SSX: Deadly Descents VGA 10: Exclusive Debut Trailer HD

SSX returns more dangerous than ever! Take the descent with the Debut Trailer from the Spike Video Game Awards 2010!

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Sarobi2868d ago

I Just hope it isn't overly realistic and crippled

SuperStrokey11232868d ago

Thats 100% what i was thinking, SSX has always been just insane over the top kind of stuff. Things that are not even supposed to be considered possible... this seems like it might be on a different directiong for the series.

Arup022868d ago

I agree with both of you guys. The game will lose its essence if it goes to the realistic path. But thats just my opinion.

toaster2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Call of SSX: Snowboard Ops.

@ below

That is not over the top. This is over the top. I want to see THIS in current gen graphics.

Ryudo2868d ago

Guy jumps out of combat choppers with a snowboard then turns into a flying fucking Squirrel, and you guys say "I Just hope it isn't overly realistic and crippled"

Come on seriously guys lol....

Immortal3212867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

AND PLEASE HAVE PERSONALITY! I sure hope this game don't fall like other bland multiplats.

my expectation for this game is just as high as killzone3 and other ps3 exclusives.

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Yi-Long2868d ago

... I'm extremely excited we're getting a new SSX, but SSX3 was very fun and arcade-oriented, with nice characters and just a great colourful 'style' to it all, and I really hope this can at least reach that same level of excellence and awesomeness!

I really hope they didn't make the mistake to leave all that stuff out. We just want a fun downhill 'arcade' racer we can quickly pick-up and enjoy.

They should release SSX3 in HD on XBLA/PSN btw.

ChrisW2868d ago

I did like SSX3's characters. But the thing that I loved the most about SSX3 was the environments. Absolutely beautiful! Just imagine this trailer being with sunny and vibrant environments. Then, I bet you guys would love it!

I just hope the next trailer shows us how damn beautiful SSX:DD can be.

As for realistic looking characters... I don't give a rat's arse! Just make them fun like before!!

Immortal3212867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

speak for yourself. I don't want last gen ssx unless its remastered. I want next gen ssx with excellence and awesomeness times 10.

I want the fun gameplay to match its nex gen graphics.

we should remember the past, not hold on to it.(unless its ssx)

DarkFantasy2868d ago

Its Modern Warfare Snowboarding.lmao

IHateYouFanboys2867d ago

can i ask why people are making call of duty comparisons? is it because both call of duty and ssx have people, and people in snowy environments? cause last time i checked, i didnt get to play any snowboarding levels in COD where i do crazy tricks? did you play a different COD to me or something?

the trailer shows the same sort of tricks that were in previous SSX games, and shows a new twist that should be awesome - the gliding suit.

DarkFantasy2867d ago

to me it looks like they went with a modern warfare style to the game,when it was first shown,i was thinking that it was mw3 for the first few seconds,until i seen a snowboard and the guy in the helicopter sounds like some one from call of duty yelling commands at you,don't know why your taking it so seriously.

rayzorn2868d ago

i have been playing these ssx games for a long time now. i actually went to my niece's birthday party today and me and my nephew where playing ssx 3 downstairs half the night.

i would love to get this for when he comes over and we can play it but i would want it to stay true to its roots. just be a fun easy. over the top type of game. it always had enough of a challenge to not feel to childish but not to hard for younger kids also.

looks like they are trying to do a motorstorm entrance droping them outta hellicopters.

Dark-Cloud2868d ago

kinect ?.. xD
are you crazy ?!!! .. you will destroy your house while playing it !!!!! it's lame when someone mention kinect !! kinect fail !!! it's a bad idea and it's almost the same as eye toy !!

ChrisW2868d ago

Er.... Ooookaaaaay....

Move support please!

Esena2868d ago

I am so excited for this game. It brings back memories of SSX when PS2 launched. :)

CoffeewithChess2868d ago

Balance Board support please...but this trailer is pretty lame considering this series hasn't been around in a while.

Way to underwhelm EA.

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