Why the Spike VGAs are a joke

After listening to countless Neil Patrick Harris jokes not landing whatsoever, the Spike Video Game Awards are finally over. It seems that Spike is trying too hard to make the VGAs seem important. In the end, all the Spike VGAs really accomplish is trivializing an industry that is already struggling to be taken seriously as a legitimate medium of entertainment in the eyes of the mainstream media.

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young juice2869d ago

learned my lesson, never had a few jokes make so depressed.

Nitrowolf22869d ago

yeah other then the trailers the show was lame again.

DasBunker2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

aside of 2-3 trailers the show was shittier than last year.. ugh, next year i wont go trough the hassle of finding a link online..

jokes were lame and made gamers look like retards

xinFAMOUSx2869d ago

Why because the games you chose didn't win? Ohh yeah I agree with you that Neil Patrick guy is not funny at all

Xander7562869d ago

No not really, just really disappointed with the show as a whole. We barely got to hear any awards being announced in the first place so I can't even tell if I agree or disagree with who won! I'm very glad Red Dead Redemption won GOTY though.

Masamori Sumimura2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

The show is corny i give them that but we already know most of the lames are crying because a PS3 exclusive dint win. Oh and R.I.P Microsoft they only showed Forza 4 and not even a gameplay video can't get any lamer then that. Oh and that Del Toro Promo wasnt even needed. The game is coming out in 2 years and there was no Real gameplay or even detail about the game. mehhh

NYC_Gamer2869d ago

the show was just corny

Xander7562869d ago

I agree. I always feel disappointed. I heard this year was supposed to be different and more professional but it was far from it.

Shok2869d ago

Seriously, aside from the Resistance trailer, the VGA Awards were garbage.

Yes, Uncharted 3 and Forza 4 had trailers, but we knew those were coming.

And Red Dead GOTY? Come'on..........

young juice2869d ago

you and black gone do a vid?

Otheros002869d ago

Worst of all no super secret game announcement.

jeeves862869d ago

I have to agree. Having spent 2 hours trying to blog them to a site, I found it pretty awful that they didn't at least show the awards. Hammering out everything just before a commercial break was pretty damned lame.

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