Xbox 360 sales triple in UK

The recent price cut and introduction of the Elite caused Xbox 360 sales to triple in UK, reports Chart Track - but we've no idea how many were sold.

The buying frenzy went down on the week of the 360 price cut, which saw the Premium drop from £280 to £250 and the Core slashed 20 quid to £180 - the same price as a Wii. The Elite is currently retailing for a rather handsome £299.99 - a good hundred quid cheaper (thought minus Blu-ray) than a PS3.

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power of Green 4111d ago

I noticed ther has been an explosion of people from the UK online on XBL lots of chicks too, even noticing issues due to the new traffic I wonder if Halo 3 and what I mention above has something to do with Mondays update.

nasim4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

BTW this has been debunked already as FALSE.

x360 used to sell 2k hardwares per week in UK .that jumped to 6k but only for a week.

x360 is nowhere among the top charts of any gaming stores in UK

ps3 s at no 20 ...x360 is nowhere in sight

ps3 is above x360

ps3 selling better than x360

ps3 selling better than x360

just 25 x360s were sold in the last 2 weeks

@tons of fun

u dont need to ask all retailers about x360 in UK

some retailers like Marks and SPencers and Virgin dont even keep x360s in stock because of high faliure rates.

It is certified everywhere that x360 is the least selling console in EU alongside JAPAN

ps3 sells 15000 consoles per week in UK

x360 used to sell 2000 console . Now that has increased to 5000

but still ps3 beats x360 3:1

ps3 sales have also increased 65% after the launches of STARTER PACKS

tonsoffun4111d ago

God you are an idiot - have you asked EVERY retailer in the EU for pre-orders?

I know for a fact that the local import store I use has about 30 preorders - only two for the legendary (I'm second) but they are getting very litle legendaries in, so who knows if I'll get one.

So your comment is speculative bullcrap.

i Shank u4111d ago

halo has one preorder in japan, b1tch. whose got it?


darkequitus4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

If there are no Pre-orders of Halo 3, Why can you no longer order th lengendary edition for love nor money. O had to put min on order last year to mke sure.
Your propoganda is pathetic.

you make statments with no facts. Any in london can walk into Virgin in Tottenham Court Road and debunk you tripe. What have you got to say about that? Oh you can't responed can you. Maybe if you log in as Larry007 or Stella.

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Meus Renaissance4111d ago

This has been reported a few times now. The 260% sales rate increase after the price drop. I'm sure some of those approving this have seen this story before; so why are we approving this for atleast the 2nd time?

Beats me.

power of Green 4111d ago

I never approved this source before. How is different from Xbox getting its ass kicked in Japan posts?.

Meus Renaissance4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

The post about Japan was a general comment regarding Microsoft and Asian developers. Do you see me creating an article about low sales figures in Asia?

However, this story was submitted several times over the past week and failed a few times because there was already the exact same story up.

Do you now see why I'm puzzled as to why people are approving this again? I couldn't care either way but I felt the need to explain myself.

*Starts to write an article: Microsoft launches their next-gen machine, the Xbox 360 that will come in two models initially. Launch titles include..*

Spike474111d ago

i want to see the numbers

Mr PS34111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

Instead of the 2 idiots who owned an xbox now there are 6 idiots hope it dont catch on

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