If you’re not amped for Uncharted 3′s trailer tonight, don’t worry…there’s something BIGGER!

From Paul Gale Network: "If you’re not looking forward to Uncharted 3′s new trailer (and shame on you for not), then have no fear because the show tonight is still worth watching for non PlayStation 3 owners as well."

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TekkenSmithMachine2870d ago

Might we hear something of Tekken X Street Fighter!!!???

Best2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

It's gonna be a Halo 4 announcement, at least thats what we hope.

ExplosionSauce2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )


There is going to be a new PGR. Not sure when though.
But to me it's really not bigger than UC3, imo.

What if it is "DEIMOS: The Game". Featuring all new gameplay mechanics, etc etc.
Sorry, I jut thought this guy needed his own game :P

[OT] Saying that there's something bigger(in caps) than Uncharted 3 for non-PS3 owners, is totally asking for trouble xD Just saying.
What's bigger is up to each gamer.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2870d ago

Resistance 3 gameplay would be the highlight of my night. That and infamous 2 gameplay. And some Killzone 3 gameplay from a different level. Might as well throw some Ace combat gameplay in there too. Little bit of Sorcery and MK9 for good measure. Motorstorm Apocalypse wouldn't be too much to ask for. Neil Patrick Harris not lying about loving video games for the sake of publicity would be the big shocker though.


are not allowed on n4g ...smh

ShinMaster2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Relax, no one here reprimanded you for saying something positive about 360. Don't be so sensitive.
This site is run primarily by 360 people anyways and positive comments about PS3 aren't allowed.

....Oh wait, I think I just did the same, lol.

InfectedDK2870d ago

@Best - I hope your being sarcastic!

Anyway what the hell could be bigger than Uncharted 3? lol. I think that's how you look at it. I can't see how anything could be bigger atm.

ShinMaster2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Especially since Bungie isn't behind it.
This could be like a new Crash Bandicoot game without Naughty Dog. Let's hope that works out.

ShinMaster2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I remember in the article about Forza 3 Ultimate, when several 360 fans themselves didn't agree with that move from Microsoft. They ALL got marked for "trolling".
Yet a lot of real trolls in GT5 articles survived.

2870d ago
ProjectVulcan2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

If you’re not amped for Uncharted 3′s trailer tonight....WHY NOT?

Its probably Resident evil 6 though. Whether that is bigger is debatable.

Also Microsoft were only just looking for a developer for the next PGR so unless they knock it out quick it isnt all that likely to appear next year

TheLastGuardian2870d ago

Naughty Dog split up into 2 dev teams and the older members are making a Crash Bandicoot reboot on PS3. They bought the rights back and they're going to show a trailer tonight at the VGAs.

SpinalRemains1382870d ago

How on Earth could you get 40 disagrees for wanting a racing game on 360? This place is officially the worst.

mikeslemonade2870d ago

Well Uncharted 3 is still the best game. The only way a game will steal the show is if it totally comes out of the blue. The suprise factor will steal it but the year Uncharted 3 comes out it's gonna dominate every game that goes up against it.

Blitzed2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I know what you mean. In one of the GT5 threads I said the amount of trolls in there was ridiculous and referred to them as idiots. I lost 2 bubbles and was banned.

Some of the mods are hardcore 360 fanboys from back in the day and during the launch of GT5 they went beserk.

Odion once wrote that it takes "A LOT of votes to bubble down". Funny how mentioning how much the 'idiots' were trolling GT5 lost me 2 bubbles and earned me a ban. I bet people were up in arms voting all night to bubble that comment down, yet I had something like 9 agrees and a few disagrees. The majority of those trolling comments on GT5 remained.

Mention anything bad about Kinect and you will incure their wrath.

Watch how quickly this comment is marked and I lose another bubble (oh what will I do?!). See you in 24 to 48 hrs.

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morganfell2870d ago

There is something big coming. Sony is announcing it tomorrow rather than at the VGAs.

Boody-Bandit2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Price drop?
*crosses fingers*
I want to pick up a couple more but I am waiting on a drop first. I just know as soon as I go out and pay full retail they will drop in price.

They already have a ton of games I am getting for the next year plus. All I need is for them to drop the price so I can stock up.

Paradicia2870d ago

"If you’re not looking forward to Uncharted 3′s new trailer (and shame on you for not), then have no fear because the show tonight is still worth watching for non PlayStation 3 owners as well"

To everyone below that hasn't read the header or even the article, I'm going to reiterate what was said in the first sentence "the show tonight is still worth watching for non PlayStation 3 owners as well"

nuff' said.

NecrumSlavery2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

So it's a Multiplat or a Kinect game?

oh and "...there's something BIGGER!" is only flamebait...

They could of said there is something big for the 360 or Wii or PC gamers too but they said non-PS3 gamers, which leaves me to believe it's a multiplatform game. Since it isn't specified. I'll guess it's probably from Valve. Mass 3 seems early since they have spent this entire year doing DLC and the PS3 version. But they may release a teaser. I would hope to think "BIGGER" means a nice big gameplay trailer for an unannounced title or big sequel to something not created within the last two years. And everything else is announced, so I really don't know what it is.

visualb2870d ago

could be wii as well...or even PC? say...BF3?

Boody-Bandit2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

It's just as I thought. It's going to be the next killer app for the 360.

Kinectimals 2: Skittles Revenge is going to be announced tonight! The story line is Skittles goes postal because little Suzie has thrown down the jump rope and moved on to some Black Ops. That and she forgot to leave a bowl of milk for Skittles to hold him over until she as done playing a real game.

