Best 12 game creators for all-time

games are great but the guys behind it are greater and we have to thank them all not just these guys in the list THEM ALL

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That list is Great but it was missing some great new creators like Little big planet and naughty dog... you know the guys behind uncharted, jax and dexter, and crash...

gamizing2869d ago

you are right uncharted is really great but u said it the guys behind it not the guy

deadreckoning6662869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

I think Cory Barlog should be there. He took God of War 1 and LITERALLY raised it to like the 10th power. Jaffe himself admits that he made poor level design choices in GOW1. Yu Suzuki should be on that list as well IMO.

Quagmire2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

WTF? No mention of TIM SCHAFER anywhere?!?! You know, the guy who helped create Monkey Island, Psychonauts, Grim Fandango, Brutal Legend, and Costume Quest?!!

QuantumSponge2867d ago

I get the feeling that he's in the doghouse right now. He's behind some of the greatest games of all time, but you're only as good as your last album, in his case Brutal Legend.

I figure people will remember him again once he brings out his next big project.

Ducky2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Naughty Dog is a new developer?

List was missing quite a few names. However, I think it was going more towards individual people rather than companies.

Regardless, Schafer should've been on it.

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Miraak82 2869d ago

umm,,, Shigeru Miyamoto .. the father of gaming... not a really big nintendo fan but give credit where credit is due


to miss out naughty dog is a sin though,bungie should also be there they created a phenomenon

Ryudo2869d ago

Yeah I read the list and was like WTF is this guy joking....

L0G1C2869d ago

He WAS great. But when you implement the same formula over and over, it gets old.


thats got to be one of the worst statements ever made in the history of gaming. in what way, shape or form have any of shingeru miamotos games stayed the same?!?! even in the days of the NES for gods sake, mario was a side scrolling platformer, EXcite bike was a racer and zelda was a top-down RPG platformer! sorry there wasnt enough variety for you on EIGHT BITS OF MEMORY. Christ, sorry the guy didnt invent nintendo and the toaster oven. shingeru miamoto is not only the most legendary game developer (or designer, whatever hes doing these days) of all time, but he his also the father of all gaming PERIOD. there would be ZERO gaming industry without him. to try and rob the man of his monumental impact is nothing short of moronic.
furthermore, its pretty pathetic that you guys toss up names like naughty dog or even hideo. naughty dog is my favorite company at the moment but really, ONE near-perfect game from an entire company warrants them to be mentioned? DUDE, ONE FUCKING MAN HAS CREATED LIKE 9!!!! thats not even an exageration by any means!!! Even hideo has gotten his fame by creating one amazing series, that hasnt changed a bit since it got famous, speaking of "using the same formula over and over". on the other hand please do tell me how the mario series has used the same formula throughout the last 30 years? you seem to think that just because the same franchises have been around for so long that they havent changed, and therefor miyamoto lacks imagination.

lemmie tell ya somethin buddy, were not all nintendo fans here. weve all got our favorite devs and picks, but it is an IRREFUTABLE FACT that Miyamoto is 10 times the game creator any one other developer is. i honestly challenge anyone to prove that statement false. give me a name of a gaming dev one fucking tenth the amazingness of Miyamoto.

L0G1C2868d ago

Saying Miyamoto is the greatest and still is and calling it a "fact" is false. It's an opinion. There, your claim has been proven false.

QuantumSponge2867d ago

Gaming did not start with Nintendo. You do know that, right?

I'm not disparaging the man's accomplishments, which are considerable, but there have been other creators, both before and after him who have made great and important contributions in their own right.

John Carmack, Julian Gollop, Casey Hudson, Yu Suzuki..

jc485732869d ago

the grammar is hard to swallow.

LoaMcLoa2869d ago

That's what she said (?)

And how could they NOT include Miyamoto?!

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Ronster3162869d ago

Yu Suzuki is better than at LEAST half a dozen people on this list.

Very poor list indeed.

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