trying to state the obvious, but even so Forza fans are still going to buy Forza for things GT5 can't do like be a game on the 360. On the same note if you want GT5 you already have it or saving for it.

kudakadere2869d ago

yes we know , but it makes sense to do what gt5 did but better on top of the exclusive features forza already has.

trancefreak2870d ago

Ill be ready for forza Im so hooked on gt5 it will be nice to have another new racer to play next year.

ZeroX98762869d ago

finally someone that enjoys both! man, why does gamers can't approve of two games??? GT5 got more realistic graphics and the unique driving experience given by each car. Forza, on the other side, gives us a lot of customization to do on a whole nice bunch of different cars and great driving too!

If you got a PS3, get GT and shut the hell up.
If you got a 360, get Forza and shut the hell up.

Simple answers for simple minded people! since they can't do anything but fanboyism.

And for gamers like me who is a multiconsoles owners, get both and enjoy the best of each games!!!!!

IRetrouk2869d ago

i have to agree with both of you, game is gonna be good.

insomnium22869d ago

Everything would've been fine if Turn10 would've kept their mouths shut. That's all I'm saying. Thanks Turn10! Thanks Dan Greenwalt or who ever you are. Thank you for all this hate and consolewars BS.

Qui-Gon Jim2869d ago

You successfully turned this thread into a fanboy flamewar with the very first post. Not that that's any kind of record on N4G, in fact, that's pretty much the norm.

FinalSpartan2869d ago

DAMN the real driving simulator is coming.

FinalSpartan2869d ago

Forza 4 the real driving simulator.. Damn GT5 is going to get massively destroyed...

Heck Forza 3 was better but now Forza 4......this real sim going to be deadly. Not 800 normal cars with PS2 graphics.

James Vanderbeek2869d ago

i agree. the media will make some small minded people believe this. forza looks just like any other arcade game out there.

FinalSpartan2869d ago

yeah sure... with no existance bumper car physics on gt5 piss poor damage, ramming into cars which have no effect on AI racing line to get to 1st position yeah thats all ok right?

its the truth Forza has taken GT crown a long time ago. GT5 was evident a superior driving sim is now Forza.

Forza 3 - 92%
GT5 - 84% huge dissapointment arcade racer

Forza 4 final nail in Gran turismo coffin.

baodeus2869d ago


dude come down man, GT5 is a good sim racing game as well. People just can't appreciate gaming in general anymore man. Both are great game, Forza is more solid overall, but Sony really need to releast GT5 for Dec to make some money (hence, PD is still trying hard to patch things up, it does feel somewhat unpolish), but the core of GT game, Sim, is there and that counts.

This stupid war is so old man.

robep32868d ago

Dont bank on the Top Gear test track I think its a video download service like GT TV to view Top Gear content.

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DevilsOwn2870d ago

This looks just as promising as GT5 did. Xbox 360 owners need not feel left out.

Vesemir2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I'm amazed how they found all those features in that 47 seconds trailer that practically doesn't show anything.

Bah who cares... Let the hype begin.
That's the only thing they are good at.

I spotted the second jesus christ in the video, btw.
I also spotted a new galaxy.

Also spotted a quick subliminal image in the trailer, saying that Forza 4 will feature Virtual Reality.

I also spotted Bill Gates. And holograms. Omfg, I saw lightsabers.

xtremeimport2870d ago

those features arent even shown.

rally racing?
no thats just a exotic driving in dirt looking cool
night racing?
where? i see a car standing still with a sunset in the background
snow in background?
wtf does that even mean?

marioPSUC2870d ago

A lot of companies like to tease things, and not just blatantly throw things out and tell you straight up. They want people to have to take a look at the trailer so they can find hints at whats to come, and all those are hints.

aviator1892870d ago

I'm guessing the live-action footage at the beginning hint at what's to come. It's not officially confirmed, but they're working with what they'e got.

xtremeimport2869d ago

or its wishful thinking?

i mean, i dont disagree with these additions i just think people look to much into trailers sometimes.

marioPSUC2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Looks nice, though I wish they had put the night driving and rally into Forza 3.

Also I guess were going to get the USA Top Gear track?

aviator1892870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Hopefully, the snow and night racing rumors are true.