PSN!: Is EA Sports confirming SSX in a tweet to Geoff Keighley?

EA Sports has just sent a twitter message to Geoff Keighley some hours before the VGA's event.

It seems that we will see more than desert today.

Maybe snow?

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TheBossMan2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Blasphemy! Me as Psymon racing my brother as Moby down the entire mountain in SSX3 is one of my fondest gaming memories ever. I had cinder-block feet for god's sake! Cinder-block feet I tell you!

spunnups2872d ago

Tony Hawk and the SSX series a few years back dominated my PS1/PS2 when my friends came over. They are that good. Tony Hawk 2 and SSX Tricky in particular. (1080 Snowboarding on the N64 was pretty good too.)

user8586212872d ago

hmm I was thinking about gettin shaun white snowboarding, myt just wait for this now :)

spunnups2872d ago

As a owner of Shawn White Snowboarding, I'd recommend you RENT it at most. It's not that good.

sparesoul2872d ago

Journalism, I know it's tricky. Dessert, it is spelled dessert.

calitax2872d ago

desert: 1. arid or dry land; 2. to abandon
dessert: the last course of a meal


I would like two desserts, but one desert
is enough!

Arup022872d ago

That's great! I was waiting for another SSX game since SSX on tour.

2872d ago
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