2010 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to December 4th

VGC: "Xbox 360: UP Year on Year this week by 268k. UP Year to date 28.84%

The 360 seems to have held on to the massive year over year gains since Black Friday, and I see no reason why this won't continue over the next 4 weeks. Meaning not only will this be the 360's peak year, and not only will it surpass 13 million for the calender year, but it has a shot now at coming within 500k of total PS3 sales for 2010."

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Game-ur3492d ago

Another round of fantasy league.

Wonder if they could do an article about "unique"360 users after factoring replacement units, moded consoles and slim upgrades.

I think its anywhere between 12-16 million units, meaning actual user base is just barley 30 million.

NecrumSlavery3492d ago

I wish these stupid article would make clear that it's only in America where the 360 stands any solid ground. The rest of the world knows the difference between mediocre games with millions in marketing and quality games made to be fresh new experiences. And the world outside of narrow minded America plays on the PS3.

Bigpappy3492d ago

360 is bigger in the UK than PS3. Stop the hate.

NecrumSlavery3492d ago

UK =/= Euro or the rest of the world. There is no hate, only disappoinment. And you're starting a fight. So stop it.

hudsoniscool3492d ago

no your then one saying people in america and the uk are stupid narrowminded people. you just cant except that 360 is a good console.

Ryudo3491d ago

O shut up you arrogant little retard, I have had it with the fucking stupid mentality you keep forcing on people. Sad part is am going to get a lot of disagrees for this why idiots like Necrum are given a free ride.

If you buy a PS3 and your happy with your purchase it's fine, If you buy a 360 and your happy with your purchase it's fine.

It doesn't make you any smarter buying a PS3, not only idiots buy 360's it all comes down to 2 things I like to call choice and personal preference.

Only the most arrogant little shit heads on the planet would believe it's a simple as if you buy a PS3 your smart, if you buy an 360 your stupid.

Wake the fuck up moron the world doesn't work like that, not all Americans are stupid because more happen to own an xbox. You wona know who the real retards are?

People that make any of the statements below are the real retards and the scum of the planet.

1) If you own a PS3 your intelligent only kids on a 360.

2) The reason the PS3 is most popular in Japan and Europe is because there smart the rest of the world is stupid. (Racist much)

NewMonday3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

He only meant most of them are idiots and I am one of them, I also own a PS3 which makes me smart, and so it evens out.

But its true that the main driving force for the 360 are kids.

And I have to agree with Nacrum about most 360 owners being narrow minded when Alan Wake sold very badly, if it's not a shooter they don’t bother.

Ryudo3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )


Maybe you want to edit your comment.

I mean am dyslexic and have nothing against spelling mistakes but dam. Your comment is a bit ironic.

"I also own a PS3 witch makes me smart"

It's which, Witch is is a person that casts spells....

elmaton983491d ago

The 360 is not a bad console ill tell you that but, the PS3 is better anywhere you look at it, from hardware to software. I really wish that Sony could cut the price to 200$ then the 360 will be history.

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EasilyTheBest3492d ago

Yes thats fine Game-ur, perhaps we can also see how many people bought a PS3 just for a Blu ray movie player.
Oh and we can do the slim upgrades thing aswell.
Perhaps all the sales for the the backwards compatability with PS2 that a lot of casuals think the PS3 has....

vanquisher3491d ago

Isn't the PS3slim a downgrade?
And blue ray players are hundreds of dollars cheaper, I don’t think anyone not interested in games would get a PS3 for just that.

And saying 30 million users is a bit harsh, more like 35 if we want to be fair. And I don’t think there is an RROD problem any longer so future numbers will be more stable.

EasilyTheBest3491d ago

Vanquisher, Blu ray players are just hundred dollars cheaper NOW. They were Hundreds of dollars MORE when the PS3 came out, and the PS3 was the best blu ray player at the time. THINK Man, think.

Tachyon_Nova3491d ago

@ original comment - So 360 userbase is actually 12 or so million less than PS3, and yet still all the bigt games sell better on 360. Sure....

dazzalfc3491d ago

I wouldn't say all the bigger games sell better on 360. I think itgenerally depends on its userbase what particular games sell better on which particular platforim. For instance, FPS games like Call of Duty and Battlefield generally perform better on the 360, whereas games like Fifa and PES perform better on PS3 from a sales perspective.

And even then, unless its a huge title that pushes 5m+ in sales, theres never really much between them, usually the odd 100,000 or so difference.

Which is actually pretty good for the PS3, given it doesn't have the install base the 360 has and that, according to some 'gamers' (i use the term gamers loosely there) the majority of people bought a PS3 as a blu-ray player. Judging by the numbers, i highly doubt that.

Tachyon_Nova3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Well, apart from sports games, and final fantasy, 95% of big games sell better on 360.

Anyway dazzalfc, the original commenter was trying to make out that 12-16 million 360s had died (and not one was able to be fixed apparently, they all had to be replaced) and so the actual 360 instal base was only 30 million, giving it a significantly smaller install base than the PS3. I was imply pointing out how stupid his assumptions were.

NewMonday3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

the only games that sell more on the 360 are shooters, most everything else is a virtual tie or better on the PS3.

