Assorted Videos from Our LIVE Coverage the Spike Video Game Awards 2010 writes: "Well, the Spike Video Game Awards are now ongoing and BioWare has won Studio of the Year. I am chilling in the press lounge while they sort out some technical difficulties and am compiling this assortment of our videos taken earlier today from the red carpet..."

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JelalTrueshot2870d ago

Nice, watched the whole stream. Felicia Day is pretty darn hot! And the guy who plays Thor is super-tall.

Shackdaddy8362870d ago

Why did they hype up that Thor game at the VGAs? It looked like utter crap.

JelalTrueshot2869d ago

Agreed - I am not sure what they are thinking with that one. Video games based on movies generally are not well-done and, even from the looks of this one in the trailer, this one doesn't seem to be any different.

SnukaTheMan2870d ago

last years uncharted 2 with him in the hanging train was much more immpressive.

swat2870d ago

Mass Effect 3 GOTY 2011 Confirm

claterz2870d ago

Anyone know where I can watch the whole thing? I could only watched the first 20 minutes last night because my connection sucks!


and me please, cant find it anywhere