Top Twenty Five Best Selling Video Games

Website Gunslot, besides being a site where you can talk about and look at lots of pictures of guns, apparently has at least a passing interest in video games seeing as they have put together a list of the top twenty five best selling games of all time.

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cloud3604059d ago

This list is from wikipedia....

And is huegly inaccurate. the list for ps2 games and 1 didnt even get upadted properly

AN how does pokemon red blue a green an yellow count as wan game.. FFVII is 10 best selling game ever... and FFX is 20th

Super Mario bros 3 should be n01

and shutty wikipedia also include all the expansion packs that come with the Sims so it was on VG charts no1 pc for 60+weeks or so

Rute4058d ago

the greatest - I wouldn't say "PS2 rules", as it only covers 4 games out of 25.

cloud360 - Pokemon Yellow is counted as a different game compared to blue/red/green. It's on the bottom of the list and sold 8 million copies. Blue/red/green are counted as one game, because they have the exact same plot and fights. The only thing that makes them different is that the few pokemons you are unable to catch in one version aren't the same as in the other versions.

With lots of family friendly Nintendo games on the list (17 out of 25), including new casual games like Nintendogs and Brain Age, everyone should now open their eyes and see that casual gamers do buy lots of software. I was a bit disappointed though as some famous bundled games weren't included on the list. Super Mario Bros, which has sold over 60 million copies, is one example of the type of game that made it's home console a must buy, a bit like Wii Sports these days.

Covenant4059d ago

Curiously, the GTA numbers don't include the Xbox versions, whose sales were substantial, as well.

All the titles on this list seem to be based on single-platform numbers; else, wouldn't the sales totals for console versions of the Sims be included in the overall amount?

I wouldn't consider this list to be definitive.

tony4059d ago

very good point! wow, its unbelievable how many games nintendo had sold throughout the years.

The Panther4059d ago

errr...... there are 9 million active subscribers so theres is bound to be more than that many copies sold. And what about the wow expansions wouldnt that be another 9 or so million. If you think about it wow sells 9 million copies per month.

sandip7874059d ago

well i guess the pokemons do count as one game, i mean it is basically the same game with a few different pokemon. everything else is the same. and i dont know (m)any people who bought every colour in the series ie buying red, blue, AND green
i find it funny how people buy crap like brain training (crap in my opinion anyway) and miss the real gems like okami and shadow of the colossus. it really does my head in

4059d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.