EA reveals mixed numbers for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Fresh off the NPD Group's November 2010 report, EA has made public its sales results for arcade racing title Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

EA's critically acclaimed Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit sold 417,000 units in the U.S. during November 2010. HULIQ puts the number in context--though Hot Pursuit outsold Gran Turismo 5 in November, things look less promising for the title come next month.

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marioPSUC2868d ago

Its really sad that this game isnt selling as well as it should be, my guess is not too many people know about all the changes to the game, many are seeing the name NFS and thinking back to the past like 5 games and remembering that they were all pretty bad

Shani2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

It is good game indeed. It just needed split-screen to make me buy it.
I had it preordered, but no split-screen means no buy for me. atleast for racing game like NFS. That is my reason... don't know what others are thinking.

LastDance2868d ago

I was ready to purchase it day one until I found out there was no split screen.

Ridiculous design choice.

especially for a game like that.

Pure laziness.

ColdWinter2868d ago

i really enjoyed nfs most wanted and my brother really enjoyed need for speed shift(the only problem with that game is that there was no drag racing but i guess it was pointless since the bugatti would always win and it felt like it had less cars and tracks than what was advertised.)

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Arup022868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Really great game. It's much like the old titles of the franchise, like the old Hot Pursuit or High Stakes. It's so nostalgic! And the Autolog is a gread addiction to the series.

jack_burt0n2868d ago

a million odd worldwide is fine no need to worry about its sales.

it will have legs on ps3 as it gets cheaper and people stop playing gt5 so much, criterion has a pretty loyal fanbase.

Abriael2868d ago

If they counted on people stopping playing GT5, then they did a rather bad move considering that the longevity of GT5 is pretty damn humongous, and PD counts to update it costantly.

ChronoJoe2868d ago

I got this, and GT5. (and Sly Cooper, Prince of Persia, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom and Splatterhouse) just recently.

I barely play NFS. It doesn't suck, it just feels kind of... soulless... lacks character... it's okay... I guess. I mean you get a good sensation of speed and everything looks great. But it's all incredibly scripted, even the AI is banded (still very easy though). The cars feel... meh, some of them feel okay to drive but others feel unresponsive and a chore, since at worse they're high end sports cars... that surely shoudln't be the case.

The map design and interface kinda sucks too. I mean it's just a map then you hit press X on the events on it... a Dirt 2 type presentation would have been much better. The courses themselves are generally lifeless, road after road, the only changes are enviromental. The roads are almost always the same, constantly. As are the shortcuts. Shortcuts are almost always viable, or inviable, never a strategic decision dependant on the vehcile you're using. They also aren't interesting, no air time, always just trunddling across a dirt surface rather than the road...

Not that it's a real bad game. It just lacks content, isn't presented brilliantly, and it's gameplay lacks depth. It's fun in short bursts... just my opinion mind you,.

Arup022868d ago

But that is what the game try to pass. Pick an exotic car, and go on the highway causing havoc! I dont know if you played the old NFS titles, but they were almost like this. I think what the makers of the game tried to do is bring back what the NFS series used to be. But nowadays when we talk about NFS the first thing that comes to our mind is tuned cars,night races and lots of neon.

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