53 PS3 Games & Accessories on Sale - Save 20% or More

"The list of 50+ PS3 games and accessories is separated alphabetically, and each accessory or game is linked directly to its own page.", says CoffeewithGames.

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respawnaction2868d ago

Controllers FTW, and also Borderlands: GOTY is a great price.

CoffeewithChess2868d ago

Yea, the controllers are a good way to save money, and Borderlands is just one of the many games on the list I'm interested in.

Thanks for the feedback!

MultiConsoleGamer2868d ago

Someone really did a lot of work on this article. Great job.

swtfu22867d ago

SWTFU for less than $20 is a great buy, especially if you haven't played it, and don't want to pay $60 for SWTFU2.