Why we hate the VGAs

GamePro: Less than 10 minutes into the Spike Video Game Awards show and GamePro's feed overloaded with hate-Tweets. Why's it so vogue to bash this particular awards show?

The easy answer is: "The show sucks."

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DasBunker2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

the moment it started i facepalmed.. im glad most of the links got shut down so i didnt have to endure this garbage longer.. all to see the almighty drake :) awesumeeeeee

N4GAddict2870d ago

All the trailers were immediately posted on Gametrailers

ksense2870d ago

Where the HELL was KEVIN BUTLER!!!!! they used his name to make me watch the show. atleast i had it muted until the trailers showed.....

EYEamNUMBER12870d ago

i didn't even know it started

OneSneakyMofo2870d ago

Who cares if the VGAs gave Barbie's Horseback Riding game of the year? Apparently, GamePro missed the Uncharted 3 grand finale. That's the whole reason gamers watch this crapfest of an awards show.

SilentNegotiator2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

"All the trailers were immediately posted on Gametrailers"
Well, right now: "Service Temporarily Unavailable"

Plus, I don't think they posted some of the new COMMERCIAL trailers, like one of Homefront.

The acting is absolutely horrible in the VGAs.
Almost too painful to watch.
Even Dane Cook isn't funny in this.
Now Nick S. is bombing. Sheesh.

DasBunker2870d ago

also wtf happened to the new zombie game reveal? i thought it was del toros game but all they showed was a name and a date that who knows if we'll be alive by then, my unborn kid will probably be able to play it on release.

-Alpha2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Everything was massively overhyped. Barely saw any new PS3 exclusives (was waiting for LA Noire, Agent, Starhawk, etc), UC3's trailer wasn't over 2 minutes, COD winning some of the nominations was a joke, no 360 titles aside from Forza 4, etc. Most of it was just teaser trailers. It's just one terribly driven show and like always it got hyped way too much.

And SMG2 was left out of a GOTY nomination because it's not for the braind-dead "game-bro" audience that Spike supports, what a joke.

Glad to hear about the new Oblivion game, SSX, and Resistance looked pretty good, other then that it was so very overhyped and bogged down by crap nobody cared about

ExplosionSauce2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

It's Geoff Keighley's job to overhype things. And I don't think LA Noire is exclusive. But yeah, I was waiting on other game reveals.

Anyway the jokes were awful.
GT5 wasn't even nominated for Driving Game. But Blur and SplitSecond were.
And COD's Sgt. Generic won Best Game Character?

Trailers weren't half bad, but everything else...

PinkFunk2869d ago

I didn't actually watch the VGAs. But I did watch the trailers afterwards. That Geoff fellow really overhyped the UC3 trailer. Not that it was bad in any way; it was scrumptious and beautiful. But he made it seem like we would see a lot of gameplay tbh. My jaw never hits the floor unless it's unbelievable gameplay.

B-3122869d ago

Mofo is mad a PS3 exclusive didn't got game of the year.

Poor fanboy.

On topic, it started with the dancers and i was like "shit! wrong show" but when i changed the channel i realized i was watching the VGAs...

It was awful.

BeOneWithTheGun2869d ago

Exactly, tigersnake86. Why would anyone watch this in real-time when clips are posted to gametrailers in seconds?

I TIVO my favorite shows and watch them about 38 minutes into the episode so I can just skip all the crap. This isn't 1985. People have access to the internet.

Christopher2869d ago

***Even Dane Cook isn't funny in this. ***

Wait, there's a moment when he is funny?

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LoganX2870d ago

I facepalmed as soon as they started telling those cringe worthy jokes. The only joke I probably chuckled at was when Neil Patrick Harris considered next year's Tiger Woods game as a porn title.

SpartanPrince2870d ago

I only laughed twice. At what you said and when NBA elite was listed "in memoriam" lol

OnTopic: I was honestly waiting for this article to come up. Even though the award show was a waste of time, we dont need articles telling us this

DasBunker2870d ago

yeah the memoriam shit was the only funny part... song was crap tho.

the t woods joke was old and overplayed IMO


I assume I'm just easy to entertain... I liked the jokes, I didn't laughed at all of them but I mostly could appreciate the trying to places joges on context of gaming industry here and there.

What I really didn't like was it's dynamics... Too much I'm famous bullcrap, too much cliche jokes, WAY TOO MUCH ads and almost no game content... Let's be real, the least they could do being an award programm was to make proper videos of all nominate content so we could at least pretent we are surprised when something wins.

They only show/make comments on things that will win one award or another, like they were totally riding on RDR before the game's music and like Ezio appeared way before it was awarded as a virtual guest.

xTruthx2870d ago

They did better than last year tho lol

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2870d ago

Gotta say I got tired of all the sex jokes. And all of the other ones. I just wish they would shut up and play the trailers and announce the winners, but for all their goofin off on stage they couldn't even properly announce the winners for all the categories. And no Neil...we don't believe youre a real gamer. And sorry Olivia Munn but you left the industry. Let's keep it that way.

Christopher2869d ago

She hardly left the industry, she's still a female icon in the gaming community and will remain so until she loses what looks she has. The jobs she's taken pay a lot more and are still targeted at the same audience (like most male gamers over the age of 20 don't watch The Daily Show?).

ExplosionSauce2869d ago

Is she even a real gamer just some pretty face G4 hired a while back?

NewShadow1012870d ago

im actually very disappointed with with microsoft. why would they cancel the gears of war announcement?! it was the only thing they had, im tired of waiting on gears of war 3, i havent seen anything since e3. it was the only reason i was goin to watch the vga's, aside from uncharted and mass effect. microsoft is screwed, not money wise of course but fan base wise. they have nothing! NOTHING! gears is my last hope.

Lord_Doggington2869d ago

too bad, the devs need public recognition for their hard work. they get it in the oscars. they should get it in a medium of entertainment that has nearly matched film: games

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PS3ROCKS2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I saw a commercial for kz3 with new gameplay.

Off topic. The Dr. Pepper commercial made me want some.

Nitrowolf22870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

yup i saw that too

also saw a homefront commercial i never seen

SpartanPrince2870d ago

I was wondering why no one mentioned that. We saw a tank get flipped at Narville, the first "official" MAWLR footage and an environment that almost looked like cooled lava(?). On one hand, this was the first time where i actually saw Sony advertising, as i saw KZ3 and GT5 commercials a lot.

fight4love2870d ago

Alot of commercials for many games were shown

RememberThe3572870d ago

Shit really?! Thats what I get for flipping between this and ESPN 30 for 30...

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Rhezin2870d ago

I thought it was fun, better than watching Indiana jones and the temple of doom for the 2134123452352345 time. Although it IS the temple of doom.........*runs to go watch it again*

andron2870d ago

Shabby show, what little I got to see of it anyway...

mricecreamman2870d ago

wtf already?? man people starting the hate already when the show isn't eve over yet lol?!

Mario182870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

the show is over buddy

rjdofu2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

It's over mate... really disappointed... at least UC3 saves it somehow

LoaMcLoa2869d ago

And resistance 3... and Mass Effect 3... And Elder Scrolls... And...