Madame Tussauds Officially Unveils Master Chief Figure

Kotaku: It seems we finally have the full story on the Master Chief wax figure that was revealed today in an event at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas. The official post-unveiling press release states that the figure was introduced by Fall Out Boy's Pete "I'll kiss anybody" Wentz in a ceremony held this afternoon. Pete had a somewhat wooden, obviously PR department written speech for the occasion: For me, the launch of Halo 3 will be the entertainment event of the year. It will be as big as or bigger than any of the summer's movie blockbusters," said Wentz. "Master Chief is as much of a hero today as characters like Spiderman, Frodo and Luke Skywalker were for previous generations.

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Supa4059d ago

Hahaha who the heck chooses Frodo as his/her hero, I'd really like to know! :-P

ShiftyLookingCow4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

I know that larry/stella/nasim's hero is Gollum

i Shank u4059d ago

dahhhhahaha that pic has my side bustin man, funny shi'ite

darkequitus4059d ago

Wow what an an exclusive. I knew Nasim/Larry007/Stella was ugly but...I wanted to see what it looked like more that what under Master C's helmet.

wow. Kudos to you.

Norad64059d ago

So the MC is now part of world history in a wax museum. So where is snake's statue guys??? HA!

jackdoe4059d ago

Snake has a couple statues made of him. If you read PSM, you'd see pics of them. Anyway, this Halo 3 marketing push is overkill. Fastfood, soda, wax statues? C'mon Microsoft, people are gonna buy the game. You don't need to spend so much cash.

Bnet3434059d ago

That's not the point, they want Halo to be renowned, like Mario, and Microsoft has the money to do so.

jackdoe4059d ago

Lol. Don't think he'll quite reach that status outside of the US. But, imagine a whole run of Halo spinoffs including Halo Warthog Racing, Master Chief sports game, and a Cortana platforming game. That would be pretty Mario like.

level 3604059d ago

What I really want to know is what does master chief look like w/out the helmet?
Will the wax be made w/ a face inside it?!
Is it going to be a mystery or will they show glimpses' of master chief's feature in the near future.

DeckUKold4059d ago

how sickly microsoft use this guy they advertise him way to much Halo was just a regular FPS with an ok story saw plenty of better xbox games

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