Batman: Arkham City - Who is Hugo Strange? Who is Hugo Strange you ask?

"The most dangerous man in the world! Scientist, philosopher and a criminal genius ... little is known of him, yet this man is undoubtedly the greatest organizer of crime in the world."

- Bruce Wayne

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oldjadedgamer2871d ago

From my little knowledge of Batman "canon", Strange is the only villain that knows Bruce Wayne is batman. Problem is that he is a minor bad guy that is taken as a joke by the "main" villains, who think Strange is an idiot.

Game-ur2871d ago

Dr. Simon Hurt leder of both the Black Glove and the Club of Villains Would have been a better fit

ReservoirDog3162871d ago

Well a villain who knows Batman's identity sounds like a pretty good plot device. But maybe in the next one right?

vanquisher2870d ago

Plot sound like its inspired by Batman R.I.P

JohnnyGo2870d ago

Everything Hurt has done, Strange did first. Hugo Strange was the first to invade the Batcave, seize assets away from Batman, and drive Bruce Wayne to a nervous breakdown to the point that Bruce had to self-hypnotize himself to create a back-up personality. In fact, BATMAN R.I.P. would have been far superior with Hugo in Hurt's role, since it would have been far more fitting to have Batman's first arch-nemesis be his ultimate arch-nemesis.

JohnnyGo2870d ago

And anyone who thinks this plot is inspired by BATMAN R.I.P. owes it to themselves to read Batman stories like STRANGE APPARITIONS and PREY, as well as an obscure classic called "Down to the Bone" from BATMAN ANNUAL #10 (I think that's the issue).

Everything Hurt did (save for the occult stuff), Strange did it first and better.

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Tdmd2870d ago

Not really. I might be mistaken, but I think that Silence and Ra's Al Ghul both knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

oldjadedgamer2870d ago

I don't really count Al Ghul as he isn't trying to out Bruce as Batman. Not sure about Silence.

LarVanian2871d ago

He was one of the very first Batman villains, created by Bob Kane himself. It is highly rumoured that Tom Hardy will play him in The Dark Knight Rises.

kaveti66162871d ago

what's the dark knight rises? is that the 3rd batman film by nolan?

lodossrage2871d ago

only followers of the comics will know him. Hugo strange used to be lead psych at arkham asylum in the comics. In reality, he's probably more dangerous than the joker because Strange is in COMPLETE control of his insanity

CobraKai2871d ago

I personally like Hugo Strange and I think this game is a great way for more casual fans to take notice. I wished the trailer they showed was more of the real-time gameplay, but as a CGI movie, it looked sick!!

Tdmd2870d ago

How can someone be in complete control of his insanity? Everywhere I look I see people saying he will be worst then Joker and I just don't see why or how so. Didn't knew him before the trailer, though. And I am not arguing, just wondering, for as I said, I don't know the character.

shadow27972870d ago

What happened to the Joker? He was in the last trailer. Is he still going to be in the game?

wwm0nkey2871d ago

Man really no one knows about Hugo Strange?

Arup022871d ago

I asked the same question. who the hell is he

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