And like many point out the PS3 actually sells more software worldwide now, its because some only read NPD that they find that hard to believe.

And It's called the red ring of death because it kills the consol.

dazzalfc3491d ago

95% of games? Really?

Even if that was the case, like i stated, the difference is that small that its barely worth arguing about from either side.

And as Newmonday stated, given software totals are higher worldwide for PS3 at the moment, even with its 5m+ less userbase, that is a rather impressive thing.

Personally, as much as i'm commenting on here, i really couldn't give 2 hoots who sold better, where, how and why. As long as great games are churning out, which they are at an incredible rate at the moment, then i'm more than happy. The whole sales thing is for those who a) just want to argue b) for those to increase the size of their e-penis because they own a peice of electronics that has sold better than the other.

They're all selling brilliantly, so can't there actually be more articles and conversations on N4G that actually have abit of intelligence in them, and don't revert to sales/wars etc?

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kungfuian3491d ago

Posted this in another thread but it bears repeating-

This entire site and it's articles, along with countless others like it, are actually a part of large and very well organized smear campaign being waged by Microsoft.

VGC is the the most blatant example of this. Doing little more than speading lies and misinformation for their master in exchange for a buck. They should be banned from N4G, along with any site that feeds off the BS fanboy machine they help to create.

From day one, microsoft and it's minions have employed the dirtiest of tactics possible; attacking and insulting their competitor and their competitor's products/games (a special f u goes out to the unprofessional asses at turn ten), have attempted to buy off the media and web sites (f u VGC and ur bs install base number's. Since u like to guess so much, how bout a guess on the install base of actual working 360s accounting for the millions and millions of broken systems Microsoft knowing sold everyone?), spend a disproportionate amount on advertising (500m on kinect alone!!!), invest more money on timed dlc than actual new games/franchises, charge for online play while their competition offers it free, hell they even pay people to troll message boards, etc, etc, etc.

Simply put, Microsoft is a terrible evil company which will do anything for a buck, no matter how dishonest, and doesn't give a shit for us gamers. Anyone defending them is in denial.

Wake up, you’re being fed lies.

Speedy1803491d ago

Id put that Comment on a T-Shirt if it Fit.

sleepy33491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Ahhh yes, the microsft smear campaign against the PS3. The whole of the media world is in on it you know. That's why GT5 didn't get all 10's. MS paid to have people score the game down. Every media avenue is biased. the wall street times, new york times, reuters. Every major media outlet, every single one is on MS's payroll. Imagine even the AP is risking their reputation by purposely writing positive kinect articles and other articles that say the xbox and its games are doing well. All they do is talk up kinect. Its one massive campaign run from MS headquarters by elves that are bald-headed rastas, and their companions are 6ft tall dwarfs.

I heard the Kinect is made in the old studio where they filmed the moon landing.

I really wish the media would stop taking MS money and give every PS3 game a 10/10 liek teh ALL deserve cause they are ALL perfect and say to the world every PS3 game has sold 100 million copies and the install base of the PS3 is now 200 million units, and the PS3 is the best system ever with zero faults and pure perfectness in evry way. Even God himself is amazed at the work that was done, he worships it you know. Its only the truth after all.

But the MS smear campaigning media wouldn't let you know....

B-Real2063491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )


"PS3 is the best system ever with zero faults and pure perfectness in every way. Even God himself is amazed at the work that was done, he worships it you know. Its only the truth after all."


vanquisher3491d ago

Sarcasm won't make the truth go away, this is kind of what MS do since Windows, and everybody knows they put more money on advertizing rather than development. This is because they realize people want to be told what to do, and only few make judgment of their own.

Another MO they have is attacking competitors, do you know how many companies were smothered by them? This is where they got the evil mantra.

sleepy33491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I know vanquish. I was watching Obama make a speech last night and i swear i saw a MS logo behind his right ear. its all one big conspiracy i tell you.

Bill knocked down the towers!!! ...And the blamed it on the PS3

A conspiracy i tell you!
What we need is an angry mob. With Pitchforks and dualshocks. March on Washington and tell them either stop making pro-microsft anti-sony policies or we'll have to take action. I swear, if Obama does one more anti-PS3 law i will scream.

This is almost as bad as when we were tricked by Microsoft into not buying the original xbox and made to by the PS2 in RDICULOUSLY bigger numbers instead. MS tricked us into avoiding the original xbox in droves. Tricked us i say. Microsoft won't get away with that manipulation again, i could tell you that right now.

kungfuian3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Hey, VGC chartz, run an article about the functioning istall base of working 360s. U want credability, then everyone here wants to see that article. I'm personally dying to see it! Hell, you can even try to scew it pro microsoft by down playing the RROD and by talking about functioning PS3s, the yellow light of death, etc.

The day they do that article is the day i click back on their site. Otherwise their site, and ur nieve sarcasim, can suck it!

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seij5553491d ago

I'm a huge Sony fanboy but Jesus Christ what's wrong with you.

sleepy33491d ago

the Wii took a HUGE hit. I don't think nintendo can compete with $200 HD consoles for too long. Then again, the wii brandname is more well known amng the casuals than move or kinect. BUt still, nintendo is in for a tough time.

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