Gears of War and the VGA’s

Major Nelson: "I have just learned of a decision to postpone our planned Gears of War news from Epic Games for the Spike Video Game Awards this weekend."

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zootang3495d ago

They have probably seen the Uncharted 3 game play trailer.

Red_Orange_Juice3495d ago

@Ghost, 3000 people commit suicide each day, talking about it in funny way ain't cool man

LORD-PHOENIX3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

what sort of message does this show to epic?

'we dont want your game to be overshadowed by u3 so we are pulling you from the show'

ms really dont no how to treat their developers from ensemble to bungie and now epic....and you wonder why they are pushing kinect so hard?....all about money with giving very little for ms, after gears im not paying for xbl again.the only game worth getting next year for 360 and ms act like scared bitch*s because of sonys line up ,STOP WORRYING ABOUT SONY AND SHOW LOVE TO US 360 OWNERS,i was really pumped to see new gears footage after enduring all this kinect nonsense .

next year looks bleak as hell for AAA exclusives and any 360 owner whose not a 10 year old fanboy cannot deny this how did we go from 2007s line up to this?im still getting gears but this has really pissed me off....wonder what epic are feeling right now? epic own the gears IP ms funded the original gears which im sure epic are thankful for but this move will backfire

disgruntled and VEX 360 owner not scared to tell it how it fanboys go crazy with the disagree button i care not

Marquis_de_Sade3495d ago

Ah good, the entertainment has arrived.

SaberEdge3495d ago

Why dont you just postpone hardcore gaming on the 360, Microsoft? Since that is what you mostly seem to be doing anyway. The only hardcore game I am looking forward to for my 360 and it gets postponed and now info I have been waiting on about it gets postponed too.

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TheBossMan3495d ago

Well, come on. Nobody wants to "show-off" their game when graphics is it's major selling point, but have it next to Uncharted 3. I can see it now:

Cliffy B - "The best graphics you've ever seen!"

Naughty Dog takes the stage right after - "Until now..."

*Cliffy B cries in corner*

sdtarm3495d ago

Lol everything related to M$ embarrasses me

Lunatic_Brandon3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Then PC games that are years old still beat UC3 graphically. Have fun playing UC3 for "graphics", I'll be taking a break from better looking games to play both Gears 3 and UC3 for their gameplay. I'm eagerly awaiting for gameplay and story news on both games, too bad I'll have to wait a little for more on Gears of War 3. Within a week we'll get a Gears 3 announcement too time consuming for the VGAs. Then there will be silence from all the fanboys bashing now.

Biggest3495d ago

I actually did LOL on that one.

"Until now. . ."


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catguykyou3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

MS made the call, not Epic. Didn't want to be background noise to other announcements apparently.

Really not sure how I lost a bubble...but OK. Someone with ties to the event gives you info and you take a bubble from the. FU N4G

Parapraxis3495d ago

WTF! I was eagerly waiting to see some Gears 3 footage! Or at least some info.....grrrr

8thnightvolley3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

wow seriously.. they are just taking the piss.. first you take it from april now this..f*** u. epic...

NewZealander3495d ago

this is pathetic! thank god i own both consoles, im sick of MS always pulling things at the last moment, just show what you have, its gotta be better then showing nothing.

as usual ill rely on seeing what sony has, at least they have real games coming out, i love kinect but im sick of the way MS focuses on it and totaly neglects the core gamers that want real games.

at this point sony has already won 2011 just by announcing uncharted 3.

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Iamback3495d ago

lol no 360 game. Probably they run away because Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3 were to make them look bad

anthraxCZ3495d ago

i have to agree sadly :)

yourfather3495d ago

huh?if thats true(because of graphic,right?),MS should never announce any game in any time

multipayer3495d ago

Or maybe console gaming can just die because of how vastly inferior it will look for the remainder of this gen... I'd actually love that... Gears of War 3 PC ftw!

Lucreto3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

When it said Gears of War announcement I thought it was a general announcement not a Gear 3 announcement. I was expecting a new book or models of the characters or what I saw on another site a PS3 version of the first two games. Which will never happen.

Anyway there is plenty of other announcement to look forward to.

Arup023495d ago

But the game will still be released, so no panic

blumatt3495d ago

It's a panic because that was the only ammo MS had for the VGAs. Now Sony is going to clean house at the VGAs. If they just show Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, and one more quality exclusive (prays for Starhawk), then it's a wrap. I see aLOT of people going out and buying a PS3 this holiday and the beginning of next year once word is out on all the exclusives coming for the PS3 next year. I can't wait. Sadly, I won't be able to buy them all.

yourfather3495d ago

i dont know what MS will do in VGA but maybe we still get some Codename:Kingdoms info/trailer
Maybe,i say again,just maybe

catguykyou3495d ago

No one said it was gears 3. Trust me, a Gears 3 announcement wasn't delayed.