Portal 2 - VGA 10: Exclusive Aperture Friends Trailer

GT - "Aperture Science is alive and booming! See what's new with GLaD0S and friends in this trailer from the Spike Video Game Awards 2010!"

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Arup023778d ago

I just disagree with one thing: They said this was the most anticipated game of the year. I don't think so.

NecrumSlavery3778d ago

It was the best of what they had on the list.

inFAMOUS 2 was my pick, until Uncharted 3 had to fucking show up and make me cream my pants

kaveti66163778d ago

yeah, but they made that list. It's a poorly made list, in my opinion. I think more people are anticipating Elder Scrolls 5 now than Portal 2.

Bass_fisherman3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Let me mention that Deus Ex human Revolution ,Duke Nukem Forever ,Crysis 2 , Twisted Metal and Last Guardian are very anticipated titles as well

2011 is full of awesome and many poor gamers as well lol

Ducky3778d ago

Depends which demographic you ask.

To some, the original game was pure gold, and a sequel is anticipated.

xAlmostPro3777d ago

game looks awesome xD

fun anyways, and does the blue robot/orange robot represent the multi-player aspect?

im sure they mentioned cross platform gaming for the ps3/pc right?

Shani3778d ago

I can't wait for this game.. going to be amazing..
it was nice trailer.. hope it will have split-screen..

Rich16313778d ago

Dying for this game but what a weak trailer...

Deleting3778d ago

I'm not trying to be selfish or ungrateful but when I watched this I was like "Is this it"

I was expecting some twists and turns in this trailer with GLaDOS and more humorous dialogue

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