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Croash3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Well that was unexpected!

The Forza franchise is growing quickly O_o
I hope they will make it an interesting sequel.

Oh I see people disagreeing, well I don't have an Xbox anyway, I don't know about the evolution of Forza (milking or not), but I wasn't expecting a Forza 4 announcement tonight, even though they talked of Kinect Forza at E3.

All Turn 10 has to do is to not develop it too quickly.

@kaveti, well I do hope they will make a great game, they must not disappoint racing fans on Xbox.
I guess only time will tell.

kaveti66163497d ago

A little too quickly.

I don't want to be the guy to say this, because generally the people to say it are annoying fanboys, but I would have hoped that Microsoft would have held off on another Forza game until the next generation.

Forza 3 is on 2 discs and the game engine already, according to Turn 10, uses the full strength of the console.

I would have hoped that Forza 4 would be on the next Xbox because Turn 10 has already put itself in the position of competing with the GT franchise and so far GT5 improves on all the simulation aspects that Forza 3 had in place. If Turn 10 wish to raise the bar, they shouldn't be making Forza 4 for the 360.

But, that being said, I am confident it will be a great game, just not leaps and bounds better than its predecessor.

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Microsoft_Spokesman3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

This will reck GT5 interms of metacritic score.

@replies: I'm not saying I agree with it :\!

justinb13497d ago

and GT5 will wreck it in terms of sales and driving enthusiast's preference. So what?

Wakka_3497d ago

Weird, I thought sales didn't matter?

justinb13497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Weird, I thought review scores didn't matter?
boom, neither matter as long as you like it =)
(hence driving enthusiast's preferences being with GT5)

ksense3497d ago

but xbots like sales so we bring it up just to show that we have games that can beat ur games in sales too rather than quality alone

UP3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I cant tell if you are trolling for the 360 or against it because of your avatar.

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