Amazing New 1080p Forza 4 Screenshots

4 New incredibly detailed shots posted by Turn 10 on the official Forza website

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MicroSon4429d ago (Edited 4429d ago )

Omg look at those graphics!

Im still trying to determine whether or not im looking at an actual picture!

NecrumSlavery4429d ago (Edited 4429d ago )

you are looking at an actual picture. 90% of the short trailer was live footage, followed by prerendered CG, followed by ZERO gameplay.

Paradicia4429d ago

No, thats actually the in-game kinect feature where you can walk around and look at things in the car. It was shown at E3 this year.

FordGTGuy4429d ago

that was in-game assets being displayed in their new photomode.

tplarkin74429d ago

You don't know that it's prerendered. You're only guessing.

HappyGaming4429d ago

The photomode which uses different car models than those used while racing...

Just saying.

FordGTGuy4429d ago


Yes I do as we have already seen it running at E3, same system not pre-rendered.


We will not see the same graphical fidelity in game during races but we do not know if they use different models yet as we have not seen in-race footage. Side note: GT5's photomode is the same way it makes the cars look much better.

Paradicia4429d ago

Just to prove it isn't a cover up by the Illuminati. Its not CG. That's a cap straight from the trailer so pardon the quality and darkness.

Disagree all you want.

Grenadan4429d ago

reminded of resistance 2 trailer that was shown

DigitalAnalog4429d ago

Oh nevermind.

-End of Line

L0G1C4429d ago (Edited 4429d ago )

lol you think that's a picture of a real car? too funny, GT5 kid.

JokesOnYou4429d ago

wow, I don't buy many racers since I put a lot of time into it, thankfully Turn10 keeps making hits with Forza.

pixelsword4429d ago (Edited 4429d ago )

Looks great; I don't have a reason to doubt that this is really from the game, so until I get it in my hand or MS, T10, or a dev or a graphics pro states otherwise I'll keep it in the "it's likely real" pile.

If it's real, good job Turn 10.

Blitzed4429d ago

If that's the Kinect feature where you can walk around the car, that's pretty cool. It would be awsome to use it to assess damage after a race. I'm sure it could be done with any motion controller and camera, but this is the first I've heard of that feature. Give the devs time, they will come up with a lot of uses for these things.

DeepInterludium4429d ago

Yeah it is actually CGI just look at their E3 demo CGI versus the actual game:

Myth Vs Reality same pic:

SasanovaS19874429d ago

i guess bots will never fully grasp reality. MS feeds them bullshots, and they buy into it. sadly, theres yet a game that looks better then 07 ps3 guys, this game wont magically be better looking either...if they didnt do it till now, they wont, period.

ShinMaster4427d ago

LOL nice find. No wonder people are disagreeing with you.

Reminds me of the Gears of War bullshots.

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Paradicia4429d ago (Edited 4429d ago )

Forza 3

Forza 4

Such a big leap in the development cycle. Massive improvement in the lighting and detail

Edit: Holy crap 8 disagrees in 15 seconds? WTF?

Skadoosh4429d ago (Edited 4429d ago )

Nice pics Milk. It's no doubt that Forza 4 will be an impressive improvement. Those Turn 10 guys are freaking geniuses.

EDIT, Oh yeah, the disagrees will rack up. The truth still stings them. I have no doubt in my mind the sony fanboys even go into their multiple accounts just to press disagree. They're still hurting from the 84% average of GT5.

Blacktric4429d ago

Good Lord, it looks really good. I really hope that it's an ingame screenshot and not CGI. Anyway, 2011 is going to be a killer year for every gamer out there, that's for sure.

HappyGaming4429d ago

Indeed the reflections look so much better than Forza 3 but Forza 3s reflections were almost non existent anyway.

aviator1894429d ago

Lol, just ignore those disagrees. They're appearing like mad.

Anyways, forza 4 looks fantastic. This was just a teaser, so it makes sense there was no gameplay footage.

dirthurts4429d ago

Sony fans are in the house.
Count my disagrees...

kancerkid4429d ago

Game looks nice, will hold judgement until gameplay

Bhai4429d ago

No GT game has ever ranked over a Forza or PGR game in average since xbox, because media/press gave their personal best to promote these 2 MS franchises. So your,

"They're still hurting from the 84% average of GT5."

...comment is pointless/absurd. Even with GT3 GT4 ranking lower than F1, PGR etc. did it make any difference? Nah, GT retains itself as ahead of the pack since always ;)

SkylineR4429d ago

As much as I love GT5, at least Turn 10 will give us 100% "premium" cars that look great either in-race, photo mode or replays. Who cares what tech they use to make the cars look good. That's the only thing that irks me with GT5 - 80% "standard" stuff.

