Unfriendly Competition in Forza 2

Gamespy's Jonti Davies:

"The best people to play against/with on Xbox Live are Japanese people: this is the conclusion I've drawn from many weeks of Forza 2 experience. Want to know why? Read on.

I started my online racing career in Forza 2 by competing with people who share my mother tongue -- English. However, as I have a slightly Japanese-sounding Gamertag and can't always be bothered to use a headset, it wasn't long before the abuse began. "That ****in' kamikaze ****!" was one of the least imaginative utterances of racist abuse aimed in my direction, and I didn't bother to reply and explain that I'm British. I also didn't bother responding to "That Jap ****er's gonna get ****in' bombed!"

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Fighter4062d ago

I read another story on this site about the racism in Xbox's Halo 2 online where UFC champion Quentin 'Rampage' Jackson got so tired of racists comments that he stopped playing the game forever.

This is not something that applies only to the Xbox and Xbox 360 online games. I hear racist comments all the time on PS3's Warhawk even though it's not directed to any player but more of a shout of anger by someone who just got killed.

People need to grow up and start living in the 21st Century.

Premonition4062d ago

Its a sad world, I blame it on parents or whoever brought them up like this, Gaming is suppose to take you away from your problems not follow you, but some people just dont understand. I guess offline gaming is where its most peaceful.

Hell_D3mon4062d ago

is possibly the least user-friendly gaming community available.

LeShin4062d ago

Completely agree with you man.

Bnet3434061d ago

Because we all know you'll never find a stupid ass anywhere but Xbox Live.

Hell_D3mon4062d ago

didn't mean to reply to your comment btw

mishmosh4062d ago

Yeah, it is pretty bad at times. I can tolerate the expletives but the racist comments are just unacceptable. I recently changed my asian sound ing gamertag because I was receiving racial slurs thrown at me. I've even received negative gamer reviews for no apparent reason.

benny o klaatt4062d ago

my old gamertag used to be japanz3ro (long story) and i used to get a lot of abuse because of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.