Classic Game Room: Gran Turismo 5 Video Review

"Part 1 of 5. Classic Game Room reviews GRAN TURISMO 5 for Playstation 3 PS3 from Polyphony Digital and Sony. The ultimate racing simulator returns for the full version of Gran Turismo 5, a PS3 exclusive with over 1000 cars, dozens of tracks, a course editor, online gameplay and much more. But does it live up to the excellent earlier installments in the series like GT2, GT3 and the amazing Gran Turismo 4?"-Classic Game Room

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TheFreak3500d ago

This guy is awesome. I have watched allot of his reviews, he knows his stuff

HolyOrangeCows3500d ago

He's an entertaining reviewer. I like watching some of his videos on older games, too.

"Part 1 of 5"
Woah. Seriously?

MmaFanQc3500d ago

whats wrong with 5 parts?

hes simply not doing a 2 minute review and stop playing after level 2 like most of the "credible" gaming medias.

sooo.... two thumbs ups for Classic Game Room

DigitalAnalog3500d ago

He does this even with the original Gran Turismo reviews as well as Forza's. Unlike most re*cough IG* *cough viewers. He actually takes his time to dig himself into the franchise and tries to judge a game based on it's positives at MOST.

-End of line

AKS3500d ago

It's obvious that he's more of a core gamer and diehard GT fan, but I think this review could be useful for both casuals and hardcore fans. Injecting some humor was also a nice touch. I was impressed with Part 1 of his review.

FishCake9T43500d ago

GT5 is amazing just for me its not as good as GT4 because it just has no where near the same amount of A-SPEC events as GT4.

MariaHelFutura3500d ago

More unlock as you go thru. I`m not sure what level your at.

MariaHelFutura3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

More unlock at 25 and I`m pretty sure more do after 40.

I`m at 25 (about to be 26).

STONEY43500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Only the 9 endurance races and the X1 challenge at level 30 though.

GT5 has nowhere NEAR the amount of events in GT4 though, not even GT3, which was a relatively very small game in terms of cars and tracks.

GT3 had 85 events, the minimum number of races in each even were 3, and more than half of those events had 5-10 races each.

GT4 had about 144. Nearly every event had more than 5 races. Even the Sunday cup had 5 races. Simply insane, and a tooon of fun to go through.

GT5... 54, not including Special Events, since many are just time trials. And most of GT5s events have only 1-3 races. And the championships are only around 5.

Here's hoping for some free updates that expand the amount of events!

hennessey863500d ago

im sure more will unlock or i hope so. im level 22 nearly 23 and theres not much left. ive done all the liscenses all gold in s and ive only got the final amg event to unlock at level 24 i think.

MariaHelFutura3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )


At level 25 you unlock endurance races. Which will divide who LOVES this game and who LIKES this game.

A 60 lap race, mutiple 4-hr races, the indy 500 (laps), Nuburgring 24 hr race and more. The section I`m on right now could be done in no less than 85 hrs. I`m also most positive another one unlocks after too.

alphakennybody3500d ago

this game is so packed with content he had to do a 5 part review!, this is why CGR is my #1 source of review. He plays the games not just rushing through it.

sleepy33500d ago

The real test will be simracingtonight. For those who follow sim racing closely, you will know about it. They show all of the hardcore PC sims like rfactor, netKar, iracing, etc. They showed how to calibrate your wheel for GT5 last week but said that they still aren't done with the review, they are taking their time. For serious sim fans this is one that will matter. Not IGN or gamespot or any other mainstream media. Here's the link

I do like CGR though, especially for his old school reviews on systems i never owned like the saturn. i have to get one of those one day i think.

samuraiX3500d ago Don't know nothing about simulators, yes they show hardcore PC sims like rfactor, netKar, iracing...

but when they reviewed Forza 3 thay said "It feels like a real car" and its a simulator

but after people getting the game the truth was revealed and FM3 was not even a sim, its a pure Arcade racing game

Watch the video this guy tested FM3 with all Wheels and the game even with all the optional driving aids disabled, Forza 3 still has an active steering aid that steers for you.

When A simulator steers for you is it still a simulator? No

after this video, those 2 armatures from insidesimracing, made a video apologising that they said Forza 3 is a sim, and saying Forza 3 is not a sim, but also they added that even GT5 is not a sim without playing GT5 cause obviously GT5 was not even released then, defensive much? are pure American Forza fanboys, so please don't even mention them next time.

sleepy33500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

That video shows nothing but the inability of the telemetry wheel to display correct angles at it can only move 90 degrees. The DISPLAY is wrong, the input is right. The game does not steer for you. Drive into a corner wrong and you WILL go off. don't turn when you should and you WILL miss the apex. And ALL games have graphic input lag in terms of when you move the wheel and how the hweel in the game moves. just look at insidesimracings latest video where they show the latest fanatec wheel. When he turns in both gt5 and forza the animation does not come right away.

That video you posted....shows nothing. Have a look at the video uplaoded before the latest one when the car is going in a straight line and when you let go the wheel its moving from side to side. its at the 16:30 mark. The game is clearly steering for you. The guy let go of the wheel completely and the game turns it from side to side. But I am smart enough to know that it is not any 'active steering', its a problem with the way the game is interpreting the wheel. You on the other hand, may call this active steering cause the game is quite obviously steering ON ITS OWN.

And where is this vid where they are saying its an arcade game? forza or GT5? I remmeber them saying GT5:P and FM3 were not as hardcore as pc sims, but never saying it was need for speed.

GT5 is the most realistic console game i have played. But FM3 also is very good, although its a bit more forgiving with the lower powered cars IMO. Both of them are too hard to spin out, its really too easy to drive with the aids off. Well, at least for someone used to sims. I find myself having to make much less corrections for power oversteer which doesn't come as easily as well some of the grass is too forgiving as when you hit the grass with your rear tyres and a really powerful car you should spin most of the time. the race cars are good though on both of them, with snap oversteer a contant threat. GT5 does a better job IMO on the less powerful cars, whereas they both doa good job with the race cars. None are as good as rfactor though, especially some of latest mods. I play rFactor, but have never done iracing as i don't fancy subscription games. I want to know how it compares. The only downside is that I have to spend a lot more money in PC upgrades than just playing only on a console. Bt on the other hand rfactor has far more tracks and cars and better physics. And with rFactor 2 coming out its a great time to be a PC sim racer. However, I do play a bit of everything. Hence the reason I play both FM3 (well used to before my 360 died a couple months ago) and GT5.

So good try. But please, don't sully the name of the insidesimracing guys. Unlike the other reviewers they actually play games that are simulations like iracing (which none of these other review like ign or gamespot or any of the other mainstream sites have even reviewed) and which is the ultimate simulation driving game. Not only that, but they review games with assists off which a lot of other sites do not. So when they say how the handling compares to iracing, then i take their word for it.

Now go play with your traction control noob.

EDIT: May I point you to a review of GT5 from a sim enthusiasts perspective. And they say what i say basically. But I like sinracingtonight cause they are more down to earth. these guys seem really elitist to me

soundslike3500d ago

I love me some Classic Game Room. Always entertaining and surprisingly informative, if only due to extended gameplay videos of him just fucking around that aren't trying to show off the "feature list" in 30 seconds.

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