Forza 4 to support Kinect and regular controller

IGN - "Microsoft and developer Turn 10 confirmed Forza Motorsport 4 will ship for the Xbox 360 in Fall 2011.

The fourth installment of the series will support Kinect as well as traditional racing controls. Microsoft first announced the title at this past E3."

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saint_john_paul_ii2869d ago

yes. i want to drive with an invisible wheel, so realistic this sim is /s

LORD-PHOENIX2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

i just dont see why turn 10 are even attempting it it will never work to steer the car, maybe its just going to be used as a wing mirror etc thatl be cool

Arup022869d ago

AND regular controller. Troller.

2869d ago
Boody-Bandit2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

This is the worst news for a Forza fan such as myself. I want them to spend more time on making an even better game and better support for FFB 900 degree wheels instead of the plastic POS Wheel MS offers to their consumers. (Trust me, I have one. I purchased it while waiting on my Fanatec 911 S and never got around to selling it. I should now since it's Christmas. Might get a decent price for it.)

No instead they are wasting time with implementing Kinect controls? Are you F'n kidding me? What ever Turn 10 just make sure you work on better controls for us wheel users. It's suppose to be a freaking sim and not make believe driving game.

Forza is not your run of the mill racer. Turn 10 needs to put their full focus on what Forza is about, driving. Not some lame ass camera for casual users. This is their signature hardcore racing game and now they are taking it to the soccer moms. This is development time that could be better spent on pushing Forza 4 to another level. The game for the core fans might not get the attention it otherwise would have if not for Kinect implementation.

@kaveti6616 "Some people lack patience."

Don't talk about what you obviously don't know about. Preorders for the Fanatec 911 S started nearly a year before it was released. I did not receive the wheel until 2 months after Forza 3 was released and I don't play sim racers with a controller. Plus Amazon ran a special where you received the MS wheel for %65 off retail with the Forza 3 Playseat Edition. I picked up the wheel for $32 dollars and could sell it today for double the price.

Yeah that was really impatient and careless spending on my part. I just sold that very same Forza Playseat yesterday that I got the wheel with for a 64 dollar profit. Maybe you can give me advice in the future how to spend my money? /s

Elven62869d ago

You don't have to, the game will support a regular controller as well.

The evolution of this site, where first people would read the article before commenting, they later transitioned to just reading the N4G description, then just the title, and now half the title!

Imtey2869d ago

Auto steering while sitting confirmed lolz

kaveti66162869d ago

"I purchased it while waiting on my Fanatec 911 S"

Some people lack patience.

2869d ago
rjdofu2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

LOL somebody did it before me :)), that's video is just epic.

JokesOnYou2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

No way in hell I'll pretend to hold a imaginary wheel but that's fine, I'll use the same wheel I got for Forza3, and hopefully kinect can add some cool gameplay features like head tracking,*executed properly of course. I trust Turn10, so far Forza series keeps getting better. Good to see a great dev implementing kinect in a game I care about.

PinkFunk2869d ago

Omg. @Dead_Pixel. Thanks for the video it's absolutely hilarious. It's the guy's expression that makes it.

Biggest2869d ago

For everyone that insists on saying "Maybe head tracking?!"

It isn't worth the time it takes to set it up. Maybe they'll add it to arcade mode for shits and giggles.

baodeus2869d ago

well i hope they don't use kinect for actual driving, or i guess you can use any driving wheel that you have available. Kinect only need to read your hand and your feet.

But seriously, i would prefer if they support real driving wheels.

Elven62868d ago

Brutallyhonest: What makes you so confident that they can't push the game to a new level and have option Kinect support in the game (most of which has already been demoed to the public at E3 2010)? For all we know, there could be a 2 person team working on Kinect functionality while everyone else works on the core game.

gcolley2868d ago

unfortunately MS don't really give a shit about steering wheels (especially FF) on the 360. right now there is no option

@Brutallyhonest - sell that damn wheel and you will make a profit, they have been discontinued over a year ago... right when Forza 3 was coming out. hence the big deal they made about the Fanatec wheel even though it was limited edition and pretty much sold out at the time. basically MS screwed Turn 10 just before they released Forza3.

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showtimefolks2869d ago

but sony have also said AAA games with move support can be played with dual shock

also to MS this is the right way to do things give gamers the option so we can pick and choose

aviator1892869d ago

what do you mean by "god no?"

if you've actually read, the regular controller is supported as well.
Kinect is just an extra option. How is this doing any harm?

xAlmostPro2868d ago

this with kinect will hurt your/my arms sooo badly :L

think about it an 8+ lap race having to hold your arms up mid-air all that time, then keep them up during the mune's etc.

controller please :)

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ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2869d ago

a simulated driving driving game. while simulating holding a wheel, while simulating using foot pedals and gears. Or is it simply telling the tech to go a x amount of mph, or yell out brake? I really don't know where their going with this direction except downhill with this control scheme.
Im not saying they wont pull it off, just saying what other possibilities can be used with this tech not using something held?

Bass_fisherman2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

I wonder how you will stop the car with kinect

how you use the brakes!? seriously? HOW!?

Daz2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Its on rails i think i herd from somewhere, only can steer but we have to wait and see.

2869d ago
RememberThe3572869d ago

What...? Thats kind of lame but kind of cool at the same time. They would have to brake and gas off your reactions in real time, technically, that sounds pretty cool. But gameplay wise it sounds kind of lame.

Vip3r2868d ago

Yeah, next thing will be "Tram Racing for Kinect!".

andron2869d ago

Don't worry, MS proved with Joyride that this will work marvelously...

xAlmostPro2868d ago

why did it get bad scores then? :s

andron2868d ago

It's a joke, based on just that fact...

Obama2869d ago

who is interested in holding an imaginary wheel?

kaveti66162869d ago

It could be used for head tracking.

Close_Second2869d ago

Just like the PS3Eye with GT5. I could certainly see how Kinect could be used for that and work really well.

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