GGTL: My Top 7 Demands for Prototype 2

GGTL: "So the sequel to Prototype is on the way, and I couldn’t help but feel this was the most opportune moment to make my demands clear for the second installment.

Namely, killing. Make it more fun.

There, I said it.

In all seriousness though, Prototype 2 has immense potential behind it. However, some things weren't quite right in the first, and I’ve created a list declaring what needs to be done and why in order to make Radical’s murder-simulator even more enticing."

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Cajun Chicken2921d ago

Scale and variety of landscape. This is one of the improvements I'm expecting and the story sucked in the first one, well, near the end it did anyway...

I think this should make Alex a hero to the world. An antihero, but for the good of the world against an organisation and not killing innocents or causing collateral damage to the public, not just a crazed, confused living weapon out for revenge.

After all, he did game come humanity within his conscience at the conclusion of Prototype.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2920d ago

lol who's ready for inFamous vs Prototype.....round 2?

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2920d ago

It's not even a even match, infamous has worked up to heavyweight status, and prototype is still in lightweight.

blahblah2920d ago

my only wish for prototype 2? do not release it, game was mediocre at best. i might do the same mistake and think game is good enough for 20eur and buy used one like first. waste of money during my spending spree where i can't control my self.

Tdmd2920d ago

In other words: forget all about the first game and star from gound zero.