Deus Ex: Human Revolution Producer Says "No" To Kinect

Gaming Blend "A small bit of evidence was available at the very end of the director’s cut trailer which had us here at Gaming Blend questioning its veracity despite the game’s producer telling CVG earlier this year that Kinect, Move and 3D would not be implemented in time for release but possibly later via a patch. Well, David Anfossi has reassured gamers with a very adamant answer about whether or not Deus Ex: Human Revolution would be using Kinect"

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ComboBreaker2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Above the influence.
Say no to Kinect.

sdtarm2957d ago

Wonder whats Wrong with Kinect *Rolls Eyes*

2957d ago
NecrumSlavery2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Well I am all for innovation. But I say "no" as well.

Also Microsoft is big about making things mandatory for games(ie achievements, duel account sign in, etc), so why aren't they enforcing this feature?

MS doesn't care about core gaming on Kinect, it's about the Wii crowd and the Wii money.

REACH said "No"
Fable 3 said "No"
Gears 3 said "No"

If internal devs at MS say "no", why the hell would anyone want to say yes?

Oh except for RARE, but they became a joke the day Nintendo dumped their asses on MS's door steps.

visualb2957d ago

as a deus ex fan. I say


don't get distracted by gimmicks. just focus on a great core experience.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2957d ago

Never played it but this one looks good.

visualb2957d ago

man just get the original, you can get it for 7 bucks and it runs on anything. It hasn't aged too well graphically but the gameplay will be unique. I still play it today =) and im a major PS3 gamer (KZ2, uncharted 2, GOWIII graphics galore) but I still get hooked on this game

HR has a chance of being one of the best games of this generation, or a total flop.

whats funny is a lot of whats been shown for HR is similar to missions in the original deus ex =P like the warehouse level and the pent house, very similar, but good =)

cb4g2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

No need for gimmicky motion controls, I just want a true Deus Ex successor.

Christopher2957d ago

Not really sad news at all. They're focusing on making a quality product for all players without hindering any part to give one console some slight ability to use a device that the majority of buyers won't own.

This is exactly what you want third-party developers to do, focus on the majority rather than wasting time on something that most people won't be able to experience. Right now, it's second and third-party titles that should put the focus on using Kinect to a point that it grows the user base and third-parties won't have any reason to not program for it.

cyguration2957d ago

If third-party devs never bother with PS Move or Kinect wouldn't that mean we would be left with first-party motion-based games?

Personally, I don't like the whole motion thing but it is the way forward...especially finding useful, core-centric roles for the devices since they're here to stay. And I would prefer if third-party devs made use of the devices in core games rather than switching to making casual games in order to appease to the casual gamers who buy the motion devices.

We don't need the PS3 and Xbox 360 turning into another Wii.

Christopher2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

***If third-party devs never bother with PS Move or Kinect wouldn't that mean we would be left with first-party motion-based games? ***

I didn't say third-parties wouldn't bother with, I said they wouldn't spend that time on an IP that is already expensive to make and is being put on multiple platforms as it is. They'll experiment with Kinect with less costly or games built specifically for Kinect.

Until either market, Kinect and Move, reaches an audience level that it becomes a key marketing factor of games to support them, it's not really beneficial for them to spend the money investing in them for multi-platform games from a business standpoint.

This has nothing to do with who is better or who will win, it's just that these things play out in the long run, not the short run.

MariaHelFutura2957d ago

I didn`t think they would actually go thru w/ it. Hacking would have been cool, but you would have to put down your controller which would just be wierd.

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cyguration2957d ago

Aren't these devs always doing this though? Saying one thing won't be in the game or a game won't be coming to a system (i.e., Bioware said Mass Effect 2 wouldn't be on the PS3, Rockstar stated that the DLC was Xbox 360 exclusive for GTA IV, etc., etc)

If the rumor broke before it was supposed to be announced wouldn't they deny it to their grave?

Still, too bad it won't be using Kinect.

Ninver2957d ago

I'm glad. Sorry to say but kinnect with hardcore games is taking two steps backwards. Nothing will equal playing with a controller.

bikar2957d ago

why would someone use kinect for FPS ?
there is no logic

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