Hello Games: Inaccurate motion control "reduces interactivity" and is "harmful"

Nintendo Universe writes:

Poor implementation of motion controls can be detrimental to providing players with interactive experiences according to comments made by Sean Murray, Managing Director for Hello Games.

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darthv723500d ago

those that play dance central (or just dance on the wii) care more about having a good time rather than be accurate.

ChickeyCantor3500d ago

And here i think the foundation of the darkside is just crazy stuff...but your words are wise.
( spoiler: in the end when you die you become good ;D)

Dylantalon13500d ago

so i guess kinect is harmful

sashimi3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Kinect has been harmful since it was released

ChickeyCantor3500d ago

"but there’s a danger of making games too casual and removing interactivity"

Sorry but anyone in the game bizz saying this is a total retard.
Making a game "casual" doesn't mean you take away interactivity.
He is basically saying: "hardcore games can have complex control schemes". But that doesn't mean you shouldn't find a more intuitive way.