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Bits-N-Kibbles2869d ago

I know what you mean. Anyways, I hope the game turns out to be not so serious and more like the old SSX games.

And yes someone can drop a "Why so serious?" quote below if they want.

Arup022869d ago

Yep, i liked the Old SSX titles. They were so fun. But this one i really looking more serious.

TheLastGuardian2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

The Skate developers are doing it wrong. They're trying to hard to be edgy. I wanted a reboot that played like the PS2 games with online and upgraded graphics. I'll have to wait and see the reviews before I know whether to buy this new SSX or not. After watching that trailer I'd rather have somebody remastering SSX, SSX Tricky and SSX 3 in HD with trophies on one disc.

LOL @ everybody calling it SSX Black Ops and SSX4: Modern Boardfare. I don't really see much resemblence except for all the snow and helicopters. Theres no shooting guns in this game.

Bits-N-Kibbles2869d ago

Here is a link to the SSX3 teaser trailer. I'm trying to compare SSX3, a great SSX game in the series (not as good as tricky though in my opinion), and the SSX Deadly Descents trailer. In the SSX3 teaser trailer you don't get to see everything the game has to offer. In fact it is actually a little similar to the SSXDD teaser trailer. So maybe there is still hope!

2869d ago
Coheno2869d ago

I agree, this is SSX Blops...

Where are the colors, the over the did they phuq this up?!

2869d ago
Call_me_Ishmael2869d ago

lol,i was watching this ssx reveal and i had my spekers really loud,when the girl said 'i loved sex',my granpa asked me what porn flick i was watchin

Coheno2869d ago

That alone says everything about the damn VGAs!

CaptainMarvelQ82869d ago

why does everything HAVE to be serious
the old days were better where everything was just so simple
damn,i sound like and old man taking about his past

Rybnik2869d ago

This is a travesty beyond most. Its not even a reboot of the franchise (not that one was needed..on the contrary). What this is, is a giant F-U to all the fans of the SSX franchise.
I am honestly shocked at what EA is trying to do to this once great and beloved set of games. I mean what the HELL were they thinking????
I suppose there is the hope that maybe when NO ONE buys this misdirected Tom Clancy/ Modern Warfare devil-child monster of an aborted abombination, the geniuses at EA might actually consider creating a new REAL SSX game...
Guess we will have to wait another 2-6 years. WOW.

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The story is too old to be commented.