The Times: 'Game Of The Year 2010' Result

SystemLink: "The Times, in their Saturday pull-out 'Playlist', has named some of their favourite games of 2010, including 'Game Of The Year'. While this is hardly industry-leading stuff, it's nice to see the media increasingly giving more time and space to implementing their own awards, and expanding their gaming sections - maybe next year they'll take up a whole double-page spread! Could you imagine?!"

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velocitygamer2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

"Best FPS: Call of Duty: Black Ops"

Huh? I'd pick Bad Company 2 over black ops any day. Black Ops was simply a re-skin of mw2.

emk20042871d ago

very true, heck even the bugs were back.

norman292871d ago

Am i the only one that thought RDR wasnt that good of a game? you literally spent half the game just tapping X while on a horse to get to places, they should invent an addon for [email protected] that converts taps into a process, would cure cancer in a week

Blaine2871d ago

I think if you award RDR got GOTY, most people's reactions would probably be "oh, ok, looked like a great game, makes sense." Whereas if a (maybe more deserving) lesser known title, or one from a smaller studio, had won, there'd be a lot more controversy over it. RDR is just a very, very safe and conservative GOTY.

Obama2871d ago

Black ops shouldn't even be on the list. Traded it in after a week.

RDR was good early on, but late game it gets boring just like every GTA I suppose.

GOW3 should be the one