Skittles is now packing and out looking for revenge! You know it will sell huge now that Skittles is armed. ;)

multipayer2870d ago

Replace skittlez with the panther king in a prequel to conker's bad fur day and I'm sold.

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4221852870d ago

Elder Scrolls 5 please!!!

MAJ0R2870d ago

really hoping because there has already been rumors about it

DOMination2870d ago

It's featured in the uk psm3 mag which came out today along with drakes deception

dkgshiz2870d ago

Have an epileptic seizure if thats true.

Kurisu2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

What time is this on for the UK? And where can I watch it?!


Thanks very much, theEx1Le! I might stay up...but I am so tired and have work at 10am, so I may just have to check the news in a couple days time!

theEx1Le2870d ago

its around 1 am it starts i think just choose spike tv to watch. credits to Prcko for link :D

MariaHelFutura2870d ago

Bushido Blade. For the love of the universe, please.

FinalSpartan2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

All I know if Halo 4 is announcned.....Holy!

Yes can't wait for Uncharted 3! Its going to be epic!

Highly unlikely though. But lets just imagine Halo 4 is announcned...this would be the end of the consoles wars.

Nothing will be as megaton of the return of Master Chief..

either Halo 4 or GTA5 or MGS5 or Half Life Episode 3 these will absolutely destroy VGA. And own it.

TKCMuzzer2870d ago

No offence. How is Halo 4 a surprise, everyone knows MS is milking the license to death, I doubt any gamer would be surprised if Halo 4 was not being made. Maybe, just maybe you can use Kinect and master chief will be on rails and to kill enemies you could do some dance moves. This would kill two birds with one stone for MS.

FinalSpartan2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Hmm milking?

Halo 2
Halo 3
Halo 3 ODST ( Expansion )
Halo Reach
Halo Wars ( RTS Spin Off )

how is that milking? Successful and megaton francises have plenty of sequels and spin off? All though Halo 4 not happening if IT DID THAT WOULD BE HUGE SUPRISE THIS WILL make the world stand still lol

Milking hey..let me see

Gran Turismo 1997/1998 PlayStation
Gran Turismo 2 1999/2000 PlayStation
Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec 2001 PlayStation 2
Gran Turismo 4 2005 PlayStation 2
Gran Turismo (PSP) 2009 PlayStation Portable
Gran Turismo 5 2010 PlayStation 3

Gran Turismo Concept: 2001 Tokyo 2002 PlayStation 2
Gran Turismo Concept: 2002 Tokyo-Seoul 2002 PlayStation 2
Gran Turismo Concept: 2002 Tokyo-Geneva 2002 PlayStation 2
Gran Turismo 4 Prologue 2003/2004
Gran Turismo 4 Online (test version) 2006 PlayStation 2
Gran Turismo HD 2006 PlayStation 3 Unknown
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
Gran Turismo 5
Gran Turismo 2000
Gran Turismo Academy Time Trial Demo

hmm do i say they milking it? no. GT is successful thats why this many games. Halo is successful so they will make more Halo games.

please leave stealth troll attacks out the door and remain on discussion about this so called huge suprise at VGA.

Uncharted 3 going to be amazing. I DOUBT anything will be bigger then this.

but if there was

Halo 4
Elders Scroll 5

will be the prime candidates.

Greek God2870d ago

i destroy every SF Chara with Lars

King-Leonidas2870d ago

lol sorry but nothing is bigger than U3 right now...

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halojane92870d ago

Please show us the next Halo game or a remake of the original. That's all that I could want but I'll try not to get my hopes up. Heh for once I'm actually looking forward to this thing.

Cartesian3D2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

holy batman's mom.. is it even possible !! Uncharted 2 was like a PERFECTION in its genre!

and you say there's sth bigger ?!! o_O FFVII ? which IP can be bigger than the ultimate GOTY one.

Rage_S902870d ago

if they ever announce that i swear to you i will cry....

kissmeimgreek2870d ago

All this is just for everyone dissapointed by no gears at the VGAs. They dont want non ps3 fans to be dissapointed by no announced exclusives for them.

I think we will definitely see some new announcements for the 360. Frankly if we do, theyd actually be exclusive announcements. I think it was kinda dumb for sony to already have announced their biggest hitter, Uncharted. That would have been a sweet surprise for tonight.

Buffniceguy2870d ago

Does it matter? Also Sony has ALOT of heavy hitters we all knew Uncharted 3 was being made it was smart to get it out of the way Are you really Greek? my nationality is greek Ti kanis :)

oldjadedgamer2870d ago

I don't think MS has anything to announce. Besides 343, Turn 10, and Lionhead, all of their other studies are developing for Kinect.

Unless a new 3rd party study has decided on working exclusively with MS (which is unlikely in this day and age), a new kinect game is the only probable thing that could be announced.

Well, I guess they could announce time-exclusive DLC for 3rd party games.

Rage_S902870d ago

valve would probably announce that at the e3 vga and valve dont mix......or do they O_o

Shanks2870d ago

Something bigger than Uncharted 3? I somehow doubt that lol.

OldSchoolGamer32870d ago

Well damn me if it's possible! Then again some things are a matter of opinion. Like what if it's a Zelda: Skyward Sword update and the person is looking forward to it more?

ngecenk2870d ago

God of War fighting game. Kratos vs Hercules!

now that my friend... is a badass game!

Goeres2870d ago

Meh, Kratos already killed Hercules.