It's also interesting to note that at the end of the trailer they use the Top Gear logo. Is it endorsed by TG or will it just feature assets from the show? Should be good.

GT5 will keep me occupied until Forza 4.

FinalSpartan4428d ago

@ Milkjdo

holy crap! the graphics! GT5 has been beating in all departments. including graphics already.

No Way4428d ago

Still with the "everyone is out to get Sony" are you?


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Headquarters114429d ago

Meh, looks the same as the other 2 forza games. Is that what they're adding to forza 4? Lambo doors, thats it? LMAO

Skadoosh4429d ago

If you think that looks the same than you must really hate GT5 since it uses 800 cars from the ps2 version.

Lionhead4429d ago

Skadoosh is trying too hard =\

Looks great though next year will be good for the 360, I want more hardcore exclusives though. Was expecting a Halo 4 announcement or such with someone saying there would be a 360 announcement bigger than Uncharted 3 reveal at the VGA's.

L0G1C4429d ago

Trying too hard? I thought the truth was self-evident.

Headquarters114429d ago

yep, and all 800 look the same or better than the cars in forza 3.

ambientFLIER4429d ago

"yep, and all 800 look the same or better than the cars in forza 3."

That was almost funny...except for the actual comparison articles that show how poor the standard cars look compared to forza's vehicles.

Abriael4429d ago

@ambientFLIER: to be fair those articles cherry picked the poorest between the standard cars. There are more or less 100 that are a much lower quality compared to the others, but the rest is pretty much comparable to forza 3 standards, minus the cockpits.

insomnium24429d ago


Sssshush man! Be quiet. You will ruin their good night's sleep if you reveal the truth to them. Think of the children.

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Mario184429d ago

You need to buy a new pair of glasses

V0LT4429d ago

That pic makes a nice wallpaper.

FordGTGuy4429d ago

By who?


They were not fake, you can clearly see the menu system in this trailer......

Abriael4429d ago (Edited 4429d ago )

I'm very curious to see what excuse the xbox fanboys will pull out when they'll discover that Turn10 has gone the premium/standard way too :D

Not sure if you remember, but during E3 they actually came out and said that only some cars would be available in that "exploration" mode from which the pics shown here are.

I'll be here to listen to what the ones that criticized standard cars in GT5 will say when they notice.

rezzah4429d ago

The wheels give it away. Dont ask me how, I can just see it.

niceguyWii34429d ago

turn 10 employee microson needs to try harder.

TheMutator4429d ago

lol what a bunch of gran turismo fanboys

MNicholas4429d ago Show
FinalSpartan4429d ago

Forza 4 the real driving simulator.

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NaiNaiNai4429d ago

if its not on the ps3 its CGI I bet to alot of people.

GoldPS34429d ago

It is but let them believe it's real graphics like they did with Forza 3.

Js2Kings4429d ago

Xbox can't run 1080 so I would guess it's CGI

But I don't have a 360 so I wouldn't know.

ambientFLIER4429d ago

Perhaps you should buy one before talking about technical details that you know nothing the fact that it fully is capable of running native 1080p, and does with some games.

Bhai4429d ago

"like the fact that it fully is capable of running native 1080p, and does with some games."

Like what? some arcade ones maybe, though definitely not a core game. Even if Turn10 pushes up a 1080p stretch, will they be able to put 16 of those 'premium' cars on screen at one? not likely.

And yeah these screens are photomode or bullshots. The trailer was entirely real-life footage, not even CGI. As always, the'll try to copy up GT series, which they couldn't make in-engine so they made a real-life footage of the features.

granthinds4429d ago

Ye, it definitely runs full 1080p. I have both a PS3 and a 360. they are both strong consoles.

ambientFLIER4429d ago (Edited 4429d ago )

Bhai: The point is that it's fully capable of native 1080p. Also, Virtua Tennis is not an arcade game, yet runs in native 1080.

BrianG4428d ago

Both systems can display 1080p.

However getting a game like forza 4 or gears 3 to run native 1080, or even a subset, 1620x1080, etc. Is very difficult on the Xbox

Main reason is the frame buffer. There is a much larger frame buffer in the PS3, which allows it to display native HD 3D as well as higher resolution games. That is why you will see, for now anyways, only native HD 3D on PS3.

But the Xbox can def handle 1080p, even as a native game resolution, however its unlikely to happen with Forza 4.

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SonyPlayStation44429d ago ShowReplies(1)
MGRogue20174429d ago

... Are you guys sure they are in-game?? They look pre-rendered to me.. =/

m234429d ago

Its from the photo-mode that they demoed at e3 using kinect.