VGA 10: Exclusive Kratos Reveal Trailer

GT - "The legendary God of War himself has a bone to pick with the contestants of the legendary fighting tournament! See Kratos' Mortal Kombat Debut in the trailer from the Spike Video Game Awards 20101!"

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TheBlackSmoke2872d ago

PS3 version superior confirmed

WhittO2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

He said PS3 exclusive lol.

Also, Kratos FTW!

NecrumSlavery2872d ago

Kratos yoinked Scorpz

I can't wait to see the GOW level and all the moves. I wonder if the finishing Moves will be QTEs?

UltraNova2871d ago

I jizzled ma pants, 3 times!

HxCGamer2872d ago

kratos is godly

jellybalboa2871d ago

i got goosebumps, a sudden rush of adrenalin and then my whole body tensed up but i did not JIZZ my pants like the rest of you premature ejaculators. stop jizzing your pants man, go see a doctor.

davekaos2872d ago

did you see how epic that was! scorpian just about to finsh sub zero then WTF Kratos comes in and scorpian is like WTF.

Yes day 1 confirmed

davekaos2872d ago

Kratos, The new god of mortal war kombat

Darrius Cole2872d ago


Kratos would WTFPWN, everybody in the Mortal Kombat universe.

FinalSpartan2871d ago

lol scorpion saying " get over here " to KRATOS?! HAHA

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Skadoosh2872d ago

Kratos makes a perfect fit in the Mortal Kombat universe. I would expect the 360 would have their own exclusive character also. I wonder who it would be.

TheBlackSmoke2872d ago

Maybe a Locust from gears...

TheGreatIndonesia2872d ago

it's either banjo or an animal from viva pinata...

TheGreatIndonesia2872d ago

yea that would fit well also... or maybe a car from forza, they can make a bonus stage just like in street fighter where you pummeling a car. forza 'realistic' damage will surely help.

Xusuyzus2871d ago

Aaron Greenberg ,.. His fatality would be Red ring of death,..

Boody-Bandit2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )


mrbillybadass2871d ago

If anyone it should be Skorge...only character that would remotely fit.

commander2871d ago

Its the Burger King guy from Sneak King

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SSKILLZ2872d ago

LOL kratos that badass took his kill !!1 LMAO

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The story is too old to be commented.